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Call Me Bob the Portfolio Builder

I've decided I miss taking pictures.  I haven't done it in a few months thanks to my two full time occupations.  Because the weather is so nice, and the sunlight has been so beautiful; just for fun, I'm currently offering:

FREE Mini Photo Sessions!

I'm offering these sessions from right this minute through the end of the year!  Yes, that is April-December.  I know the old adage is that nothing in this world is actually free, so here are the rules:

Mini Session Includes:

  • 45 Minute photo session in 1 location of your choice
  • 1 outfit
  • All images edited and uploaded to a free online gallery in color & black & white (vintage styles available)
  • 10% off you purchase price (if you decide to order prints, albums, etc.)
This package is just shy of a full length session, normally worth $125.00 (minus the 10% discount), and this is pretty much the longest "SALE" ever.

So, what's the catch?  There are a few caveats...
  • Weddings are not included
  • Maximum of 5-6 people
  • If you decide to order any prints, albums, etc., you don't have to order, you do have to pay for those
  • My schedule is limited so book early
  • One session per client/family
  • Must be in Las Vegas or Henderson
  Help me build my portfolio, and get out of my "I want to take pictures" rut!  Interested?  Shoot me an e-mail or Click the "Photography" tab at the top of this site.  Thanks.

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Scenes from the Weekend

♥  Went to Tropical Smoothie Friday and Saturday!  On Saturday I bought two smoothies so that I could have one for breakfast on Sunday.  Warm, sunshine-y weather and smoothies... it doesn't get much better.

♥  Spent almost two hours at Star Nursery just "browsing" and enjoying the so-warm-I'm-wearing-a-t-shirt-and-shorts sunshine.  I've always loved gardening (an excuse for grownups to play in the dirt), and I imagined what my future front and back yards will look like.  There will be lots of green, lots of trees, and lots of beautiful, colorful flowers.  As well as cobblestone walkways, and climbing ivy's.  Apart from daydreaming, I managed to pick up some stuff to play with. 

♥  Mission accomplished!  I planted my very own vegetable garden!  I'm planting a few weeks late, but the thought of fresh vegetables was too good to pass up.  So there "well-if-I'm-late-I-don't-even-want-to-do-it" attitude!  I took charge and hopefully won't get docked to harshly for my tardiness.  It will takes a few weeks to get some sprouts, so in the meantime I'm working on building a big planter, so I can add some fruit plants... Yum!

♥  Along with sunshine and warm weather, comes brightly colored pedicures!  Gone are the cold and wintry navy blues, purples, burgundies and reds.  Her to stay are bright pinks of every shade!

♥  Netflicks movie marathon!  I have been hoarding my rentals until I actually had free time to watch them.  This weekend I saw The Other Boleyn Girl (The Tudors is way better), The Last Song (I can't stand Miley Cyrus, but that Liam guy is SO CUTE, and I cried like a baby), and The Way We Were (anyone else think Brad Pitt and Robert Redford could be related?  Aside from his uniform-ed handsome-ness, this was rather disappointing).

What?  Don't be jealous that I do weekend review posts on Tuesday... I try to mentally carry the weekend through Monday so that it doesn't seem like such a bad day...  I have no need for a case of the Mondays, therefore, I declare all Mondays, weekend hangover days!

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Miss Priss Beauty Poll | March 22, 2011

1. Mood: Meh.  It's Tuesday, which in my opinion is the worst day of the week.  On Monday's I'm still on my weekend hangover, but Tuesday... bleh.  I have a lot to do today, so hopefully the day will fly by.  I've got lots of energy, and I'm in a really good mood.

2. What do you use to clean your makeup brushes? 
For a quick clean, I use a simple make-up spray.  I have brought sprays previously from the store, but I either didn't like how they smelled funny, or they made me break out; so now, I make my own.  I'll post a recipe later this week.

Every two weeks, I try to deep clean all of my most dirty brushes.  For this I first dip each brush in olive oil and swirl it around a dry paper towel.  This removes about 80% of the gunk from the brush.  I then give them a good scrub with baby shampoo.  After blow drying them, I spray them once with my homemade brush cleaner.  Tada!  Clean brushes.

3. Wide-legged jeans — yea or nay?
Heck yes!  Please refer to Friday's Post to see their awesomeness in full effect!

4. The last book that made you cry?
The Great and Terrible series.  I cried like a baby.  I read all six books in just under a week, and I cried at least once per book.  It was actually really therapeutic since I NEVER CRY.  The books were just that good.

