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Time management...

Does not exist in MissPrissMorganLand.

On Monday, I have a Spanish quiz. I also have an online assignment and a workbook assignment due. In Animal Behavior I have a paper due and I have my first Biochemistry exam this week.


Instead of studying I cut myself bangs! Nothing drastic, just some side-swept fringe.

I'm not yet sure how I feel about them. I sort of feel like I have Tourette's Syndrome because I keep twitching my head to the right to get them out of my eyes. I don't look like a Jonas brother do I?

Also, I have wonderful news!!!

I finally got my computador back from Hewlett Packard Hospital! I've been on it most of the afternoon getting organized, rockin' out to new iTunes, and becoming re-acquainted with my beloved Photoshop! I have so much Photography work to do, and I've got Brides calling me out the WA-ZOO inquiring me about photos, albums, etc!

I'm going to work like a mad man {or woman} to get everything done and sent out, but it's tough now that school has started, and taking longer than I'd like. I am giving myself a deadline of March 1, 2010. Hopefully everyone will have their stuff then. This is my queue:

1. Michelle & Travis Guest Book- order
2. Michelle & Travis Engagement photos & collection disc
3. Kirsten & Sean Wedding Album- finalize & order
4. Kristen & Derek Wedding Album
5. Kirsten & Derek Wedding photos & proof discs
6. Cannon Family photos
7. Canon Family Album

All this, plus a fun session I have coming up in the next week or so! Until then, I finished a guest book today. It is available to view at this link! I really like how it turned out. Their wedding colors are red, black and white, so on their black&white pictures they wanted me to color pop the red... Cute.

Here's to a great weekend! Now to study...

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I love "Unanswered Prayers."
Not just the Garth Brooks song, the real kind.
Most prayers, in my experience, are "unanswered," in a sense.
I get an answer, but it usually is not the one I was hoping for, and sometimes I don't even realize when I do receive an answer.

While sometimes disappointing,
I am so glad that my Father in Heaven knows better than I do the course my life should take.

With that being said...

Sometimes there are the prayers that "I really just need to go my way."
These are few, and far between, but they exist. I pray over and over and over in hopes of getting MY ANSWER.

Recently I have needed help.
I know what I needed, but getting there would be impossible without help.
I needed MY answer on not just one but two really big, important issues.

My whole family was praying for me.
My mom prayed so much she said a prayer to apologize for sounding like she was begging.
Cute Mom.
In the end, I did get MY answer, to both issues.

I'm so thankful for the power of prayer, a Father in Heaven who hears and answers them, and for the love and support of my family.

Now with a weight off my my shoulders, I can breathe a huge sigh of relief, and say another prayer... One of gratitude.

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You are my Sunshine

After two weeks of rain and gloomy skies,
It was nice to enjoy the sunshine.

Ignore the remote.
I prefer it to the 10 second "hurry and get yourself in position and look natural" self-timer.

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Morgan +'s Jake Sully and A Green Party

Last night BF and I had our first date night since before school started. Why? Because I have no sense of "life balance," and can only handle so many "things" on my plate at a time.

Anyway, we went and sawin 3D!

It was incredible!

I've decided I have a total alien crush on Jakesully;

But only in his Na'vi form, not as a human. I'm also looking into whether or not Carnival goes to Pandora.

Pandora Travel Brochure Video

Hmm? Maybe later this summer?

To be honest I wasn't interested in seeing this movie, but we went to see what all the fuss was about. If you haven't seen it yet, DO! And give me call, because I totally want to see it again. It will be a date, I'll even buy popcorn.

PS. I bought the soundtrack today, it reminded me of the soundtrack from "The Time Machine." Did you see that move? The movie was... Meh, but the soundtrack was awesome. To preview, Click here.

In other news

I've been trying out my new Lush stuff. I first tried the Christmas Kisses bubble bar. I figured, "Mandarin, orange, lime, I can handle citrus." I forgot about the Cinnamon. The smell was very "Spicy" and the water looked like a bloody mess. Have I mentioned that RED is without a doubt my least favorite color? It was relaxing and produced GREAT bubbles, but the spice smell stuck to my skin leaving me smelling like a middle eastern street carnival and later on gave me a horrible migraine.... Wah wha wah.

