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Happy Halloween!

Is anyone else praying they don't get very many Trick-or-Treaters so that they can eat all the Halloween Candy themselves?
I am...
In fact I've already started.
Happy Halloween!!BF took me to a Haunted House last night

It was very scary

Mr. Monster was so scared, he threw up green ooze...

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Beware of Ghosts

The other night I heard a "knock knock knock" on my door.

Since I was home-alone, I decided not to answer {"Just because they knock doesn't mean you have to answer, the door is for your protection" ~Mom}.

The knock knock knock-ing turned into ring ring ring-ing and then some more knock knock knock- ing. Figuring it was an emergency I decided to at least check the peephole.

It was the little girl from next door. She is about 8 years old. She handed me a piece of paper and informed me that her and her friend would be holding a Haunted House in her garage for one night only.

Once it got dark, I walked over to her garage.

There were no lights and it was quite dark except for home-made Halloween pictures that donned the walls... Alyah's grandma, mom and uncle were shinning flashlights on the 3 or 4 witch and pumpkin drawings.

I walked in a circle as directed by the Sidewalk chalk pathway the girls had created.
As I did this little ghost and goblin noises were coming from the end of the pathway (along with some muffled giggles).

At the very end, two little girls in princess costumes, with their faces painted white, jumped out and said "Boo!"

What a fantastic Haunted House!!! Way better than the Hotel Fear, Castle Vampyre or Morbid Circus... Way better.

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+ Spanish Love Song +

I find it difficult to learn a foreign language unless I practice every day.
In trying to learn Spanish I never use English when I talk to people who speak Spanish.
For example I’ll ask the dishwasher at my work for clean forks:
Necesito tenedores por favor.”
I also frequently tell my brother {who is fluent} that he is ugly. Thus beginning a wonderful "practice" conversation jam-packed with friendly banter.

I have found it helpful to make up little songs.
I usually sing these songs when I greet someone.
I will ask them questions, and then respond myself, so as to get in all the practice I can handle.
My songs don’t really have a “tune” per se.
They are more along the lines of me sounding out each word mono-syllabically and alternating between a high and low note.
{singing:} “Ho-la. ¿-mo es-ta? Yo soy bi-en. Gra-ci-as. De na-da,
For example.
I even make up songs when practicing my flash cards.
They’re brilliant

I am learning a lot, and yet sometimes I feel like it isn't enough.
I can put together basic sentences,
but I am not able to hold a conversation
or speak about past or future events.

Today in my Spanish class we watched a video which was completely in {español}.
The point was for us to see just how much we have learned so far this semester.
I must be super smart, because I knew exactly what Rico Suave was singing about!

{I bet it was because I practice my songs so much}
My only concern was how the Señorita was able to keep a straight face through it
because I could not stop laughing.

{PS. The scrolling message under the video is the translation JIC}

{Hover over the text if you need to pause the scrolling}

Hello little lady
What is your name?

They call me Mike

They call me Mike.

Where is the bathroom?

Happy Birthday

What time is it?

What time is it?

I like the library

I live in a red house

I have two bicycles

Thank you very much

and you're welcome.

How old are you?

One minute please

{It's the one semester of spanish Spanish Love Song}

My mom is beautiful

My cat is very white

Pardon me

Pardon me!

1, 2, 3, and 4

5, 6, 7, 8

9, 10... No "remembro" how to say 11

Antonio Banderes

Nachos Grande

and Cinnamon Twists

{It's the one semester of spanish Spanish Love Song}

This is EXACTLY what first semester Spanish is like.

What do you do to help you learn new things?

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In a Family Way

Isn't this picture disturbing?

I had a dream last night that I was pregnant.

I mean, I was pregnant. I'd guess about 6 months, and I was trying to hide it from my family by carrying around a pillow and holding it over my belly. Very convincing.

This dream could be the result of two possible scenarios.


Either my brain has been completely bombarded with images of pregnancy/babies with 5 of my girlfriends having babies or becoming pregnant with in the last few months...


Or my biological clock is trying to tell me something...

Could I possibly be coming to terms with the idea of eventually getting married and having kids? {Yikes.}

Either way, I've been awake for about 12 hours and the imagery is still very vivid. At one point in the dream, I lifted up my shirt, to make sure this "was actually happening" and I had crazy circular stretch marks. {Weird}.

