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Lessons Learned in A Quater of a Century...

My name is Morgan, not Megan... but I'll respond to either. I love the beach/ocean, but I'm scared of the things living in it. I gag at Romance, but love love stories. I am cluttered and messy, but super clean (if you can find the floor underneath that pile of clothes, it's vacuumed and the baseboards are dusted). I am a triplet and always surrounded by brothers, but I prefer to be by myself. I am a walking paradox.
At 25 I have been thinking a lot about my thoughts on "growing up". This is what I've come up with.

Childhood is magical, and adulthood is... well... not. I think of life like a new toy. At first, the paint is shiny, everything works, and all you want to do is play with that toy. But after a few years, you loose parts, the batteries run out, and eventually you break/loose it or your imagination of what it could be goes away.

RESPONSIBILITY is the worst word in the dictionary. I'd rather use my money for toys (camera stuff, boots. jeans, etc.) than air filters, car parts or bills.

Once you graduate High School you're expected to go to College. After College (at the age of 22) you're expected to know what you want to do with the rest of your life. I don't know what what I'm going to wear to dinner tonight, how am I supposed to choose a career I'll spend the majority of my adulthood doing?

Wearing your bathing suit to the grocery store with a tiara and mom's high heels is no longer socially acceptable.

Boys no longer have cooties, they have agendas.

Screwing up is harder to get away with.

Remembering how people of my current age seemed so old when I was a child.

We stop growing up and start growing out.

Ha ha. It's not that I'm depressed about being 25..... actually I am. The only thing I asked my parents for was a fake ID that says I'm only 21!

Happy Birthday to me!

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