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The Mirror Has 2 Faces

Everyone has probably heard that Michael Jackson died yesterday. I have mixed emotions.

I was looking at my old MySpace today, and back in 2004 I wrote a blog where I said, "I think I'll just put away all of old Michael Jackson albums until this all blows over." As it turns out, I've never gotten them out again.

On one hand I consider his crazy antics, his weird health issues, and of course his infamous legal issues. It is so easy to think of him like any other criminal. Is's so easy to just dismiss his death: "who cares", "good riddance", etc. He was truly a man with many demons and much turmoil in his life. I do not condone his actions, or accusations against him for that matter.

However, upon his death, like many of you I dug out the HISTORY CD I'd hidden away so long ago. I have to say, when it comes to performers, there is no one else like him. His voice isn't that great, he probably wouldn't get far on American Idol today. And he creates his own words throughout his lyrics ("shamore"). What he lacked in "technical" he made up for in enthusiasm and creativity. All else aside, what a great musician.

I have been listening to his music for about an hour. I definitely forgot about some of the "Uber" goodies he's released. So if you're bored, and have about an hour to spare, check out below, and enjoy rocking out!


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PS. I now realize, and am slightly embrassed about the complete tribute, but what can I say, I guess I'm a fan.


Quick before work...

I stole this photo from my friend Shani's Blog. I was practicing some editing techniques... Which one do you all like best? Any opinions?
PS Click to see bigger.


Holy crap it worked

I saw the following video on PeopleMagazine.com. The headline said:

"Rob Pattinson's 30 Hottest Stares"
Nobody can brood like this vampire!
Check out the Twilight star's sexiest looks

I thought, you've got to be kidding me? Don't get me wrong, "Edward" is sexy, and even "Cedric Diggary" was cute, but this guy looks stoned 99% of the time. His morning routine must be: roll out of bed, threw some olive oil (or some other grease) in hair, down some alcohol and smoke a blunt.

And, are you kidding? A whole video dedicated to "stares"? I had to see.

While I still stand by the above statement, it worked. I swooned.

PS. I am so excited to see This Movie!

Bring on the Rain

Of course I just washed my car! Oh well, I love the rain, and at least the inside of my car is clean...


Date Night

It was a great night...


Anyone, Anyone?

Does anyone actually read my blog? Since my cruise I've had nearly 800 page hits, so know people read. I'm just curious who you are. I keep it mostly as a journal and while I'm not so good at keeping it up, I do my best. However I was just curious if I have any "blog stalkers" as they are so called? I have enabled comments on my page so anyone can feel free to respond. Please don't be shy or embarrassed, if you're reading my blog, chances are I read yours... and those of your family & friends'....... and their family and friends' blogs!

Have a great Monday!

Bonnie Springs

Today I decided to get out and do something rather than spend my whole day off doing nothing. Thomas and I went to Bonnie Springs for breakfast. I've never been, but apparently he used to go all the time when he was little. I was excited to see all of the Old Nevada memorabilia when we first pulled up; covered wagons, old west looking hotels, and even a little Locomotive train we could ride. We started by going into the restaurant and eating breakfast.

I ordered the Pancakes, and this is the "smorgasboard" they brought me! I made it almost all the way through before calling it quits! Then we decided to look around outside. There were Peacocks everywhere! I didn't know that peacocks could live, or would want to live in the desert, but here they do, and they are not shy of humans. I was trying to get this guy to show me his feathers and so I put my arms up, and he did the same!!!! It was awesome!

After walking around for a bit, we saw that the park offered Horse rides. Of course we had to do it. It's been forever since I've ridden, and I felt like getting my cowgirl on. We had the best time! The weather and scenery was beautiful! The tour guide wasn't much of a guide, so we entertained ourselves by pretending to be cowboys and singing the theme song from Bonanza! We also played "I spy" for local wildlife, such as snakes and lizards. And I had a little dance off in the saddle. (I'm always dancing anyway, and the motion of the horse practically forced me to rock out). "Funny man" Thomas behind me was full of jokes, which made the ride all the more enjoyable. However, I wish my horse wasn't so old, she would not go faster than a slow walk, no trot, no gallop, nothing.