5. Do you wear bracelets?
Yes, I love bracelets.  I wear a Tiffany's bracelet that BF bought me a few years ago, and then I usually wear a few leather bracelets with studs, or diamonds on them.  I L♥VE leather bracelets.  I'm not so much a fan of bangles because I have really skinny wrists, so they slide all over the place which makes me crazy.

6. Have you ever cut your own bangs?
If I have bangs, it's because I cut them.  I just usually don't like having them.  I cut these bangs last year, and got SO many compliments and requests for a tutorial.  If I decide to chop them ever, I'll video tape it, but don't hold your breath that I will...

7. Are you a procrastinator?
Is Charlie Sheen a winner?  I always say I won't wait until the night before an exam to study, and then I find myself cramming the night before.  I hate it, but it's always been this way.

8. Favorite cookie?
Chocolate Chip.  Boring, I know, but they're the best.

9. I always knew I’d…
There's a few things I've always known, and still know:
Be a mother
Be a doctor/dentist
Be totally awesome

10. Weekly goals:
Get organized!  It is so cliche to "spring clean," but I'd say it needs to be done.  My room is in worse condition that it was last week, and my goals to clean it were never fulfilled... so I'm rolling them over.  Kind of like my cell phone minutes, but without any perks.  I also need to get my financial documents in order and filed.  It should be a fun week... Anyone want to trade?

Your turn!
Fill out the poll and post it in the comments, or on your blog.  Be sure to link back so I can read yours!
1. Mood:
2. What do you use to clean your makeup brushes?
3. Wide-legged jeans — yea or nay?
4. The last book that made you cry?
5. Do you wear bracelets?
6. Have you ever cut your own bangs?
7. Are you a procrastinator?
8. Favorite cookie?
9. I always knew I’d…
10. Weekly goals: 

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Spring has Sprung

Spring is here!  Well she arrived yesterday, but I was busy with other things and wasn't able to play a good hostess.  She blew in like a tornado, completely ruining my hair for church, and giving a few lucky bystanders a glimpse of the goods under my dress.  This is now the second time I've been saved by control top pantyhose, I really should send them a "Thank You" card.  Yesterday was so cold and windy, I swear I saw a few snowflakes.  I don't know what Spring is getting at but her visits are supposed to be pleasant, and Day 1 has proven to be entirely the opposite. 

I hope she quickly remembers her purpose as my "house guest."  I finally got her sister, Winter, to leave, and I DO NOT want to repeat that visit for at least a year.

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I love my new wide leg trousers, and this sweater. They are easily my new favorite articles of clothing. 

This week I:

Got a filling replaced
Broke a nail
Got four new paper cuts on my right hand, and two on my left
Had a fight with the spray tan machine, and lost
Got a blister from my shoes
Had two migraines
Lost my wallet
I love the side bun.  Coolest, "I'm late for work" hair-do this side of the Mississippi

Thank GOODNESS Friday is here, I really need a weekend.  In order to make the day go faster, I turned off my radio, and turned up my iPod.  I set it to shuffle, and I was instantly grateful for my excellent taste in music. 
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A Jersey Shore blessing

Typically, today, people go around reciting Irish Blessings:

May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours, wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world, with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons bring the best to you and yours!

Today, however, I am going to hand out free Jersey Shore Blessings.  Let me explain.  I have had a membership to a tanning salon for close to five years.  I rarely use it, but it is so inexpensive, the thought of cancelling makes me queasy.

I try not to use the beds because of the still-not-100%-sure-but-better-safe-than-sorry skin cancer risks.  I am not a gambler, and refuse to take the risk, so I have been trying my had at the spray tan lately.  I've used the Mystic Tan "bed" three times, and I really like the results- aside from the stench of rotten sushi radiating off my body until I'm allowed to shower.  When I went in last night I was told that they no longer had the Mystic Tan but they are now using the Versa Spa "bed" which is better because it has blow dryers to dry the tan at the end of the session.

