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Happy Halloween!

Colby as a Zombie

Griffin is Sparta!

Dolls can be very scary

Me as a Vampire

The triplets as the 3 pigs, we were SO cute!

Happy Halloween! I don't get to celebrate today because I got stuck working 14 hours because 5 of our employees (pretty much everyone scheduled to work) called in! LAME! Anyway, I hope everyone has a fun night, and wears great costumes! For the holiday I photo shopped some pictures. Ooo spooky!!!


Every Little Bit Helps !

Tonight I felt like doing nothing! I've had a long week (and it's only Wednesday) so I decided to clean out my car. After moving and practically living in it for the last 2 weeks, it's a nightmare. While cleaning out my cup holders, I realized there was quite a lot of change in there. After cleaning out the whole car I took my applesauce jar full of change to the Coinstar thing in the grocery store. There was over $100 in loose change rolling around my car! Holy Smokes! Talk about having a good night!



This weekend my mom went 4-wheeling with her friends, and when she came home last night she had her arm in a sling! Apparently she was riding up hill and the ATV threw her off. She saw that it was going to flip back and land right on her. She said a quick prayer asking to know what to do, and got the feeling to try to push it when it came down. Well anyone who has ever been on an ATV knows how heavy they are and the average woman can not push it away, but she listened and did it anyway. She held out her arm and the ATV bounced off her hand, and then off the cliff rolling down the mountain! At the end of the ordeal the only injury my mom had was that she separated her shoulder! I am so thankful for the spirit and for her faith in listening to it.

Anyway she can't do much by way of getting herself ready, and anyone who knows my mom and I know that we DO NOT go into public without our hair and make up done. Today my mom woke me up at 4:30 am to help her get ready so that she could be at work by 6! I had to help her get dressed, blow dry her hair, curl and style it, and help her with her make up. I use a blow dryer, round brush, and hot rollers EVERY DAY, but using them on other people is very difficult and awkward. I have a new found respect for hairdressers! I love my mom, and am so glad for this service opportunity.


The Asylum

I was so excited that today I had a day off! Believe me, I am so thankful to have a job, and to be working in today's economy (see past post), but sometimes I just really excited for a little break. Well today I had planned to spend some time on my garden, and maybe carve some pumpkins with my brothers.
Well about 4:00pm my boss called me...
  • Michelle: Hi Morgan! I didn't think you were going to answer your phone!
  • Me: Hi Hunny, what's up?
  • Michelle: I know how excited you were to have a night off, but both of our hosts called in and we can't get a hold of anyone, could you come in just for like 3 hours during our dinner rush and maybe host?
  • Me: Ugh. I don't think I remember how to host, its been 2 years...
  • Michelle: Well think about it, and call me within the next hour, I'll buy you dinner!
  • Me: (whatta sucker) OK I'll come in.

So I went into work and was a host. I was so bored! I just stood at the front, occasionally took guests to a table, and answered the phone. I kept feeling like I should refill a drink, or clear dirty plates off a table, or ask if I could get someone anything else, I felt like I had to do SOMETHING. It was so easy I almost couldn't stand it!

Well, as promised I only worked about 3 hours and then went with my brother Evan, his girlfriend Keri, and Todd to go eat at Outback and see Griffin (who just started working there). YUM! Then we went to the Asylum on Alta and Rampart.

I am seriously a Freak about Halloween! I love haunted houses, and have been to all of them at least twice each! I love screaming, even though I hate getting scared! My biggest fear is that something will happen to me and I'll be in a situation where I'll need to scream but nothing will come out. So I look at Haunted Houses as good practice! It was a fun way to kick off the season!


Funny Story

This afternoon I was running errands for work (the only way I was going to get any kind of break from my 14 hour work day) and I ran into Doug Quist at the Post Office. We had a quick little conversation that I thought was just hilarious! He asked me a question that normally people wouldn't know unless they read my blog, and then asked if it was creepy that he knew all about me. HA HA HA
I'm here to say "Of course it's not", that is why I have a blog in the first place. I do know the feeling though. Have you ever met someone in real life, but you already knew them because you have stalked their MySpace/Facebook page? I have, it's extremely awkward. I've felt like I can have a conversation with them, but not really, because I'm not supposed to talk to strangers... ? It's quite the conundrum.
All in all I love Internet social networking, including all of the awkward real life moments that go with.