This was some of the beautiful scenery. We don't see this kind of stuff in Las Vegas everyday, so it was nice to take advantage of the view. I also had just seen a documentary on the History Channel (I watch it 24/7) about Nevada terrain. Did you know that Nevada used to be covered by ocean, and the red rocks of Red Rock National Forrest were formed by a volcano? Nevada also had perfect conditions for dinosaur fossilization, so next time you go hiking, keep your eyes peeled!

After our ride, we walked through the petting zoo. I took pictures, but decided there were too many to post. I love zoos, but petting zoos are a little different. First off, you're not actually allowed to "pet" anything. All the cages had signs on them saying "keep hands out" and "don't feel the animals". The "animals" too, were a little disappointing. The Zoo was filled with chickens, guinea pigs, and mini horses. There was also a porcupine, some wolves, llamas, and goats. AWESOME. Ha ha ha. It was fun, and something to do, but basically they were mostly dirty rodents that smelled like pee.

On the way home, we took the 215. As we pulled up to the Summerlin Pkwy exit, we pulled up behind these guys:

How clever are these kids?!?!? Stupid, mind you, but clever nevertheless. This blow up pool was held in the truck bed by nothing more than 1 bungee cord. And yes, it was full of water!!! Thomas was a little upset that he had never thought of the idea, while I was groaning about how illegal it is to ride in the back of trucks on the freeways.

It was a great day that ended in swimming and family dinners at Grandma & Grandpa's house! I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


What I'm doing today

Don't remember where I found this, but I think it's quite possibly the most creative thing I've seen all week!

(For those of you who have no clue what this is, it's the "screen shot" of Adobe Photoshop Workspace. Well technically someone created a "Real life" workspace using actual objects instead of the icons... so clever. You can click to see it bigger.)


Bad Day for Green Cars

This morning when my little brother left for work, he noticed his car door was slightly open. He didn't remember leaving it open last night, so he knew something had happened. When he opened his door he saw it.... NOTHING!

That's right there was nothing in his car! For some people this might be a good thing, but Griffin's car is different. His car looks "lived in". Clothes and shoes scattered throughout, CD's and papers everywhere, etc. So when he saw "Nothing" this morning, we knew someone had broken into his car.

They took stuff that we all wonder why would they want... For example, his insurance papers, and car registration papers. The owners manual to his car is gone as well, so were the remaining contents of his glove compartment. However he was most upset that someone actually stole the cab light bulbs, but left the cover!!!

It's too bad, but all the theifs really got was "replacable junk!"

Anyway to make him feel better, I treated him to a little Baskin Robbins, yum!

PS My mom was in a pretty bad car accident today, apparently the whole front end of her suburban is totaled!! She's fine, but really upset about her car. Also, immediately after the crash the other party said they were all ok, until the police showed up, then the lady started complaining that "maybe" her neck hurt. R U Kidding me?!?!?


What Not to Wear

It's been a long day... I started summer school this morning, and I'm so excited. I took a little break from school so that I could decide what I REALLY want to do without wasting anymore time or money.

I finally made a decision, and now I'm back, in full swing with hopes of graduating in the Spring. FINALLY!

Anyway, once I got home, I decided it was time to unpack and do laundry from my cruise. After all, it's been a week since I got back! After I completed my laundry, I had a STACK of clothes on my bed, and I was trying to decide where I could put them.

My BF suggested in my closet.

So, I opened my closet, and showed him that there was literally no room.

He then suggested in my dresser drawers.

Again I opened each drawer, no room.

I even pulled out the giant tupperwares under my bed, but they were full of winter clothes.

He suggested I be "generous", and donate some stuff to goodwill.

After explaining that I just donated 4 garbage bags of stuff in April, he said, "so, be "more generous" and do it again".
So we went through some stuff, and he helped me decide what to get rid of.

Apparently I am "too old" to be wearing these.... Lame