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Green Thumb

For the past couple of weeks, I have had this feeling that I should start some kind of garden. I don't know why, but it's been a constant thought. So today I got motivated and went to Home Depot to just take a "look" at the garden section. I thought about the yard at my parent's house, and I'm sad to say that it has seriously been neglected the last few years... I knew it would be a lot of work! So I talked with the guys at the garden center to first discuss a "clean-up-renovation" plan, and what it would entail.
I decided I was up for the job, and went ahead and purchased a rake, a leaf blower, lawn fertilizer, potting soil, compost bags, and the cute gardening set you see in the above picture to get started.
I came home and immediately began to rake the leaves from off the lawn. That job alone took me 4 hours just to do the front yard! But already our landscape looked 100% better! I then got an aerator from my Grandpa and aerated the lawn, mowed the lawn, fertilized the lawn, and then watered the lawn.
Then I started in on the planters that line our house. 15 years worth of dead pine needles filled up the brick planters, so I cleared out all of it, some rocks, and all the dead bushes and shrubs. I then dug out the dirt about 3 inches and filled the planters with the potting soil. Tomorrow I'm going back to get some plants that won't die over winter if I plant them now, and also to talk about a small vegetable garden for the backyard.
Never in my life have I done yard work, but I had so much fun today! I've created a design plan for the backyard landscape and can't wait until spring when I can plant everything. I've also put some solar lights on lay-away so that we can have our walkway lit. I'm excited to continue to design, plant, and have my own garden!

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