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I've made `

I can remember the first time I really took notice that I was seriously lacking in the "chest region". I was the 6th grade in the locker room changing for PE. My best friend- and fellow flat chest-er, and I noticed that all the other girls were wearing bras and sexy panties, and both of us were still in underoos with nothing on top...

From that moment on, I desperately wanted bigger boobs. However, my mom was not gifted in that department either, so I determined that ingenuity would have to compensate for what genetics forgot. There was this girl, Lindsey, who was a drama student and aspiring Hollywood actress, who was an acquaintance of mine. She said that once she became famous, she would pay for me to get a breast augmentation. With her not really being a stranger, but not really a friend, I thought the offer was more than fair. Why shouldn't she use her hard earned money to buy ME something?

I finally started to "grow" about my freshman year of high school. Slowly but surely. Thank goodness for miracle bras, water bras, gel curve bras, etc. I couldn't have survived high school without them.

I'm 25 now, and I think it's safe to say, that (at least until I have kids) I'm finished developing. Well 8 years didn't really get me anywhere... I'm still an A cup (if that). However there is one particular variety of Victoria's Secret that says I'm a B!

I've seriously considered heading to the doc and going ahead with surgery, I've had money to pay for it, CASH. But every time I really think about it, I decide against it. I am 5'7" and a size 0-2, my frame couldn't really support anything larger than a B cup. And to be honest, after years and years of insecurity, I actually love my body (all of it)!

I FINALLY got some photos back from the cruise I went on in May. We took pics mostly with disposable film cameras (why oh why?). Most of them are of crap quality, if in fact they turned out. The photo above shows my serious lack of breasts, but I think it's one of the cutest "body" shots I've ever seen of myself. I can join the ranks of Kate Hudson and Keira Knightly and be proud of my tiny ta-ta's!

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Restaurants.com ]

In case you didn't know, there is a FANTASTIC little website called Restaurants.com. Basically it's a coupon website where you can go and buy coupons for restaurants. Buy coupons? you ask. I know, I know but it's well worth it.

For example my BF and I went to Rosemary's restaurant a few weeks ago and ended up spending almost $200. We nearly crapped our pants, however it was a special occasion and we had planed on spending.
If I'd known about the website then, I would have known that there is a coupon for $25, cost to me $10. Essentially we would have gotten the $200 worth of food for $185. Not great, but at least I'm saving money, and lately I refuse to pay full price for anything.
Today in my e-mail I found out that my little website is having an 80% off sale!!! In the case of the above example I could have gotten that same $25 coupon but only paid $5!!! Yes that's right my $200 meal would have cost$180.

Anyway, the BF came over, and we stocked up on coupons for restaurants we frequent, and ones we might like to try. In total my shopping cart had $295 worth of food and for all the coupons I only paid $23.60 (tax included)!!! I then did an online survey about the website and they took another $10 off !
I love saving money!
PS here's the promo ad, with coupon code. Get there quick you only have until July 31, and the coupons are selling out fast!

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You're It!

Last thing you ate: An entire box of Snackwells Devil's Food cookie-cake things. They were delicious! In total, the box was 600 calories, but I'm justifying it because they are Fat Free.

Last thing you said: "I'm almost positive beastiality is illegal in Nevada."

Last thing you bought: I ordered these from Amazon. They are cloth bound Classics (Jane Austin, Charles Dickens, Homer, Shakespeare, Lewis Carrol, you get the idea). I loved the fabric, and colors. I have been meaning to grow my "library" and this was a great find.

Biggest Fear: AHHH! Bugs... and Spiders.... and Fish... eww. Oh and heights, even little ones, I'm talking don't-let-me-be-too-close-to-the-rail-on-the-2nd-story-of-the-mall kind of heights.

Favorite dressing: Ranch Dressing... Ooo or Balsamic Vinagarette mixed with Caeser.... I tried a Champagne Vinagarette the other day, that was awesome. Chipotle Ranch is good too. I am a total foodie, so I'll just stick with Ranch for simplicity's sake.

Something that bothers you: What doesn't bother me, more like? I get annoyed very easily. My poor BF gets the brunt of having to listen to my rants of annoyances almost everyday.

Favorite cereal: This is my favorite food. I could never choose just one. I literally eat, on average, 2 large bowls per day.

Good Habit: I say, "Bleshew" to people when they sneeze. I get offended when people don't say it when I sneeze. (I am aware the term is actually bless you, but I didn't find that until the third grade when my next door neighbor said, "God Bless You." {light bulb.} However, by then I had decided that I like ble-shew-as-one-word better)

Bad Habit: I eat in bed.

Favorite Place: My bed, seriously I do everything in there... Well not everything.

Favorite beverage: Pepsi. I think everyone knew that already. I need at least 12 oz. a day and that's pushing it. I will literally get a headache if I don't get one by noon.

If you could change something what would it be: Anything? Physically, economically, globally? I just have to pick any ol' thing I would like to change, huh? I guess I'd give myself a money tree right in my backyard, and then increase the level of my home's security to White House status.

Something that makes you laugh: The book I'm reading. When You Are Engulfed In Flames. I giggle through. Also Ross (the intern). I know him as Ross-the-intern because that was what he was called years ago when he was on the Jay Leno show. Now he makes guest appearances on Chelsea Lately, and I love him.
Tag you're it! Copy and repost these questions in your blog!
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I'm coming out

OK OK It's official. If I stalk your blog, I now do it publically instead of "following annonymously". Just so you know.

Oh also, it's ok to stalk my blog too.