Today I tried the Green Party bath bomb... I even took pictures! I started with a nice tub of water, and dropped in 1/2 of the fizzy. Deciding it wasn't enough (in all actuality it would have been plenty), I dropped in the other half. It foamed, fizzed, and bubbled releasing a calming aroma of "White Rain Hairspray" and colored confetti. All in all, I liked it. The smell wasn't overwhelming and the green water sort of reminded me of summer days spent at Lake Mead minus the sticky slim and ugly carp.

Green Party Bath Bomb, meet my bathtub.

Fizz Bubble Bubble Fizz

It really was a Green Party in my tub.

The Hangover... Clean-up actually wasn't bad at all.

I went back to the store the other day armed with coffee beans to help me actually smell stuff. I found a lot of products that I really like (mostly bubble bars). I've decided I'm not so much of a "spicy" person but more of a "fruity" and "floral-y" lover; as evidenced by my perfumes. I'm hoping BF will pick up the hints I've been leaving and get me a few for Valentine's Day.

{Crosses fingers}

That's all for now, I'm off to venture the wonderful world of homework.

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Worst Date Ever

Have you ever been on a really horrible first date?

I have!

A few years ago while sitting in class a boy asked me on a date. At the time I was under the impression that if a boy asked me on a date, I had to go. It was hard for them to put their egos on the line, and the least I could do was say, “Sure.”

Anyway this boy was in my class, we'll call him "James" (because that really was his name) asked me to lunch. I knew he was a returned missionary. I also knew that he had only been home for a month. The moment I said, “Sure,” I realized I had broken my Date Rule #7. “No dating returned missionaries who have not been home for at least a year."

**Side Note: You see for two years these young men go fearlessly out into the world and preach the gospel to complete strangers. With all their dedication and preaching being the only thing on their mind 24/7, and always needing to be with another male companion, you can see how hard it might be for them to assimilate back into normal society. I decided that these young RM’s shouldn’t go on dates for at least a year, not even group dates, or any kind of “couples” event. They are just too socially awkward. **

With rule #7 broken, I figured, “Oh well, how bad will it be?”

I had no idea what I was in for.

I googled a picture of James, but I couldn't remember his last name,
so I found a picture of a nerdy missionary instead. Brothers,
and other nerdy RM's, please don't be mad.

“James” lived in Henderson, quite a ways away from my side of town, so we decided to meet rather than have him drive all the way to me and back to our date place which was out by his house. I reassured him I didn’t mind driving 45 minutes to the Galleria Mall for lunch, and really, I didn’t. I was happy to drive, that way, if the date was awful I could spare myself an awkwardly silent 45 minute drive home with him.

I don’t remember all the details of our date (where we went, what we did, etc.) But I do remember why it was so awful.

  • James asked me if I ever gambled. Just turning 21, I told him I did not but on my 21st birthday I did pull the Megabucks a few times. Judging from his reaction, I swear I had mentioned that I killed puppies and kicked the canes out from under the elderly. He literally raised his voice to reprimand me, “You know our church’s stance on gambling, etc.” and from there the conversation turned into something reminiscent of a Bishop’s interview that ended in me being ex-communicated…

After our lunch, I assumed the date went horribly enough that I would just go back to my car and go home. But oh no! James was not done with me yet. We had to go do some activity (what it was escapes me, I’ve blocked out traumatic memories) in which we had to leave the mall. He insisted we drive together in his car. I don’t remember where we went or the exact conversation (this was about 5 years ago), but I remember he mentioned the following things:

  • He loved my figure! He really liked that I was small, but athletic and that I worked out because this would create ideal circumstances for “breeding purposes.”

  • He liked that my legs were so long, because they could wrap around, “me, I mean your future husband when you consummate the marriage.”

  • He was curious about my stance on natural child birth vs. cesarean section. When I responded I had none it depended on what the doctor said the baby would need, he fired back with, “Well if you have a child naturally, you can’t have sex for 3 months.”

I don’t quite remember anything else about our date. Like I said, it’s a repressed memory. I know, however if I would have driven I would have left mid-lunch. Class was fairly awkward for poor James the following Monday. When he decided to sit next to me and bring up plans for a second date, I suddenly forgot how to speak English.

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Saturday is a Special Day...