Is anyone else absolutely horrified that Barack Obama might actually win this election? I sure am. I found this article in the LVRJ, and thought it was just great, read on.

In Case You Missed It: Las Vegas Review-Journal Endorses John McCain

"If the United States is to emerge from this downturn in a position to ensure its citizens have the opportunities enjoyed by previous generations, we must get a handle on out-of-control federal spending -- and that is nowhere reflected in the policies advocated by the Democratic candidate. In contrast, Sen. McCain has a proven record of battling the drunken sailor culture so pervasive in our nation's capital. He has been an outspoken advocate for fiscal restraint, angering many of his colleagues by embarrassing them over their penchant for pork. Sen. McCain vows to veto any bill that includes earmarks and says he will freeze spending in many areas of the budget."

-- Las Vegas Review-Journal

"McCain For President"
Las Vegas Review-Journal
EndorsementOct. 19, 2008

These are difficult times.

Over the past few weeks, Americans have watched helplessly as the nation's financial infrastructure crumbles around them -- and their political leaders scramble for "solutions" intended to "restore confidence" but which accomplish the opposite by laying bare the stark fact that nobody really knows what to do.

The nation is likely in a recession, perhaps heading for a depression. The stock market bounces around like ping-pong balls in a wind tunnel as individual retirement accounts shrivel.

Meanwhile, the nation continues to have troops in harm's way. While Iraq has stabilized, the situation in Afghanistan has worsened, leading many to worry about the potential for another prolonged -- and increasingly deadly -- conflict halfway around the world in the battle against Islamic terror.

Americans are nervous -- for their jobs, for their futures, for their children, for their sons and daughters overseas, for their country.

As we head to the polls this November, the presidential candidates inundate us with promises of "change" -- and it's clear the country craves precisely that, desperately seeking a leader who will upset the beltway status quo and reinvigorate the principles that built the greatest country on earth and are the key to restoring this nation's pride and promise.

That's why we support John McCain for president.

Barack Obama has captured the imagination of many voters, particularly younger ones, with his charisma, intelligence, passionate oratory and collected demeanor. Yet his resume -- he's just four years removed from the Illinois legislature -- remains alarmingly limited. His four years in the U.S. Senate have failed to produce any memorable accomplishments.

During these critical times, experience does matter.

While Sen. Obama preaches "change," he in fact proposes only to accelerate business-as-usual in Washington.
For instance, his redistributionist tax increase proposals -- transferring billions of dollars from those who pay income taxes to those who don't -- would further feed the beltway bureaucracy, hurting many small business owners and crippling private investment at a time when this economy needs it most. His agenda calls for almost $1 trillion in new government spending over the next four years -- on green energy, education, health care and everything else -- while virtually ignoring the looming collapse of Social Security and Medicare.

Change? What change?

If the United States is to emerge from this downturn in a position to ensure its citizens have the opportunities enjoyed by previous generations, we must get a handle on out-of-control federal spending -- and that is nowhere reflected in the policies advocated by the Democratic candidate.

In contrast, Sen. McCain has a proven record of battling the drunken sailor culture so pervasive in our nation's capital. He has been an outspoken advocate for fiscal restraint, angering many of his colleagues by embarrassing them over their penchant for pork. Sen. McCain vows to veto any bill that includes earmarks and says he will freeze spending in many areas of the budget.

That would represent real change.

Sen. McCain opposes any tax hikes, recognizing that in these troubled times leaving money in the hands of those who earned it offers the best hope for encouraging the creativity and entrepreneurship that defines this nation's legacy. He would be far more likely to appoint judges who respect freedom and individual liberty and who recognize the restraints our Constitution imposes on the federal government.

