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Post Secret

I'm newly obsessed with this site I found called PostSecret! It is a compilation of pictures with people's secrets written on them, and they are anonymously posted on the website. Some of them are hilarious, and some, I'm not so sure I'd post even if they are anonymous! Some people are SHAMELESS! Oh well it's great for a laugh, or depersonalized gossip (which is great for someone seriously trying to quit gossiping!). Check it out: http://postsecret.blogspot.com/

All Secrets are updated every Sunday, and all of the old ones are taken down. So check it at least once a week for some serious entertainment. Apparently there is also a series of PostSecret books.... Looks like someone will be hitting Borders this week to make a small purchase!

1. I got my mom hooked on the Twilight Series! She took Twilight with her to Oregon this weekend with all of her "Weekend Warrior" Harley Davidson friends. She wouldn't put it down! I'm giving her the other three tomorrow to borrow (hey that rhymes)! Yay mom! Thanks for jumping on that train, now we can have our own pretend book club and talk about Edward!
2. I stopped by my parent's house tonight and forced my brothers to watch a little Jon & Kate plus 8 with me. The family went for a picnic, and for lunch Kate made her kids Peanut Butter and Fluff sandwiches....yes that's right, Fluff, the creamy-marshmallows-in-a-jar stuff. Of course I was like, "gross," but secretly I was curious as to what it would taste like. You'll never believe that my mom happened to have Fluff in the house, so I made half a sandwich... Kate Gosselin, you're a genius! The two spreads compliment each other very nicely. I just found a new snack!


One World, One Dream (Long Post)

Tonight ended the 2008 Summer Olympics in China! This year's games were incredible from start to finish! I cannot believe how many world records were broken, and how many amazing athletes have become household names simply because of their drive and their talent!
It has been interesting to think about the games being held in this communist country. I've also been thinking a lot about what this means for missionary work in China. The government was so strict about what could not be discussed by athletes, and visitors: world issues and religion. The still communist government even revoked the visitation visa of U.S. speed skater and Winter Olympic gold medalist Joey Cheek because of his involvement in the humanitarian efforts in Darfur! President Bush, however, among pursuing government peace interests, made an effort to discuss allowing religious freedom in China. These Olympic games were also televised, UNCENSORED in China, which has never before happened!
I think about these "small and simple" things, and get so excited that the door to China has been opened. I know that these efforts will bring about the allowance of missionaries to preach in this country, and the gospel will soon be spread to "every nation, kindred, tongue and people."
At the close of the 29th Olympiad, I would also like to share a few of my favorite moments from the games (in no particular order):
1. The "Go World" Visa Campaign commercials. These were fantastic! Morgan Freeman's narration of each one made them even more compelling. My favorite is the "Michael Phelps is not part dolphin" one! Anyway, watch them:

