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Pavlovian Conditioning

DISCLAIMER:  If you are easily offended/grossed out, do not continue reading.

In the 1920's Ivan Pavlov demonstrated a form of associative learning he called Classical Conditioning, or Pavlovian Conditioning.  This experiment describes a type of learning in which there is no relation between the behavior of an animal and a biologically relevant event.  

An animal is given a conditioned stimulus (CS), and at first shows no response (conditioned response, CR).  However, when an unconditioned stimulus (US) is added an unconditioned response (UR) is seen.  After a while, when the CS is given, the US and the UR become irrelevant and the CR is seen.

It is more easily understood in terms of Pavlov's famous experiment where he trained dogs to associate a sound (tone) with food.  First the dog was placed into a contraption where they heard a tone (CS), this elicited no response.  Next, the dog heard a tone caused by a metronome, and then was given bits of food covered with meat powder (US), causing the dog to salivate (UR).  After awhile, whenever the dog heard the metronome, it immediately began to salivate.  Eventually the two stimuli become associated and the dog began to produce a behavioral response to the CS. Pavlov called this the conditioned response (CR).

So why is this important?  It is important because I have personally experienced this phenomenon on a daily basis for the last 8 months!

Let me explain...

I took a few years off of school so that I could really figure out what I wanted to study, and eventually what career I would pursue.  When I started back up again last fall, I realized that after working in a restaurant for years, I was no longer a morning person. {I would wake up at 1:00 pm go to work by 4:00 pm, work until close to 12 or 1:00 am, and not go to bed until close to 4:00 am.}  Of course those 8:30 am classes were going to be tough to get used to.

My BF was a great sport and would call me every morning at 6 to wake me up.  I personally think the sound of an alarm clock is the worst-sound-in-the-world, so hearing his lovely Dropkick-Murphy's-ringtone made greeting the morning a little easier.  At first he would call, and nothing would happen... I'd sleep maybe 5 more minutes, and then wake up and go to the bathroom.  After a few weeks, this became routine.

NOW, 8 months later, I have become a product of classical conditioning.

Every time I hear BF's ringtone (CS) I have to go pee (UR)!!!!  It doesn't matter what time of day it is, or where I am at, I need to find a bathroom.  At first I thought I was nuts and was imagining it.  However, I brought it up to BF in December, and he told me that he had noticed every time he called I mentioned I had to pee.  He now calls me at inappropriate times, and ungodly hours of the night.

Stupid Pavlov.


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Things have been a little "slow" over here in MissPrissMorgan Land.  The semester is almost over, and I set a goal that I would NOT study at all during Finals Week.  I don't want the stress, and quite frankly, I really really really like to sleep.  I've been studying up a storm so that my last week of school can be as stress free as possible.  I am a HUGE procrastinator, and usually just don't go to bed the night before a test;  Mocha's and No Doze usually do the trick when pulling an all nighter.  Lately, my daily routine has consisted of working out, school and "hitting the books."  It really is quite exciting.  NOT.

Made this "multiple me" photo awhile back, it explains to a T how I'm feeling.

Moving right along...

Last night BF and I had a date night!  It's been awhile...  He still has my debit card and refuses to let me buy anything, even if it is to buy him dinner.  We are working hard to save spending money for the cruise (17 days!!!), and I'm also saving for summer school.  Anyway, last night, we met with a bunch of friends at a Mediterranean Restaurant.  I've never eaten "Mediterranean" food per se.  One of my best friends is Greek, so I've eaten Lamb, and Grape Leaves, and Baklava.  A few months ago I tried hummus for the first time... But that is the extent of my exposure to Mediterranean food.