On energy, Sen. McCain -- while acknowledging the importance of developing alternative sources -- understands that for the foreseeable future the nation must continue to harness its domestic supplies of clean coal and oil. This is in stark contrast to Sen. Obama, who falls in line behind the greens and advocates a radical and massively expensive economic upheaval in order to build more windmills and solar panels.

But while the economy has jumped to the fore in this campaign, the United States remains engaged across the globe in a struggle to establish democracy in Iraq and cripple the Islamic extremism that led to 9/11. We are winning -- and Sen. McCain is best prepared to ensure we continue on that course.

No, Sen. McCain's service as a Naval aviator in Vietnam -- including his five years in a POW camp, during which he was mentally and physically tortured -- don't automatically qualify him for the presidency. But his experience certainly offers a snapshot of the man's character, honor and sense of duty.

Sen. McCain realizes the long-term ramifications for failure in Iraq and is prepared to make the difficult decisions that will no doubt confront our next commander in chief. His military background and foreign policy expertise project an image of strength, decisiveness and determination, in stark contrast to Sen. Obama, who has voted to cut and run in Iraq and was spending time as a "community organizer" in Chicago while Sen. McCain was distinguishing himself on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Our national security would be in good hands with Sen. McCain in the White House.

"Hope is necessary in every condition," wrote Samuel Johnson. And even during these trying months, Americans retain the sense of optimism and conviction that have served as pilot lights for this nation's very survival over the past 230 years. Regardless of who is elected this November, we will emerge from these times stronger in spirit. But one man is uniquely qualified to guide us through any coming storms, both domestically and overseas.

That man is John McCain.


Green Thumb

For the past couple of weeks, I have had this feeling that I should start some kind of garden. I don't know why, but it's been a constant thought. So today I got motivated and went to Home Depot to just take a "look" at the garden section. I thought about the yard at my parent's house, and I'm sad to say that it has seriously been neglected the last few years... I knew it would be a lot of work! So I talked with the guys at the garden center to first discuss a "clean-up-renovation" plan, and what it would entail.
I decided I was up for the job, and went ahead and purchased a rake, a leaf blower, lawn fertilizer, potting soil, compost bags, and the cute gardening set you see in the above picture to get started.
I came home and immediately began to rake the leaves from off the lawn. That job alone took me 4 hours just to do the front yard! But already our landscape looked 100% better! I then got an aerator from my Grandpa and aerated the lawn, mowed the lawn, fertilized the lawn, and then watered the lawn.
Then I started in on the planters that line our house. 15 years worth of dead pine needles filled up the brick planters, so I cleared out all of it, some rocks, and all the dead bushes and shrubs. I then dug out the dirt about 3 inches and filled the planters with the potting soil. Tomorrow I'm going back to get some plants that won't die over winter if I plant them now, and also to talk about a small vegetable garden for the backyard.
Never in my life have I done yard work, but I had so much fun today! I've created a design plan for the backyard landscape and can't wait until spring when I can plant everything. I've also put some solar lights on lay-away so that we can have our walkway lit. I'm excited to continue to design, plant, and have my own garden!


20 Somethings

"Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it."
~Ellen Goodman
This is today's quote on my iGoogle homepage. Can I just say it is everything I'm feeling at this moment in my life! I'm not so eloquent but even if I really tried, I'm sure I couldn't put it better myself.


Eat Me

I've just read that Tim Burton (♥s him) is beginning to film his new movie due out in 2010, Alice In Wonderland! The film will be shot in performance-capture imagery, the same filming used in Beowulf, along with live action footage. Also, as with a majority of his other films, the movie will star Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, and his wife Helena Bonham Carter as the evil Red Queen. I can hardly wait to see his take on the Lewis Carrol classic.


Mystery? More like bad joke.

Lately I've been working a lot! The other night I came home and was channel surfing, trying to find something to watch so I could unwind before bed. I stumbled across this show on VH1 called "The Pickup Artist". The host of this show calls himself "Mystery" and he teaches guys how to pick up women... I won't spend much time talking about this, but rather, showing how I feel about what is going on here...

