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Funny Story

This afternoon I was running errands for work (the only way I was going to get any kind of break from my 14 hour work day) and I ran into Doug Quist at the Post Office. We had a quick little conversation that I thought was just hilarious! He asked me a question that normally people wouldn't know unless they read my blog, and then asked if it was creepy that he knew all about me. HA HA HA
I'm here to say "Of course it's not", that is why I have a blog in the first place. I do know the feeling though. Have you ever met someone in real life, but you already knew them because you have stalked their MySpace/Facebook page? I have, it's extremely awkward. I've felt like I can have a conversation with them, but not really, because I'm not supposed to talk to strangers... ? It's quite the conundrum.
All in all I love Internet social networking, including all of the awkward real life moments that go with.

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