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This weekend my mom went 4-wheeling with her friends, and when she came home last night she had her arm in a sling! Apparently she was riding up hill and the ATV threw her off. She saw that it was going to flip back and land right on her. She said a quick prayer asking to know what to do, and got the feeling to try to push it when it came down. Well anyone who has ever been on an ATV knows how heavy they are and the average woman can not push it away, but she listened and did it anyway. She held out her arm and the ATV bounced off her hand, and then off the cliff rolling down the mountain! At the end of the ordeal the only injury my mom had was that she separated her shoulder! I am so thankful for the spirit and for her faith in listening to it.

Anyway she can't do much by way of getting herself ready, and anyone who knows my mom and I know that we DO NOT go into public without our hair and make up done. Today my mom woke me up at 4:30 am to help her get ready so that she could be at work by 6! I had to help her get dressed, blow dry her hair, curl and style it, and help her with her make up. I use a blow dryer, round brush, and hot rollers EVERY DAY, but using them on other people is very difficult and awkward. I have a new found respect for hairdressers! I love my mom, and am so glad for this service opportunity.

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