So here is a quick Pro and Con list about my experience:


There is a heater attached to the bed so the mist is warm, very pleasant
There is a blow dryer so the guilt I get from the whole pat-my-brown-self-down-with-a-white-towel routine is gone
The color (I only got the lightest setting) is darker, and shows up more than the Mystic


The color  is darker, and shows up a lot more than the Mystic
There are a million new positions to learn
The million positions make it complicated to get even color
The sprayers are not very far apart meaning I got a whole lot of color on my face and zero on my shoulders
The blow dryer dried the excess spray to my skin, making it look freckly and causing me to realize how much I appreciated toweling off the extra.
The "bed" is smaller = not a lot of room for the mist to dissipate = very uneven color application
Still stinks like rotten sushi

Overall, I hate the Versa Spa.  I complained after the fact to the attendant and she assured that when I took a shower, the freckles would disappear and about half of the color on my face would wash off.  I trusted her.  *Stupid*

After a few hours, I was tired of the Snooki comments from my family, and when Evan couldn't tell where my skin started and the couch began, I realized I had to take action.  I washed my face with a wet wash cloth.  Only about 5% of the color came off.  So I took a shower, two hours early.  Most of my body was able to be saved, but my hands weren't so lucky.

Even with  the "barrier cream" my hands got a lot of color.  They look like little oompa loompa hands, but splotchy, with pasty white stripes where my skin folds.  Awesome!

In honor of "Jers-day" (Jersey Shore Thursday), I will share with you my blessing:

May your dress be short, and your collar be poppin'
May your blow out be awesome, now it's time to go shoppin'
May your fist pumps  be strong, and your t-shirts be tight
May your skin be so tan, you no longer look white
May you gym, tan, and laundry forever more
May you live long and prosper down at the Shore.

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At least I have good hair...

My bestie, Willy Billy sent me this text today.  We have been BFF for ages, and what I love most about him is that he is always the first one to tell me what a ridiculous person I am.  It's true, he keeps me grounded. 

The best part of the conversation that followed is when he revealed that he thought I took my daily outfit photos in my front yard.  "No, I take them in front of my office building.  I feel like a complete idiot because there are always TONS of people walking by."

He then told me that I need my own reality show.



Today is not St. Patrick's Day.  But I thought it was, so I wore green.  Don't be jealous that I pinched three people this morning before someone told me that I was engaging in inappropriate work behavior a day early.

"Crap, really?"

Really.  It's a good thing I own quite a few articles of green clothing, because tomorrow is a holiday two-fer.  Not only will I be celebrating the Luck o' the Irish, I will also be celebrating Groundhog day.

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SK8 and a Shout Out

Last night was another F.H.E activity.  When I read the e-mail telling me about it, I immediately thought, "yep, I'm so there."  We were having a valley wide roller skating activity.  When I was younger I lived in roller blades.  No joke, I wore them everywhere; to school, to the park, in the car to the park and to school, etc.  I even won every girl's speed skate competition during class trips to Crystal Palace.  Roller blading was one of my favorite activities, and it was good exercise (not that I cared at the time.)

My brothers and I along with the other neighborhood kids actually held an annual Rollerblade Olympics during summer breaks, with competitions that included figure skating, speed skating, hockey, and bob sledding - but that was done in a wagon, not rollerblades- and is a story for another time.

Anyway, last night we headed to our old stomping ground, Crystal Palace.  Because the activity was Valley Wide (all singles wards in the city), it took us almost an hour to get there.  Griffin and I rented our roller blades, and Evan kept it old school and rented OG skates.

This was the only bad iPhone picture I managed to get.  Gibbs is in the stripes, and Ev is in the white next to him.

I was so nervous.  It had literally been 10-15 years since I last "shredded" on a "pair of wheels."  It took me about twenty minutes to find my sea legs (but you ain't got no legs Lieutenant Dan- Shout out to my boy Forrest Gump), but once I did, it was like I never lost them!  I was skating fast, backwards, jumping, dancing, and spinning.
It was the most fun I've had in years.  I encourage everyone to remember something you loved to do when you were little, and go do it today!

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A Grateful Zombie

It was bright outside.  I can't work under those conditions.  I needed sunglasses.

I feel nauseous.  That happens to me sometimes when I get really, really tired.  There is a direct link between my lack of sleep and my up-chuck reflex.  Scientists are currently working on finding the connection, and it isactually the basis for my Senior Thesis.  No.  Not really.  My major doesn't require me to write a thesis.  But it sounded good, and added a little sparkle to this blog post.  Thank goodness for No-Doz, or I wouldn't have made it through the numerous cram sessions this week.  I am pleased to report, that mid-terms are over!  And Spring Break starts in exactly six hours.  Not that I have any exciting plans or anything.

