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The Mirror Has 2 Faces

Everyone has probably heard that Michael Jackson died yesterday. I have mixed emotions.

I was looking at my old MySpace today, and back in 2004 I wrote a blog where I said, "I think I'll just put away all of old Michael Jackson albums until this all blows over." As it turns out, I've never gotten them out again.

On one hand I consider his crazy antics, his weird health issues, and of course his infamous legal issues. It is so easy to think of him like any other criminal. Is's so easy to just dismiss his death: "who cares", "good riddance", etc. He was truly a man with many demons and much turmoil in his life. I do not condone his actions, or accusations against him for that matter.

However, upon his death, like many of you I dug out the HISTORY CD I'd hidden away so long ago. I have to say, when it comes to performers, there is no one else like him. His voice isn't that great, he probably wouldn't get far on American Idol today. And he creates his own words throughout his lyrics ("shamore"). What he lacked in "technical" he made up for in enthusiasm and creativity. All else aside, what a great musician.

I have been listening to his music for about an hour. I definitely forgot about some of the "Uber" goodies he's released. So if you're bored, and have about an hour to spare, check out below, and enjoy rocking out!


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PS. I now realize, and am slightly embrassed about the complete tribute, but what can I say, I guess I'm a fan.

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