2. I loved the Opening Ceremonies, what a spectacular show China put on. My favorite part however was during the parade when China entered "the Bird's Nest" as it was dubbed. Yao Ming carried the flag, and beside him, carrying much smaller flags was Lin Hao, a 9-year old hero. Lin Hao was a survivor of a devastating 8.0-magnitude earthquake on May 12 that killed over 69,000 people. This little 2nd grader, after freeing himself from the rubble of his school building, went back in to save the life of a classmate. When asked why he did it he responded that he was a hall monitor, and it was his job to make sure the others were safe!
3. The story of Lopez Lamong, one of the Lost Boys of the Sudan. Lamong is a native of the Sudan in Africa. When he was 6 years old soldiers came into his church and took all the children. The boys were separated from the girls, and taken to a prison camp where they were slowly starved to death. One night Lamong and four other children crawled through a hole in a fence and escaped. They ran for three days and after being arrested on the Kenyan border were taken to a refugee camp. He lived in this camp for 10 years, and one day walked 5 miles to watch American Michael Johnson win a race in "the Olympics." He decided he "wanted to be as fast as that man." Soon after he was adopted by a couple in New York City, USA. Lamong has only lived in United States for 7 years, and has only been a US citizen for 14 months, but was elected by the majority of US Olympic Athelets to carry the American Flag (an honor that requires a longer period of citizenship). He was quoted as saying that in America, dreams really can come true
4. The outfits worn by the American athletes during the opening ceremonies! With the crisp white and blue, Ralph Lauren made them look sharp!
5. Of course Michael Phelps! This kid is the definition of athlete. At only 23 years old he has done what no other Olympian has ever done. He has won 8 Gold Medals in one Olympiad, giving him 14 Gold medals and 16 total career medals, and therefore has more than any other Olympic athlete in history! Not only has he won Golds, he has broken Olympic and World records in 7 of his 8 swims! However, he couldn't have done this all on his own. He did swim a few team events, and I have to give credit to his team mates: Aaron Peirsol, Brendan Hansen and Jason Lezak who helped him set the world record for the 4x100-meter Medley relay in 3 minutes and 29.24 seconds! I also have to give credit to Peter Vanderkaay, Ricky Berens and Ryan Lochte for their amazing performance in the 4x200-meter Freestyle relay. And lastly, Garret Weber-Gale, Cullen Jones and again Jason Lezak who helped win gold and break a world record in the 4x100-meter Freestyle relay. Congratulations men, this year Men's Swimming was probably the most exciting even of the 2008 Summer Olympics! And PS, Michael Phelps is part dolphin.
6. I am so proud of our Redeem Team! I love basketball, I played for years, but what never fails to amaze me is how talented these guys are... Most athletes are all about the Benjamin's! It's almost like if they're not getting paid a million dollars to play a game, they won't play. However, it was great to see these men who in their everyday careers are rivals, come together and play as a team for our country. I was so excited when they took the Gold medal this year, and moved by Kobe Bryant's comment that "it doesn't matter what name is on the back of the jersey, all that matters are the three letters on the front!"
7. Nastia Liukin and the rest of the USA Women's Gymnastics Team. These girls are incredible! My heart broke for them as they crashed and burned in the qualifying rounds. Their looks of hope and heartache from the sidelines were almost too much to watch. I could see their talent but they just weren't coming through. Two of their star athletes were injured and not able to compete! The girls picked it up, however and made us proud. I loved loved loved watching Nastia Liukin! She made difficult moves look easy and as fluid as ballet dancing! She was so graceful. I'm so glad she took a Gold Medal home! PS I dont mean to sound purvey, but did anyone happen to at least catch a glimpse of these girls' backsides? I'm seriously considering taking up gymnastics so that my bum can look that good in a leotard, or any other article of clothing for that matter!
8. The last bit of the Olympics I got to see was the Women's Rhythmic Gymnastics. I was so impressed with China's performance! I could not believe the amount of innovation and creativity that must have been put into the choreography. That alone was amazing, but then to add ropes into the mix? I could not take my eyes of the television.
9. My final favorite moment was from Men's Track and Field. During the Men's 400-meter Relay, everyone was concentrating on LaShawn Merritt for beating Jeremy Warner... Not me, my attention went to David Neville of USA. This guy was going to get fourth place, so what does he do? He dives across the finish line! They counted it, and he took 3rd!!! Way to go America!


The Great & Terrible

I am on a reading frenzy this summer. I just finished the first book of the Great & Terrible Series, and can I just say, I ♥ it! The story begins in the premortal existence, just after the Grand Council where Jehovah and Lucifer both presented their plans for salvation. It follows a family through the days after, and then ends just as it gives a brief introduction to each of the siblings' earthly lives. I've only seen Saturday's Warrior once, and it was a long time ago, but I think this is the same basic principle.

Although I know it is fictional, this book had me thinking and questioning about my role here. I heard it said that if the veil was lifted and we could catch just a glimpse of who it is we are supposed to be, that Satan would have no power... While reading, I though a lot about who I was, who I am, and who I will be. I thought about my trials and wondered if I'd be a disappointment to my premortal self... It was deep stuff, but it was inspirational to think about.


I suck at life

Lately I have been feeling completely overwhelmed with everything. It's almost like every aspect of my life is falling apart, and I can honestly state, "I suck at life".