My outfit today does not exactly fall under the guidelines of "business casual."  However, after a week of loosing sleep and my brain running out of gas, I decided to push the envelope and wear leggings and a boyfriend cardigan, because it didn't require much thought.  This is as close as I could get to wearing sweats to work without actually wearing sweats to workIngenuity.  That's what I like to call it.  Now, if only I could use this process towards something useful in the world, I might actually make millions.  Dare to dream.

Co-worker/Partner-in-crime decided that the pose in the first picture is to be my signature pose.

Even with all of my complaining and zombie-like state, I had an epiphany last night.  I realized how thankful I am for the opportunity to get an education.  Many women all over the world don't have the right to even consider going to school.  Many others (men included) lack the circumstance or finances.  Although it sounds crazy, I am so grateful to be able to loose sleep, staying up all night preparing for an exam.

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FBFF: Finding Balance

Woo woo! It's finally Friday!  And to celebrate, I'm doing a blogging two-fer!  Two blog posts in one day!  Holy smokes!  Finding balance is the topic over at Fashion & Beauty Friend Friday.  I thought answering these questions would be a nice, round about way to answer some e-mails I get concerning by blogging habits.

1. When it comes to prioritizing your life, in what place does blogging fall?

Blogging is definitely not a top priority on my life's daily to-do list.  I blog for fun, because I enjoy it, and because I want to, not because I have to.  If I don't want to do it, I won't (hence the six month break I took last year).  Because I look at blogging as a fun activity instead of a priority, work, or something I "have to" do, I find that it has gotten a lot easier for me to blog during my free time.  I would say my blogging priority falls somewhere between cleaning toilets and getting a tan.  (See, not very high at all).

2. We all wish we had more free time to dedicate to blogging and all it entails. What are your tricks for taking advantage of the time you do have to be as productive as possible?

I am one of those people that thrived in High School, and then really had trouble when I started college.  Why?  Structure.  In high school, from 4:30 am to 10:00 pm  of every single day was planned out for me.  In college, I was on my own, free to come and go as I pleased; and I had a hard time adjusting.

I used to ask myself, "where did the day go?" and "I didn't get anything done today, I need more hours."  About three months ago, I decided to  change this and created a very tight schedule for myself.   Now, I get through as much as I can because I have structure (want to see it?  Click here).  I posted copies of this sheet in my bedroom, in my planner and at work.  I have every minute of my day planned out, and I have to say, I have never felt more productive.  Every single day, I get done all that I need to, and if I have some free time, I blog.

3. Have you discovered any short-cuts that makes blogging easier or more time efficient?

Take full advantage of down time.  For example, lately I have been taking a fifteen minute break every morning and afternoon at work.  We are entitled to them, but no one uses them.  I think "hey, that's fifteen minutes where I could do something, anything, on my to-do list."  For about five minutes during my morning break, my co-worker helps me take pictures for my blog.  I have usually written the post the weekend or day before, so during the other ten minutes of my morning break, I upload the photos, and post the blog.

Also, with the advent of smart phones, blogging is possible just about anywhere- photos included!  I registered my iPhone and can take a photo, write a post, and either publish it or save it in my draft queue.

4. Do you have an editorial calendar or something similar that helps you plan ahead?

I don't have a calender, but I do have a draft queue.  When I find the time to blog, I don't just write a blog for that day and post it.  I will reflect on my entire week, and I'll usually write three to five blog posts and save them to be published later in the week.  I currently have over 100 posts saved as drafts.  Some of them are completely finished and ready to be published.  For these, I'll schedule them for publication.  (If you don't take advantage of the schedule tool, DO IT!  It is so easy to get a week's worth of blogging done in just a short amount of time.)

Sometimes, I just have an idea in the middle of the night, in traffic or at a red light.  For these, I'll usually type my thought into blogger from my iPhone and save it as a draft.  I'll then go back to it at a later date (when I have more time) and work on developing the idea and adding photos.  Again, I always carry a camera with me, so my photos may or may not correspond exactly with the blog topic.  If they do, it is usually because I have constructed the content, and then taken pictures at a later time.  I do keep a list of "photos to take," and I try to do some of those on my days off.  