One of the guys we went with has a sister who is the chef/waitress {it's a really small place} of the restaurant.  She made all of our food, and basically brought us a small serving of every item on the menu.  There were 5 of us, and we ate EVERYTHING!  It was so delicious, and I ate so much, I had to unbutton AND unzip my pants!  I'm fairly certain that it is my new favorite cuisine.  She even brought us one of each of the four desserts.  I specifically made sure to order the Pistachio ice cream, and when she brought out an "individual serving," I kid you not it was slightly more than a pint of nutty-green-goodness!  Fatty over here ate almost all of it {I did have some help from the other Morgan}!
We have been having fabulous weather lately.  It has been sunny and in the high 80's.  We even reached 90° on Monday!!!  Today, however, we have 25 mph winds and it is only 53°!  It is definitely a sweatpants/sweatshirt kind of day.  Speaking of sweatpants, is there anything greater?  I definitely am not Mean Girl material, because I have been wearing them on more days then just Fridays.  Just about every afternoon around 4 or so, I feel the need to snuggle into my sweatpants.  Because it has gotten so hot here lately, certain people living in my house feel the need to blast the air conditioning at 70°.  Freeeezing.

Today I completed Week 1 of P90X.  Seriously, I did it for an hour or more every single day.  I love it!  It really is not as hard as everyone said it was, and I'm surprised that I'm not that sore...  My hip sockets, and armpits hurt like crazy {from yoga}, and my abs are sore from doing the Ab Ripper every other day, but that's about it.

I should mention that I am a quitter.  I quit everything.  However, I really think I will try to keep up with this workout for 90 days.  I love how the workout is different each day, and different body parts are worked each day.  When my arms feel like spaghetti, it's OK because that night, Tony works my legs {that kind of sounded dirty}.  Wonderful.  I don't see any results yet, obviously, but I notice I am sleeping (not just better, but this insomniac is actually sleeping) and I have lots of energy.  I'm sold on the program, not only is little bro doing it with me, I got BF and his roommate in on the fun as well!  We are all going to look like Greek statues by summer!

Happy Humpday!

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Morning Sunshine

While lying in bed last night I got a craving for scrambled eggs and toast. Rather than spoil myself, I decided I would wait and make it for breakfast. It was here that the beginning of another "Domestic Goddess" story began...

Once upon a time two people decided to make breakfast. The girl was a lovely domestic goddess, any man would be lucky to have her for a wife. The other, was a dumb boy.

Domestic Goddess: Mmm I love scrambled eggs... but only when my grandma makes them...
Dumb Boy: Oh yea? What's so special about those eggs?

Domestic Goddess: She makes them really special, she adds milk and eggs, and she strains them before she pours them in the pan.
Dumb Boy: Well that's how everyone makes them...

Domestic Goddess:But they don't add her secret ingredient...
Dumb Boy: Which is?

Domestic Goddess: I think it's vanilla
Dumb Boy: You think wrong... that's disgusting.

Domestic Goddess: Seriously, I want them JUST LIKE my grandma's, I think we should add the vanilla.

Dumb Boy: No way.

{While dumb boy was't looking, Domestic Goddess dropped in 2 drops of vanilla}

{As we sat down to eat}

Domestic Goddess: **Taste taste taste**  {In super slow-mo movie mode} DOOOON'T EEEEAAAT THE EEGGGSS!!!! **jumps across table to grab fork from Dumb boy**

{Too Late}

Dumb Boy (DB): ICK! Are you kidding me?!?

{spits out eggs and throws remainder of plate's contents in trash}


No folks, it is NOT a good idea to put vanilla in eggs... My grandma does however, suggest putting vanilla, along with eggs and milk into French Toast batter...

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Punch Buggy

Extra, extra, read all about it.

Volkswagon just released it's newest automobile paint color for 2010!  I don't much follow the auto industry.  I don't care about make or model, or all those letters/numbers.  If it's cute, I like it. Period.

However, I LOVE colors! 

Yesterday I went with Colby and Mom to look at venues for Colby's upcoming wedding reception.  On the way to the first place, I spied a Pepto-Bismol-Pink-VW-Bug on the other side of the road.  I reached over and gave Colby a quick slug in the chest.  "Pink punch buggy!"  I screamed with an excitement I haven't  felt since middle school.