Mystery and Pamela Anderson shop at the same store:

Mystery and Special K must be besties with their "B.F.F." goggles. Whether they are going swimming or on an airplane ride, they look great in their World War II inspired eye wear!

Also, this guy has a ponytail, wears eyeliner and black nail polish, and lots of layered clothing... I'm all for helping people gain a little bit of confidence, but seriously? OK, guys rule #1, never take dating advice from someone who calls himself Mystery (are you kidding me?), especially if his two besties are named Matador and J Dawg. #2 Women like confidence and a good personality, not rehearsed lines spouted out like you're reading cue cards. Bottom line... whatever this guy tells you to do... Do the opposite.



I had the worst night ever. Work was awful. Never, in any area of my life, have I ever felt inadequate, until tonight. I'm going to bed so that it will be over.


Thankful Thursday!

This week I have been very stressed out. My brother's hours at work just got cut back and he's only working 1 day a week, because business is so slow. My little brother hasn't had a job since May, and while he's just starting college and doesn't need to be working, he needs the extra money to play with.

In our current economy, I am truly thankful to be employed. Not only am I thankful to have a job, but I am so grateful that I have a job I love and co-workers who I feel are more friends than anything. All over the country small businesses are closing, and it's a scary thing to think about. Our little restaurant has some of the best guests in the world!


Things I'm +ing!

1. Autumn! My favorite season! The smell, the cool crisp air, the colors. I went jogging for an hour today (which i never do) simply to have a reason to be outside. While running I listened to The Tudors soundtrack which made the whole "♥ing autumn" thing even more magical!

2. My parents house. I ♥ how they always have milk in the house and at least 6+ different cereals to choose from at any given moment. I ♥ that there's always have scented candles lit. Now that it's autumn, I especially ♥ Home Sweet Home and Cinnamon Stick. They make me feel like I'm home when I smell them! Lastly, cleanliness. My mom raised us to clean for a white glove test, even in places no one would think to wipe a white glove. I used to hate it, and wondered why I needed to dust the wood trim on the bottom of my dresser, or wipe down the floor boards behind the bookcase, or dust off the light bulbs in my ceiling fan, but now I appreciate it. I love coming home to a clean, uncluttered, smells-good-like-bleach--Pledge-and clean laundry house. It takes the worries of the world right away!

3. Busy season at work. More people are making more reservations and willing to wait up to 2 hours for a table! This means more shifts for staff members, all leading up to more money for me!

5. My little brother always knowing when I need a "wingman" or a "code red" when it comes to guys. He's so observant of these types of things. I'm not good at expressing feelings, or putting my thoughts into words, so it's nice that we have ESP and he just knows what I need, even if it's just a friend.

6. Knowing the Holidays are just around the corner!


Old Dogs, New Tricks

Tonight my mom and I had a little girls night! We went and ate at Pey Wey and then saw Nights in Rodanthe.

The first time Richard Gere came onto the screen, I heard a little "click" coming from behind me. I disregarded it, but after hearing it EVERY SINGLE TIME Richard Gere was in frame by himself I heard the "click"!

I turned around to see what it was and behind me were 2 women, mid to late seventies and one was taking pictures of Richard Gere with her cell phone!!! I burst out laughing and told my mom, who then had the same reaction!

What made it so great is that it wasn't a real "take-out-your-cell-phone-and-snap-a-quick-shot" kind of instance. It's not as if Richard Gere was actually standing there in person, he was on a movie screen! Sweet old ladies, bless their hearts! haha

PS the best was when the phone clicked 4 times during the "sex scene." OMGROFL!


just breathe

"it's that time when the air is lighter...the sky brighter
when leaves dance across sidewalks and float like magic.
when the smell of warm candles makes everything better...
when nature takes a breath...and exhales softly.

it's that time when the fantasy of summer ends...the grass mends.
when holidays with friends and family are just around the bend...
when sweaters warm the skin...and sunsets warm the soul.
when we all get a little closer...even when far away.
call it what you like...autumn or fall...
but "It's that time."