Instead of continuing my evening with this weird "there's-bugs-on-my-skin" feeling, I decided to look up the meaning in a dream dictionary I've had since I was about 12. Here's what it had to say:

"For a woman, dreaming of pregnancy signals an increase in material wealth."

{What a great dream!}

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"I cannot go to school today,"

Said little Peggy Ann McKay,

"I have the measles and the mumps,

A gash, a rash, and purple bumps.

My mouth is wet, my throat is dry,

I'm going blind in my right eye.

My tonsils are as big as rocks,

I've counted sixteen chicken pox

And there's one more--that's seventeen,

And don't you think my face looks green?

My leg is cut, my eyes are blue--

It might be instamatic flu..."

Oh wait! I'm not sick. I got a flu shot this weekend.

For more of this fantastic poem click here.

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Mormon Attractiveness Scale

Have you guys seen this hillarious blog post about the Mormon Attractiveness Scale?

Personally, I don't agree. I'm never going to settle for a 5 simply because there is no competition.

However I admit, I do see this happening ALL THE TIME.

It's funny.

Check it out.

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Golden Arches

Did you know that working as a manager of McDonalds can earn you $100,000 a year?!?!
I picked up an application this afternoon.

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What's That Smell?

I was getting ready to go out last night, and decided to stray away from my normal perfume. My backup is Abercrombie Classic, but I wanted something a little more bold, a little more "autumn". I decided to go with {Provocative Woman}.
It's been a hot minute since I last used this perfume, and I think it may have been expired. My first clue should have been that instead of it's normal lavender color, it was a yellow-clear color, and had lots of bubbles in it.

Oh well, I sprayed it on anyway. Big Mistake. Instantly I smelled like an old woman who'd spent too much time in the attic, like dust and old wood. Ick. I couldn't go into public smelling like this, so I ran down stairs and got the Fabreeze. It's supposed to take care of fabric odors right? This, most certainly, was a fabric odor.

2nd Big mistake. Now I smelled like an old lady who was wearing a dress that had been in the attic for too long who decided to take a stroll after the rain. I was starting to gag. Hmm what to do? I really wanted to wear this shirt. Had I sprayed the perfume like I should have, on my skin, I could have taken a quick shower, but this, this was bad. Think think... Ah ha!
I took of my shirt and threw it in the dryer with a wet sock (to maybe create steam?) and a Bounce sheet, you know give it the old dry cleaning effect. After 10 minutes, it was time to go. I tried on my shirt and... MMM delicious smelling! I ran upstairs, spritzed on the Romance, and was ready to go.

This is just example #156 of my Domestic Godessness.

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Happy Humpday!

Just thought I'd share a few things I'm ing this week:
Apparently Plums are the choice color for Fall Lipsticks! I was flipping through my Glamour magazine, and they are all the rave. I checked out the editor’s picks, found the cheapest one (I’m not big on “colored” lipstick, so I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something I’d hate) which happened to be Maybelline’s Yummy Plummy. Let me just tell you how much I love this color! It goes with almost any “light or medium” skin tone and because of the blue undertones makes my Pepsi stained teeth look white white white.

{2}I decided I was in need of some new fall nail polish. I love how a simple polish can put me in a seasonal spirit! This time of year, I tend to like darker wine and jewel tone shades. I was in luck, have you seen OPI’s new Colleción de España? I’m obsessed! It has all of fall’s hottest colors in one collection, which is awesome, plus they all look good on my skin tone.

This past weekend Ulta was having a B1G1 sale on OPI polishes so I bought 4. It was hard to narrow down my options, so I’ve decided to make a trip back and get a polish that I read was “in style.” I eyeballed it for a hot minute, but decided to get 4 other shades instead. The lucky winners? Conquistadorable Color, No Spain No Gain, Lincoln Park At Midnight, and Manicurist of Seville (my favorite).

So which did I choose to use? I couldn’t decide, so I went with Manicurist of Seville on my toes and Lincoln Park At Midnight on my hands. (PS Recognize the jewelry? Thanks BF)

As a result of my stupid shoes the other day, my feet and legs hurt like crazy. By about 6 pm I lost the shoes, and pulled a Britney Spears. Yes folks, I studied in the library barefoot and even left my shoes-ies off while I walked across campus to my car.

