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Not the best pic, but this was only the stuff from Vons

With today's economy going right down the toilet, my family has been really trying to educate ourselves on saving money where ever we can. The "financial category" my family spends the most money is on groceries. My mom dreads shopping because she looks at it like "throwing money away" simply because hundreds of dollars of food will be eaten in one week. As part of my family's efforts to conserve, I've taken up the task of doing the grocery shopping, and made it my goal to save as much money as possible doing it.

I began last Saturday. My mom gave me a list of Grocery and Household items we needed and set my budget at $200. I first checked what stores were having sales on the items we needed. I then located some manufacturer's coupons. In about 3 hours I had gone to 3 different stores and signed up for Rewards Cards for all 3 stores.

I started at Smiths because I had some coupons for most of the frozen items we needed to stock our garage freezer. Here's what I purchased:
5 Marie Calender's Chicken Pot Pies
5 Stouffer's Lasagnas
10 Marie Calender's Frozen Entrees
Total Purchased: $76.30
Total Spent: $41.16

At my house we eat cereal like camels drink water! So I headed off to Albertson's for cereals. I had (3) coupons for $.55 off Cheerios ($1.65 off) plus with my rewards card the box was already $1. off. That's about a $5 box of cereal for only about $2.35. I also had a bunch of coupons for General Mills Cereals for buy 2 save $2. So those along with my rewards card allowed me to save to some more. I stocked up and came out with 7 boxes of cereal.
Total Purchased: $35.84
Total Spent: 14.51

My final stop was at Vons, simply because it was close to my house. I did have a few manufacturer's coupons, but was mostly counting on savings from my rewards card, and the electronic e-coupons I'd applied to my card earlier.
(I know if I would have gone to Wal-mart I could have saved a lot more than I did on Produce items, but I'm still quite pleased with my shopping trip). I
Total Purchased: $273.00
Total Spent: $100.83

In total spent only $156.50 for $385.14 worth of groceries!!! That means I was able to stay under budget and save 40.6%. Needless to say, I was pleased with myself.

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