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A Case of the Mondays


I went to bed at 1:45am. For some reason my alarm went off an hour early. I woke up at 5, got completely ready for the day, and then noticed that I had an extra hour to kill before school. I would have given anything to get an extra hour of sleep. R U Kidding Me?


This morning I got electrocuted trying to unplug my blow-dryer. Apparently you're supposed to pull from the head of the cord, not wrap your fingers around the plug until you touch the metal things and accidentally put your finger in the outlet hole.


I think my feet changed. I’m wearing 2 size 8 shoes; however the right one is too big and keeps falling off. The left one is too small. It is bending my toes into painful positions and making it difficult for me to walk without limping. The strange thing is, I've had these shoes for about 3 years and never before had problems... ?

Happy Monday All! Enjoy what’s left of it.

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  1. I totally electricuted myself about a week ago on my blow dryer!!!! And you'd think after using one for, what, approx. 15 years, I would have figured out how to unplug one by now. ha ha It was really funny too because at the time Sean and I were having a heated discussion (not quite an argument yet)...and then i shock myself, sending us both into hysterics. So i guess some good came out of it...


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