Today I feel muscles in my legs I didn’t know I had, and even my knees and hips are hurting. Who knew all of that could happen from stinkin' shoes?!? As luck would have it, Iva Messy posted this today; we must have ESP or something, because she knew exactly what I needed. Since I don’t have SmartToez, I improvised and used pedicure separators. I left them on for about 2 hours and it’s amazing the difference they made! I then went the extra mile and gave myself a pedicure with my new polish!

Did I mention Ulta has an amazing sale right now? I originally went in for nail polish and then saw this stand:

Are you kidding? My Root Pump and Hairspray were on sale for $5.99 each to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I stocked up. I saved a ridiculous amount of money with these sales, as well as with my $5 coupon (I got in the weekly circular). A total purchase value of $105.15 only cost me $38 and change! You all had better get there before the sale ends Saturday!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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I Need Your Help!!!

Please help me out with a mid-term paper and give your opinion. Thanks!!!

Last day to vote is Saturday. Thanks so much for your help!

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A Case of the Mondays


I went to bed at 1:45am. For some reason my alarm went off an hour early. I woke up at 5, got completely ready for the day, and then noticed that I had an extra hour to kill before school. I would have given anything to get an extra hour of sleep. R U Kidding Me?


This morning I got electrocuted trying to unplug my blow-dryer. Apparently you're supposed to pull from the head of the cord, not wrap your fingers around the plug until you touch the metal things and accidentally put your finger in the outlet hole.


I think my feet changed. I’m wearing 2 size 8 shoes; however the right one is too big and keeps falling off. The left one is too small. It is bending my toes into painful positions and making it difficult for me to walk without limping. The strange thing is, I've had these shoes for about 3 years and never before had problems... ?

Happy Monday All! Enjoy what’s left of it.

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Hi, I'm Ardi

It has been an {exciting} week for the Science world!!! This past week a new hominid species was discovered in Africa. “Ardi” as it is being called {Ardipithecus ramidus } is 4.4 million years old, living 1 million years before the earliest known Hominid species “Lucy”( Australopithecus afarensis).


Ardi seems to be a “missing link” in “human evolution” and negates a former theory that humans evolved from chimpanzees. The new discovery provides proof that Humans and chimps actually share a common ancestor (probably 6-7 million years ago) but that each species developed and evolved in its own way. With the discovery of Lucy, scientists believed that the next most closely related ancestor was a chimpanzee. However Ardi is {neither} Human, nor Chimp, she is “Ardipithecus”, states Tim White, director of the Human Evolution Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

I am so excited by the discovery as I love Paleoanthropology! This simple discovery is {huge} and will change the way science will look at “human evolution.” Due to my religion and my education emphasis, I have never believed in “evolution” as most people believe it to be. I firmly believe that when Charles Darwin wrote ‘The Origin of Species’ {200 years ago this year} he made the mistake of using the word “evolution” instead of “adaptation.” Obviously a monkey didn’t go to bed one night and wake up a more ‘human-like’ species. However through ‘natural selection’ over millions of years, parents can pass more adaptative survival traits onto their offspring; species without the necessary acquired traits become extinct.

This theory of evolution is {hot} with controversy, always has been. Personally, I don’t believe that science negates the existence of God, I think it supports it. If God created everything, wouldn’t he have created and used ‘science’ and ‘scientific processes’ to do so? “Evolution/adaptation” is still occurring today, and it is right out in the open. For example, {Europeans have evolved a tolerance for dairy products into adulthood, whereas people in China and most of Africa have not.} While seemingly miniscule, in 3 million years, this could have significant effects on future populations.

Click to Enlarge.

Get an idea of just how long we haven't been around.

Considering humans have only existed on Earth for about 10,000 years of it's 4 billion year geological time scale it is possible we don't know everything, and need to be open to new ideas. This is definately something to think about. If you’re interested, click here to read the full MSNBC article. Plus there are some fun interactive activities as well.

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

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A Charitable Contribution?

This afternoon as Evan and I were leaving school, we stumbled upon this outside of the LDSSA Institute building:

Saddened, Evan asked for the snack bag of Ritz crackers I was about to munch on, and walked up to the lump to offer him/her a snack and a few dollars. When he got closer he saw this:

an iPhone. Quickly and quietly we ran to the car. A little embarrassed, I commented on the weather and decided it was a good day for a nap.

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