Here's what I did today:
I put a pretty pink flower in my hair

I got a little inspiration from Kesha's Tik Tok video and I painted my toes Leopard!!!  It was so easy and took 2 minutes (no joke).

Maybe her's aren't "Leopard" per-se, but mine sure are!!!

To do: Get 3 nail polish colors: light, medium, and dark.

1. Paint your tootisies the lightest color
2. With the medium color put spots on your tootsies. Make sure to wipe the brush of excess polish so as not to cause "drippage."
3. With the darkest color and a thin brush (or use black liquid eyeliner) make squiggly lines around the outline of the dots. Don't draw full circles, just pieces will do. The messier, the better.
4. Let dry 20 minutes and seal with top coat.

Mom and & I had a girls night. 
♫ Girls Night! Girls Night! Woo woo! ♫
We ate Mexican Food and saw It's Complicated
(soooo funny! I can't for the life of me figure out why it got an R rating.)

I'm watching the Screen Actor's Guild Awards in my pink Snuggie!

What a lovely Saturday.

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Return To Sender

One thing I love about packages is that no one knows what is on the inside. I discovered today that this is not always a good thing...

Let me explain.

A few weeks ago my computer stopped working. Read all about it here. Thinking I know everything, I got on Ebay and ordered a new battery.

I have since talked to Hewlett Packard and they were able to diagnose the problem (it was not the battery), and they are working to fix it.

Moving on. The battery arrived in the mail today, I headed to the post office to return it. When I got to the counter, the nice postal worker asked if the contents of my package were OK to ship. I noticed the "Dangerous Goods/Do Not Ship" poster behind her. On it was a picture of a lithium battery. Before answering I hesitated {this isn't a AA or D type of battery, so it should be OK, right?}. She must have noticed my hesitation, because she asked me again if my package was OK to ship. I said yes, and then she got serious.

"Does your package require batteries?"

Is this lady psychic? I half-lied and said no {batteries don't require batteries so it wasn't a full lie}.

Now, she looked annoyed. "Are you sure this envelope isn't going to 'go off' or anything?"

Confused, I said no, and then inquired as to why she was asking.

This is what the package looked like:

(Please excuse poor iPhone quality photo)

Postal lady thought I was shipping "a woman's personal massager," and wanted to make sure all batteries were removed so that my package wouldn't cause any unnecessary "vibrations." Rest assured Bomb squad, it's just a battery.

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I've had a sinus problem all week.  Not quite influenza, but some major congestion.   I'm ill enough to carry around a box off Kleenex and packets of Pseudofed in my purse.  This is making the other students in my classes uncomfortable;  I bet they're wondering why I chose to sit in the seat next to them.  With the dreary weather this morning, I wanted to dress in a way that says, "I'm hip, I wear trendy hats, but I'm comfortable in my hoodie (and nursing a cold)." 

Instead, I look homeless.

C'est la vie.

Here's to fashion sense.

And my serious lack of it.

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The Perfume Spot dot Com

For Christmas this year, I decided I would ask for some perfume, Vera Wang's Princess to be exact.  Sadly, I didn't get it...  The reason was the price tag.  For example, on my list I suggested the would-be-buyer purchase at Ulta.  I had included online coupon codes, but also gave my mom store couons; still this is Ulta's going rate:

After Christmas, I was determined to have this perfume, so I did a little shopping around.  First to Nordstrom:

Then to Dillards, where I have always bought my mom perfume in Christmas' past:

Lastly I  checked Sephora:

I was a little discouraged.  1.7 oz is hardly a "sip" {it's barely a "taste" in wine-speak for crying out loud}.  I was forced to ask myself, "How badly do I want to smell like waterlily, amber and pink guava???"

I then remembered a website I'd visited years ago, while Evan was on his mission.  He had asked me for a cologne that in no way was I able to afford back then ($100.00 for a small bottle).  Wanting to please my homesick-stinky brother, I searched the internet tirelessly until I discovered theperfumespot.com.


This is the website for any fragrance-junkie, male or female.  While they don't have everything, they do have most of the popular fragrances.  It was here that I found my Princess:

Yes, it's true!  No I did not pay almost $60.00 for 1.7 oz of sweetness, I paid almost $53.00 for 3.4 oz of Princess, a tiny "because-I-need-to-carry-something-else-in-my-purse" 0.13 oz Princess, and a 5.0 oz Princess body lotion (which retailed at Dillards for $32.00)!  I got 3 products for less than the price of 1/2 of one! 