A few minutes later, while I was closely paying attention to the road, and being a very focused driver, he slugged me in the arm.  "Slug bug... a... silver one."  Sure enough, a silver bug drove past us on the other side of the street.  Now the game was all tied up, and I don't like to loose.

Then, just then, I saw it...  VW's latest color creation.  I was in so much awe that I could barely mutter the words necessary to hit my little brother...

"Slug bug INVISIBLE!"

It really was an incredible site.  VW, I congratulate you on you accomplishment.

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Griffin and I started P90X tonight.  Colby bought the program a few months back, but has never used them.  I decided I need to gain some weight before my cruise so I don't resemble a skeleton in a swimsuit.  Remember the cursed pirates on Pirates of the Caribbean?  The look is pretty BAMF if one plans to pillage and plunder, but I only plan to get a tan and frolic on the beaches.

Griffin started without me.  He started with the yoga DVD to get "warmed up."    He had just finished playing soccer and decided to keep on his soccer clothes for the workout.  After about 2 minutes, he took "a break" to grab some water.  After close to 30 minutes, I stopped by his room to check on him.  He had stripped down to his boxers, and was soaking wet, as if he'd just gotten out of the pool!  He had also run to the bathroom to grab a towel to put over his yoga mat to catch the dripping sweat.

My little lotus flower

1. Gross
2. I love yoga, and have never thought it was that difficult... Maybe these DVD's are going to be really tough.

When he was finished with yoga, I joined him for workout #1: Chest & Back.  I haven't worked out in over a year, but even when I went to the gym on a regular basis, my one workout rule was, "No Push Ups."

Workout #1 was one full hour of nothing but push ups and pull ups!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  It turns out that I can successfully do 5 push ups.  Oh, and yes, they are girlie kind, I have the rug burns on my knees to prove it.  As far as the pull-ups go, I couldn't do a single one!!!  When I was in the third grade, I was the 3rd grade girls pull-up champion... I no longer hold that title.

"Geez, these are really hard."

"What chair?"  Yes, the video said I was allowed to use a chair.

Anyway, we both made it through the entire hour.  It was challenging, but definitely not as hard as everyone has told me it is.  I thought it was really fun, and John/Tony (whatever his name is, that runs the program) is SO entertaining.  We were laughing and having a great ol' time.  Hopefully we can keep it up.  I really enjoy working out, but I find I need a lot of motivation to actually "go" to the gym.

Since Griffin worked out so much tonight, my mom told him he shouldn't do anymore.  Three hours of soccer, and two workouts is a little excessive for one day.  Apparently, after he got out of the shower, he was in his room, grunting and moaning.  "Griffin!  No more exercise!"  My mom shouted.  Griffin replied, "I'm not, I was just trying to put my legs into my underwear!"

Bah ha ha ha!!!

Our Day 1 Photos

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Curious Conversations with Morg & Ev

On the way to school this morning, Evan and I were rocking out to our new favorite radio station.  It's 93.1 here in Las Vegas, you know the one where Ryan Seacrest seems to be the DJ 24/7 and they only play super awesome dance music? 

Anyway, we were having a dance off to get us going at such an ungodly hour.  He would do a super-sweet-dance-move then point to me and it would be my turn to do a super-sweet-dance-move.  It was awesome.  Like Step Up 3-D awesome (not really that awesome).

All of a sudden I heard a familiar beat.  I turned up the radio just as she started singing...

"Super   Where you from? How's it goin'?"

Just then Evan asked me, "Is this Britney?"

To which I replied, "Heck yes it is!"  and turned up the radio a little more.  I began singing, and shaking my butt as much as the car seat would allow.

A few seconds later, Evan says under his breath, "Get it girl..."  I assume he was talking to Brit-Brit through the radio.

I gave him a questioning glance.

