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You're It!

Last thing you ate: An entire box of Snackwells Devil's Food cookie-cake things. They were delicious! In total, the box was 600 calories, but I'm justifying it because they are Fat Free.

Last thing you said: "I'm almost positive beastiality is illegal in Nevada."

Last thing you bought: I ordered these from Amazon. They are cloth bound Classics (Jane Austin, Charles Dickens, Homer, Shakespeare, Lewis Carrol, you get the idea). I loved the fabric, and colors. I have been meaning to grow my "library" and this was a great find.

Biggest Fear: AHHH! Bugs... and Spiders.... and Fish... eww. Oh and heights, even little ones, I'm talking don't-let-me-be-too-close-to-the-rail-on-the-2nd-story-of-the-mall kind of heights.

Favorite dressing: Ranch Dressing... Ooo or Balsamic Vinagarette mixed with Caeser.... I tried a Champagne Vinagarette the other day, that was awesome. Chipotle Ranch is good too. I am a total foodie, so I'll just stick with Ranch for simplicity's sake.

Something that bothers you: What doesn't bother me, more like? I get annoyed very easily. My poor BF gets the brunt of having to listen to my rants of annoyances almost everyday.

Favorite cereal: This is my favorite food. I could never choose just one. I literally eat, on average, 2 large bowls per day.

Good Habit: I say, "Bleshew" to people when they sneeze. I get offended when people don't say it when I sneeze. (I am aware the term is actually bless you, but I didn't find that until the third grade when my next door neighbor said, "God Bless You." {light bulb.} However, by then I had decided that I like ble-shew-as-one-word better)

Bad Habit: I eat in bed.

Favorite Place: My bed, seriously I do everything in there... Well not everything.

Favorite beverage: Pepsi. I think everyone knew that already. I need at least 12 oz. a day and that's pushing it. I will literally get a headache if I don't get one by noon.

If you could change something what would it be: Anything? Physically, economically, globally? I just have to pick any ol' thing I would like to change, huh? I guess I'd give myself a money tree right in my backyard, and then increase the level of my home's security to White House status.

Something that makes you laugh: The book I'm reading. When You Are Engulfed In Flames. I giggle through. Also Ross (the intern). I know him as Ross-the-intern because that was what he was called years ago when he was on the Jay Leno show. Now he makes guest appearances on Chelsea Lately, and I love him.
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