Like I said, I only blog about one to one and half hours every week; this includes writing and taking photos.  I schedule all of them to be published usually on my days off, and then I don't blog until the next week, unless I'm responding to e-mails or comments.

5. If time wasn’t an issue what you would be doing on your blog/for your blog that you aren’t doing now?

I don't spend a ton of time blogging.  I would maybe like to get better at doing "day designations," or series.  Many blogs I follow do things like "Thankful Thursdays" or "Makeup Mondays."  I'm still not that organized, but maybe it's something I'll think about starting.

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Rock the Red Pump

Today is National Women and Girls AIDS Awareness DayI love supporting a good cause, and as far as I'm concerned, raising awareness and finding medical cures, are the best kinds of causes...  That didn't sound gramatically correct, but I'm a science major, so I guess I'll let it slide.  In support of "NWGAAD" women across the world (and men, you can play too, I don't discriminate) were encouraged to Rock Red Pumps/shoes.

Red is probably my second least favorite color, first place goes to purple; but I L♥VE red high heels.  I always have.  I have had these pumps for years, and only worn them a handfull of times.  Aren't they fantastic?!?

Speaking of causes, I also participated in a 5K last weekend to help raise money for Pancreatic Cancer research.  My mom's cousin was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer after months of going to different doctors about pain.  They might have caught it early, but no one thought to test for cancer.  By the time someone did, it was already life threatening.  She is now in the process of undergoing Chemotherapy- knowing it won't save her, only prolong her life. So, If I may ask, please remember her in your prayers.  Thank you.
The Red Pump Project

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MissPriss Beauty Poll | March 10, 2011

1. Mood:  Motivated!  After studying for my midterms and taking the practice exams, I feel really good.  I often feel inadequate in this major, and think everyone around me is so much more intelligent than I am.  But after acing four practice exams, I realize I don't give myself enough credit.

2. What’s your biggest hair concern?  Flat-ness.  I have tons of hair, but it is baby fine and oily at the roots.  I hate flat hair, and baby fine hair seems to love being flat.  The oil doesn't help any, either.  It's taken a lot of years to "train" my hair to stay somewhat voluminous throughout the day; as well as some product experimentation and perfecting the art of teasing.

3. Orange lipstick?  Yes please.  I absolutely love this look for Spring... Unfortunately I can't pull it off.  It's really difficult to wear orange or coral without my teeth looking super yellow!  This is why I usually wear lipsticks with blue undertones; the blue cancels the yellow and my teeth look whiter.  I'm too lazy to bleach just to wear lipstick.

4. What’s the wackiest piece of clothing you own?  I purchased two pieces of faux fur a few months ago.  A faux fur vest, as well as a trapper hat.  I love them, but I don't know how to wear them in an outfit.  They were a definite trend this past winter, so maybe I can still get away with wearing them next year (it's already in the mid 70's here).  Luckily I got both items on clearance, so if I never wear them, I won't feel bad.

5. When things get crazy in your life, how do you keep your sanity?  My brain is often going a hundred miles a minute.  I am a list maker, I make to-do lists and even "sub-to-do" lists all day long.  I make a point of writing down any and all thoughts in my head.  They become substantial once on paper, and when I can see it as a "goal" the "thought" of a task doesn't make me so anxious.  Plus, the simple act of crossing it off my list is so rewarding.

6. What’s your preferred brow maintenance method?  I wax them.  I started doing it myself last summer to save money.  Sometimes they look really good, and sometimes (like last time), I completely butchered them, I ripped of half of my right brow... Oopsie.  Still, I prefer this method to plucking, because I'm a wimp, and plucking really hurts.  Lately, I look somewhat like a bushman as I wait for them to grow in, then I'll get them professionally done.

7. Salty or sweet?  I like a nice mix of both.  I'm not a big snack-food person.  If I'm craving something sweet I usually go for an apple, or yogurt.  I love a nice handful of plain almonds or pretzels when I'm needing something salty.

8.Three desert island essentials?  Sunblock, fruit and a satellite phone.

9. Favorite ’90s music?  *NSYNC.  No questions asked.

10. Weekly goals: I really need to clean my room.  Every article of clothing I own is on the floor.  A big closet remodel would be the glamorous excuse, but as we all know by now, I'm anything but glamorous.  Once my laundry is washed and folded, I usually put it on the floor.  Putting away clothes or hanging them up is my least favorite chore in the world!  I think when I get married, my husband will be assigned to this task...  I promise I'll take out the garbage every single day!