"I'm really rooting for her."  He stated, matter-of-factly.

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Lots of Post Scripts

I just registered for summer school.  ICK.  I wasn't planning to take any classes this summer. My plans from May 8-August 22 included eating Popsicles, using my new floaty in BF's pool, building a righteous suntan, and working on my favorite of the 7 deadly sins, sloth.  The only "plans" I actually had were my cruise mid May, and then Europe in July.  Us kids were planning on visiting my Dad in Germany for about 10-14 days.  We had planned on visiting Spain, Greece, Italy, France and possibly England over a 2 week tourist extravaganza.  Idyllic.


I already have a full course load for this coming fall semester, and of the last 4 classes I planned on taking next spring (the only 4 I need to graduate), only 1 is being offered next spring (per my counselor)!  "But," she stated cheerfully, "all three of them are being offered over summer school!"  So, my options were to take 3 classes over summer school, pulling-my-hair-out-due-to-lack-of-stress-and-vacation; or risk delaying graduation from May 2010 to December 2010...  {Hmm. think think think.}

I decided to do summer school and pop-out-those-credits over three 5 week sessions.  Here's what I have planned:

Session 1:
- Molecular Genetics

Session 2:
- Bio-Stats ("Statistics for the Biology Major", yawn)
- Audit Organic Chemistry I (For zero credit, but it's been a few years since I took it, and I don't remember anything.  So I'll just sit in, and do all the work and studying, but not be graded or tested.  I'd really rather stick shoots of bamboo under my fingernails. In case you were wondering.)

Session 3:
Organic Chemistry II (re-taking for 3rd time.  I repeat the.third-time.) apparently a C- does not count as a passing grade for this class. Wah wah wah.

My biggest worry right now is that 6 credits is technically a "Full" course load for Summer Term, and as the above schedule shows, I will be "enrolled" in 9 credits, but "taking" 12. 

Why am I committing myself to such suicidal ends? I decided to do it this way, because I don't have to work right now, which is such a blessing.  My only job is to focus on school, and get-er-done! Even still, shoot.me.now.  Hopefully it won't be awful.  Maybe I can convince myself that I'm attending an adult version of science camp!

Oh did I mention that thanks to Nevada budget cuts on education, and increased tuition, these three classes are going to cost me nearly $1,700.00! {Not counting books or other dumb fees, like the "campus usage fee."} Seriously?!?  I don't even go to that good of a school! 

When I started college, 9 credits would have cost $747.00, with reimbursement from my scholarship ($720.00) I would have paid only $27.00!  But no.  Not anymore.  Now it's out-of-my-unemployed-pocket, with no reimbursement for summer term.  LAME.

With that being said, I am just giving forewarning.  My blog will suffer.  A lot.  Lately, I've been posting close to 5 times a week on average.  I think I will be lucky if I get 5 posts in June and July combined.  Hopefully not.  Let's all hope I can channel my inner Oprah and become an excellent multi-tasker/life-balancer!

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PS.  For those of you who asked about my mom's cutie-patootie purse, the brand is B. Makawski.  She bought it at Marshalls for just under two Benjamin's (and that was the Marshall's price!!!  Ludacris!)  I discovered this brand is also sold at Dillards, Macy's, and on QVC.

PPS.  Insider Tip:
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PPSS  If your name is very similar to that of the island containing England, Scotland and Wales, you have my full permission to join my give away.  I know you read this blog all the time, but don't have an account to follow me with.


If Humans Were Animals #1

This morning, I was reading for my Animal Behavior class and I kept daydreaming about what it would be like if Humans acted the same ways as animals do in certain circumstances (they do act very similarly I guess).  I'm starting a new blog series where I will type, verbatum, what my text book says.  It is whilst I read these excerpts that I imagine humans are performing these behaviors, not animals.  A warning: this chapter is on Sexual Selection so anyone easily offended, please don't continue. Oh and PS, sorry to blog so much about my classes, it's pretty much what occupies my time and I have had no life outside of studying.