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Shop Smart ^

Not the best pic, but this was only the stuff from Vons

With today's economy going right down the toilet, my family has been really trying to educate ourselves on saving money where ever we can. The "financial category" my family spends the most money is on groceries. My mom dreads shopping because she looks at it like "throwing money away" simply because hundreds of dollars of food will be eaten in one week. As part of my family's efforts to conserve, I've taken up the task of doing the grocery shopping, and made it my goal to save as much money as possible doing it.

I began last Saturday. My mom gave me a list of Grocery and Household items we needed and set my budget at $200. I first checked what stores were having sales on the items we needed. I then located some manufacturer's coupons. In about 3 hours I had gone to 3 different stores and signed up for Rewards Cards for all 3 stores.

I started at Smiths because I had some coupons for most of the frozen items we needed to stock our garage freezer. Here's what I purchased:
5 Marie Calender's Chicken Pot Pies
5 Stouffer's Lasagnas
10 Marie Calender's Frozen Entrees
Total Purchased: $76.30
Total Spent: $41.16

At my house we eat cereal like camels drink water! So I headed off to Albertson's for cereals. I had (3) coupons for $.55 off Cheerios ($1.65 off) plus with my rewards card the box was already $1. off. That's about a $5 box of cereal for only about $2.35. I also had a bunch of coupons for General Mills Cereals for buy 2 save $2. So those along with my rewards card allowed me to save to some more. I stocked up and came out with 7 boxes of cereal.
Total Purchased: $35.84
Total Spent: 14.51

My final stop was at Vons, simply because it was close to my house. I did have a few manufacturer's coupons, but was mostly counting on savings from my rewards card, and the electronic e-coupons I'd applied to my card earlier.
(I know if I would have gone to Wal-mart I could have saved a lot more than I did on Produce items, but I'm still quite pleased with my shopping trip). I
Total Purchased: $273.00
Total Spent: $100.83

In total spent only $156.50 for $385.14 worth of groceries!!! That means I was able to stay under budget and save 40.6%. Needless to say, I was pleased with myself.

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The Week in Review

Last week my Uncle Steve flew in from Prague for his birthday, and for the 24th of July. Steve is the "favorite" child of my grandparents, so anything he wants he gets... Which ends up being great for all of us. We had a smorgasbord of food and goodies. Including surprise cupcakes (I'll post a recepie) and Powdrell's!
Powdrell's BBQ is a place in Albuquerque, NM. My grandparents used to live there and we'd always eat it for dinner when we'd visit them. We haven't had it in years, and we all miss it like crazy. Well apparently they now ship their BBQ sauce! So my grandma paid nearly $100 to have some sent our way so that we could have BBQ pulled pork and beef sandwiches! It was sooooo good!

Tuesday we didn't have much to do so we went down to Boulder to see the Hoover Dam and the new bridge to get across it. It was really neat. I've driven over the damn more times than I can count, but I've never played tourist and walked along or really paid attention to all that is there.

I occured to me upon seeing this, that I've never seen a "Bridge" in real life. Itsn't that strange??? The arches didn't quite touch yet, and there were men walking up and down both arches. As we walked closer we could see that each arch was covered with hundreds of stairs. Can you imagine the daily workout you would get just going to and from work?!?! Who needs P90X?

This was a fun picture looking down the damn. I was there with my Uncle, grandparents, and friend, and my friend suggested it would be fun to slide down... I think not.

We ate lunch in the cafe before heading home.

Lastly, I had to throw in this picture, because we all made so much fun of my aunt. Everyday she fills this JUG with Diet coke, and it lasts her all day!!! She swears the ice doesn't really melt so it doesn't really get watery.... Gross.

Anyway, the whole family left for St. George and then Panguitch on Wednesday, but I couldn't go because I had to work all weekend. Anyway, that's about it. Nothing too exciting.

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I'm stealing this idea!

I watched this twice, because it was just so cute! I can't wait to do it at my wedding!

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Sneak Peak
Michelle & Travis are Engaged!

I + Sunflare

I love Sunflare.

Those annoying

colorful glares

on photos
I love them.

PS not sure if whch finish I like better




Any opnions?

Kirk Carpenter

Today I was at Fabulous Freddy's and ran into my Middle School Crush and 8th grade Science teacher, Mr. Carpenter.

He's still just as hot as ever, only now with a little more salt & pepper.

July 4 (a little late)

This year for the 4th of July, we didn't really have any plans. The whole family couldn't get together, so I suggested a day trip to Zion.

Waiting for the shuttle in Springdale

In front of one of the lookouts. These three mountain peaks are named Abraham, Issac & Jacob (the little white one in the back) of course Evan loved that.

My mom likes to take pictures of scenery. I think pictures are boring unless they have people in them. Oh well, I put some on here, just cause it really was so pretty.

Hiking was SO SO SO hot! Thank goodness our first hike landed us at 1 of 3 Emerald pools. The water was in the shade, and felt soooo good!

Again, it was so hot, anytime we saw running water (whether it was on or off the paths) we went to it and got soaked!

Still at the largest pool, but what are we looking at?

This giant crevasse was above the pool we are standing in, can you see what we're looking at??

See that orange line? Do you know what it is?

These crazy guys are repelling down the cliff!! It was so steep and such a far drop, everyone was just quietly watching & waiting for them to make it down safely.

Because Evan & I are geniuses and chose to go hiking in flip-flops, we had to help each other across these wet & slippery rocks

This trail is the Riverside Walk. It's more suitable for those of us who aren't wearing proper foot attire.

You wouldn't know from looking at me, but I'm incredibly strong.


Walking at the base of the Narrows. I slipped on gross mud and totally scraped up my arms and legs. I felt like I was 5 years old again.

Overall it was a fun, easygoing, and HOT day. We made it back to town just in time for fireworks (my favorite part).