Your Turn
Fill out the survey and post it in the comments or on your blog!  I love reading your answers, so be sure to link back.

1. Mood:
2. What’s your biggest hair concern?
3. Orange lipstick?
4. What’s the wackiest piece of clothing you own?
5. When things get crazy in your life, how do you keep your sanity?
6. What’s your preferred brow maintenance method?
7. Salty or sweet?
8.Three desert island essentials?
9. Favorite ’90s music?
10. Weekly goals:

Hey buddy!  How's your week going so far?  It's hump day, and I couldn't be more ready for the weekend!  I have midterms this week, and I'm loosing more sleep than I'd like to admit with my last-minute-late-night cram sessions.  I think after my tests, I'm going to take it easy the rest of the week and maybe even treat myself to a massage!  I've only ever had two, but I think they are the most amazing things in the world!  Plus maybe the tried-and-true-stress reliever will remedy this blasted eye twitch - yes, I still have it!

Happy hump day!

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Idol, Mixing Patterns, & Everybody Everywear

I have only ever sat through one entire season of American Idol.  It was the first season, and my best friend was dating my brother.  She would come over and watch the show every week.  Normally, I just watch the awesomeness that is the audition rounds and the finale.  Last week, I learned that my office does a corporate wide Idol pool.  We have 13 offices across the country, and so far the main winnings are up to $3,000.00! 

Apparently, I just have to pick who I think will win first, second and third place.  I can also submit my vote for who will go home weekly for extra money and prizes.  I have to enter my top three picks by Monday, as well as submit my $20.00 buy in.  I think I have my top three narrowed down, but I'm not entirely sure.  I missed the girl's competition last week, and am now kicking myself.

Bad Face Day.  I am exhausted and sleep deprived.  Thank you mid-terms.

In other news, last night I went to FHE for the first time in over a year.  For those who don't know, us Mormons have designated Monday nights "family night."  I go to a singles ward, and everyone is between18-30 and unmarried; therefore, we don't have "families."  For us, Family Home Evening usually consists of a quick spiritual lesson followed by an activity and food.  Last night we played beach volleyball.  It was the whole reason I decided to go.  I love food, but I L♥VE beach volleyball.

Because it was freezing outside, and quite windy, we played in our church's gym... with beach balls.  It was really fun, but there are always those people who take the game way too seriously.  I mean we were playing indoors with a giant, light as air beach ball and people spiking and power serving the ball.  They would yell at their teammates for messing up, and get really into keeping score.  It was hilarious.  I was in a skirt and high heels, and my team ended up winning.  Today, my wrists and forearms are really sore.  I guess it is worth it knowing that my-having-fun beat out their-being-serious 15-6.  Oh yea!

Polka Dots | Everybody, Everywear

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Bloggy-Blog Survey

Today I am asking all of you readers to fill out a quick survey about my bloggy-blog.  I am debating whether or not I should make some changes to the design, layout, and overall content; but before I do, I would appreciate your opinions.  It's really quick and easy.  I get close to 200 hits every day on here, so I know there's lots of people who could do this.  No one but me will see your answers, so don't worry about anonymity.  Thanks so much!

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

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Tribal Blaaaaahhhh

It has just occurred to me... I have a horrible case of "the Monday's" and do not feel like working today.  The sky is full of gray clouds, sprinkling just the tiniest amount of rain; and it is perfect movie-watching-in-sweat-pants-and-hoodie weather.  I tried to take pictures outside, but the wind kept blowing my dress up.  Think Marilyn Monroe, only not glamorous.  Control top pantyhose are never glamorous

Yesterday I was really looking forward to going to Church.  I like Testimony meetings, I feel like with all the different speakers, there is a nice change of pace and the time seems to go by faster...  Of course, I also like the uplifting messages and stuff... Of course... *Whistles in embarrassment*

Unfortunately, I slept in until 2:38 in the afternoon!  Well that's not entirely true.  I woke up around 10:00 and ate two corn dogs, and then went back to sleep.  I have no recollection of this, but the corn dog sticks on a ketchup-y plate were evidence in my bedroom.  Oh well, I must have really needed the extra shut-eye.

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