Bluegill Sunfish

(Background info: There are 3 categories of male Bluegill Sunfish; the most desired by females are parental males who build nests, and tend to eggs while they develop and hatch.  Then there are sneaker males who are smaller and less aggressive males.  Lastly there are satellite males, who resemble female fish in size and color.)

"... Sneaker males lurk in hiding places near a parental male and zip into their territory while the parental male and female are spawning.  Sneakers then shed their sperm over the eggs and swim away, the whole process taking less than 10 seconds, cuckholding the Parental male..."

"A third male morph, Satellite males, also exist.  Satellite males tend to look like females.  Disguised as such, they position themselves between a spawning pair.  If the Parental male is duped into believing the Satellite is another female, he will attempt to mate with both "females" (the actual female, and the imposter male), at which point, the Satellite male will shed his sperm over the eggs, again, cuckholding the Parental male."

I realize that to put humans in the place of these animals is a bit disturbed, but it makes my class more entertaining, so there.

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Eyeshadow 101

I had a few questions from viewers asking how to apply eyeshadow. Hopefully this helps. There are so many ways of applying eyeshadow, but this is basically how I do mine everyday.  Once you know the basics, you can start to play with color and different application styles.

Below is a list of the products mentioned in the video.  These are some of my favorite eyeshadows, brushes, and primers.  I tried to include prices for each item in case you were interested in purchasing.

Products Mentioned:

E.L.F. Brushes $1.00 each
E.L.F. Studio Brushes $3.00 each
Sonia Kashuk Brushes @ Target $5.00-$20.00 each
Coastal Scents Brushes around $2.00 each, or sets starting at $15.00
Sigma Brushes 7 Eyeshadow Brushs for $40.00
Mac Eyeshadow Brushes start at $11.00
Essence Of Beauty Crease Brush Duo $5.49

Urban Decay Primer Potion $18.00
Two Faced Shadow Insurance $17.00
Eyes Lips Face Mineral Eye Primer $3.00
Benefit Lemon Aid $20.00
L'Oreal Decrease $8.50

Rimmel Eyeshadow Quad in #005 Chocolatine
Milani Eyeshadow Quad in #01 Touch of Brown
NYX Runway Collection in Champagne & Caviar
Cover Girl Trio in Shimmering Sands
Maybelline Trio in Chocolate Mousse

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Couple Cam

This evening I was enjoying a lovely Lush bath and my new April issue of Glamour magazine.  I came to the monthly "Couple Cam" section and decided I would read.  This is a section where some Glamour journalist asks random couples on the street questions about their relationship.  This month's question?  "Tell us the craziest thing you've ever said in bed."  I read one of the answers:

Girl:  "One time I was wearing these Care Bear panties..."
Boy: "And I said, 'Leave those on, put your hair in pigtails and call me Daddy!'"

Now, immediately after reading this, I started screaming.  I jumped out of my wonderful bath tub, and called every family member I could think of.  Why?

Because the people in this scenario are my cousin and her boyfriend...  The article gave real names... and photos.  Awkward!

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A Little of This
A Little of That


I know you are patiently waiting for my give away...

But you have to wait a few more weeks...

In the meantime, why don't you had on over to Lauren's Dressing Room and enter her GIAGIANTIC give away??  She is giving away nearly £100.00 worth of goodies! 


It's official, and a long time coming.  If you follow my blog, I now follow yours!  Aren't friends fun?!?!
I also subscribed to about 25 new blogs tonight by doing the blog-stalker-chain-thing.  Awesome.


I got my very first Blog Award last Friday given to me by Jenn over at Perfectly Imperfect.  I got the "Just Because I Love Your Blog Award!"  That was so nice!  Thanks Jenn!


Everyone keeps telling me I need a to get a Facebook.  Yes, I know I am probably the only person on the planet without one.  I'm just not sure I want to deal with it.  Having a blog is addicting enough...  Whaddaya think?