Just to show the difference between 1.7 oz and 3.4 oz.  Thank goodness I didn't pay $57.00 for the smaller one, what a deal I got!

$53.00 for the above perfume, the lotion and this little one to go in my purse... It's so cute!

I am so glad I found such a great deal.  I love perfumes, but being a poor-college-student, I can't endulge with expensive prices.  I've worn Princess almost everyday since it arrived on my doorstep, it's blissful.  Next up: Viva La Juicy and NYC by SJP (not yet released, but I smelled it in Vogue magazine, and it's crazy awesome).

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8 Things... Tag, now you're it.

1) Most worn lipstick/ lipgloss: Lipstick:  Maybelline "Born With It"  Lipgloss: NYX Goddess Lipgloss in Beige.

2) Most worn earrings: These silver ones from Target... BF bought me new earrings so that I "wouldn't have to wear these all the time."  Little does he know, I have at least 30 pairs of earrings.  I just choose to wear these everyday.

3) Most worn shirt: Lately I've been wearing my American Eagle gray hoodie over everything!  Seriously you can see it here and here and here.  It's so comfy, and I love gray.

4) Most worn nail polish:  OPI's California Raspberry; if I'm not wearing fake nails.  Currently, however,  I have on China Glaze's Turned Up Turqouise... It's a little loud but I wanted to try something that's "not pink."

5) Most worn shoes: Without a doubt my brown Reef Flip Flops.  I wear them rain or shine, summer or winter.   But lately I've been wearing my LEI Boots from Walmart... So cute and only $12.00.

6) Most worn hair product: Oh there are so many.  Recently there was a poll on a blog I follow about how many beauty products you use everyday... My answer was 8 but that is just the number of different crap I put in my hair.  The winner is Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder, because I use it numerous times a day.  I love it.

7) Most worn perfume: Definatly Ralph Lauren Romance, but since Christmas Vera Wang Princess is a close second.

8) Most worn handbag/ purse: We've been over this... my brown one...

How about you?  What are your "8 Most Worn?"

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200th Blog Post & Give Away!

Hooray for my 200th Blog Post!

Well my 200th published post anyway. 

In my postings menu I actually have a ton of "Drafts" saved.  Sometimes I can write 2-3 blog posts a day, and other times I have total brain farts.  These drafts help me with the brain fart days, so I don't have to go for days without posting something.

I also have lots of posts that are more personal/Journal type of entries that I don't "publish" for everyone to read.  When I feel like I have enough, I'm going to get one of these!  It's a cute little book/journal that is so easy to make.  Just enter your blogger account information, and it will format your journal in date order, and extract all of your posts and photos and put them right in the book.  Easy as 1, 2, 3.

This is what unruly hair looks like.  I'm going to go curl it now.

I am frequently told that I have a "very expressive face."  During a simple conversation I make tons of faces, whether I'm talking or just listening.  Above are some of the facial expressions I exhibit during normal conversation...  Just so you know.

Next, to celebrate my 200th Published post, I have...

A New Blog Layout!!!

Cute huh?  and it actually works, you know links that actually work, bigger space to write, etc.  Also, I got rid of the music player.  {*Tear*}  I know that when I visit other blogs I mute my speakers because, "I don't want to listen to this crappy music."  So, although I like my music, others may not... RIP


Happy Bi-Centennial!

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Ooo Wee Ooo I look just like Buddy Holly

Today, I got a package in the mail.

{Hooray for mail that is not bills!}

It was from Forever21!  Only recently have I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Forever21, and I kick myself that it's taken so long.

I'm not a huge fan of the clothes, but I've been going crazy for the accessories.

In my order today I got quite a few things:

two hats,
three rings,
a belt,
two tote bags...

But my most favorite present to myself are these:

Yes, the tag is showing, that's what makes them super-awesome

My whole family thinks they're dumb and can't figure out why I would buy them.  {How about because they were under $6.00, or because BBL looks so cute in hers I had to copy?}.

Yes, they are big.

Yes, they are nerdy

And yes, I wasn't 100% sure I could pull them off...

But after wearing them for about 5 minutes, I decided I LOVE THEM.

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