I haven't worked in a month. Well that's not true, I worked 4 hours in the month of August, simply because my boss wasn't putting me on the schedule. The days I was scheduled to go in, the restaurant was so slow, I would get phone calls telling me not to bother coming in.
Some would think, "hey, no work?! That means I can have some fun!" Not. So because I haven't worked, I also have zero money. I've locked myself in my house like a hermit, conserving my gas like a nomad would conserve water in the desert! It doesn't help that my SUV is a gas guzzler, so I really just sit at home all day everyday.

Not only have I now become socially retarded, every one of my bills is past due and my credit score in one month, has gone down the toilet! I don't know what I'm going to do! I'm so stressed out, and bored, and I feel like I have no purpose. To add insult to serious injury, I was planning on graduating this year... Not happening.

Because I haven't worked, I can no longer afford school this semester, so I had to drop all of my classes! I just feel like such a failure. I keep thinking, all this has got to be happening for a reason. I keep looking for what it is I'm supposed to be learning from this... To no avail. So yesterday I tried looking for a second job. Although our economy sucks and we are all but in a depression, I was able to apply to 6 different places. I hope something turns out. I can not take the stress of this anymore.

It's to the point where I don't want to get out of bed... Because not only am I having a ton of issues, but when I'm awake there's things to deal with like: the environment, and saving our planet, taking out the garbage, cleaning my house, editing pictures for my new business, finding clients for my new business, paying off my credit cards, starting a savings account, dating, finding hobbies to keep me entertained since I'm not going to school, and all the other crap just don't want to deal with. Keep your fingers crossed, I'm determined to turn this around!


Falling on the Wagon?

I just recently found this website and it seems like the new cool thing to do is get married, have kids, and start a blog... Sticking with being slightly unconventional, I'm doing this out of order. I'm not married, no kids, but I think I want a blog (plus I just started one for my new business!). Anyway, I'm still not entirely sure what a blog is... An online journal of sorts? A way to let others know what's going on in my life? Whatever. I'll use it however I want!

I just hope I can keep it going! I was looking at my friend Doug's blog ( http://www.dquist.blogspot.com/ ) the other day, and he is just one of those people that cracks me up. I told him I'd totally start a blog but I'm worried I'm not interesting and would have nothing to say!! He told me to do it anyway, so I am!

Anyway, to kick things off, I just got back from a super fun family weekend of ATVing in Panguitch, UT. It was the first time I'd ever ridden one, and the first time our family has been together in quite sometime! I've decided I officially love it and I need some when I grow up, ha ha!

We were having a great time going off jumps and rolling through mud puddles, but after an hour, wouldn't you know, we had an accident! My brother Colby was driving a Rhino and somehow managed to flip it. It landed right on his leg and we were sure it was broken! Evan and Griffin lifted it off while my mom helped him on to her ATV and they rode double back to town and to the hospital. Luckily, he didn't break it, but he did get about 20 stitches!

The rest of the weekend was spent just roaming the countryside, enjoying places like Panguitch Lake, Red Canyon, and Bryce Canyon. What a nice way to wrap up the summer!


Breaking Dawn

So of course I, like everyone else, went out and bought Breaking Dawn, and read it all in one night and half a day... And here is what I have to say for it:

  1. I need to add a disclaimer here, so don't get me wrong, I love this series! I'm obsessed and sometimes secretly wish I had vampire powers myself... with that being said

  2. I think we're all on the same purvey page when I say, "Yay, Edward and Bella finally had sex." However, I have to admit that with all of Edward's character descriptions, I found myself asking some inappropriate questions as to the mechanics of how this actually happened, and how it was actually a pleasurable experience for Bella. For example, the numerous details about Edward's skin being so cold, and hard as a rock... That's all I'll say on that topic.

  3. I was disappointed to read almost 200 pages of Sappy, gross, in-love crap. We get that a vampire loves you beyond measure, but if I have to hear about how he makes you eggs three times a day (turn on the food network for crying out loud) or how ALL he cares about in all of eternity is your happiness, I'm going to puke. Real life is not like that... Call me a cynic, but come on. You could have filled those 200 pages with something exciting...

  4. Again as much as I love Edward and the Cullen Family.... I'm choosing Team Jacob! That guy loved Bella just as much, and he had a great sense of humor! Plus he was tan... I'm just saying...
All in all, despite my few complaints, I loved the first 3 books, this one was just "eh". Can't wait for the movie in December!