About my give away...  I've been thinking I could do it one of two ways.  I could either do one BIG give away, with one BIG winner, or 8 small give aways... Hmmm.  IMA let you vote on it.  I'm not sure I'll do whatever the voting outcome is, but I'm just curious...


I took my Animal Behavior exam this morning.  I didn't sleep all night, because I wanted to make sure I knew everything.  It isn't a difficult class, but my teacher has a pass or fail mentality, with no regard for B's, C's or even D's.  There was only 1 question I didn't know, but there were 5 questions where it could have been one of two answers.  The thing is, neither of the answers was more right than the other.  I marked the answers I was sure were correct and then after class looked them up in my book.  I was right, but so were the other answers.  Unless she has extremely good reasoning for her decisions, if she marks my answers wrong, I am arguing them! 

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Lunch Ladies

I met up with two of my very best friends today for lunch, Sierra and Natalie.  It was great.  We caught up, and talked for over an hour.  I miss them like crazy.  After talking about what everyone is doing with their lives, I left lunch with only two thoughts on my mind:

1.  What the heck am I doing with my life? 
2.  This was the kick-in-the-pants-motivation I needed right now. 

Sierra's 2nd Wedding Reception,  May 2005.  Back row: Justin Toranzo, Andy Gums, Chris Dowler, Colby Green, Steven Trochinski, Evan Green.  Front Row: Morgan Green, Sierra "Thomas" Murry, Natalie Grimaldo, Toni "Ellis" Ludlow.

If you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about here's a clue.  Sierra's little sis, who is three years younger then me, has a PhD!  My other friend who I've known since 4th grade, graduates medical school this May (we started college college and were even in General Biology at the same time.)  I am 26, and still working for that Bachelor's... Wah wah wah.  Granted, I took a total of 4 years off, and I have had to work to pay for school by myself, which not a lot of my high school classmates/ friends had to do. 

It's tough!  For the life of me I don't know how it is accomplished in 4 years, and yet people do it all the time!  I was inspired by the success and progress of my friends, and am so determined to finish school with a bang, take the MCAT's next summer, and get my butt to Medical School! 

I am disobeying direct orders from Natalie to not post this picture on my blog.  Oopsie, it slipped!

Seriously girls thank you so much for the inspiration today!  Sierra graduated with I believe a Finance Degree, Aced the LSAT's and is now kicking butt as a Super-mom/wife.  And Natalie has an Accounting Degree and is doing her thing in the Fashion industry!

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Hiddeen Fees & Sally Tomato

My cruise is one month and three days away.  I was thinking about the shore excursions and all of the hidden fees I paid last year that I hadn't planned on.  For example, shore excursions are offered at each stop and include things like Horseback riding along the beach, snorkeling, and para-sailing.  They run between $50.00-$100.00 per person. 

THEN there is the $70.00 "Gas Fee" that is tacked on your bill the last day of the cruise.  It is because gas prices are usually higher during the cruise than they were when you book, so the 70 bones covers the difference. 

THEN there is the gratuity for your concierge person.  This guy oversees the cleaning of each state room twice a day, makes those cute little towel animals, and helps the guests on their floor with everything (like finding me benefiber last cruise because I NEEDED it. Ha ha, TMI?)  You can opt to pay the required $40.00 per person in the state room, but I think last year our guy was so awesome, we each gave him $70.00. 

THEN there is the fee for checking luggage.  I remember last year I didn't realize that checking 1 bag is no longer free.  I had packed 1 checked bag and 1 carry-on and got to pay $150.00 at the airport to do so!!  Ridiculous.

With all of these hidden fees, I've realized the amount of money I'm going to need, and that I REALLY have to start saving.  I'm horrible at saving, so I gave BF my debit card last night after a Target spree (I need to ground myself from Target again).  He is going to hang on to it until after the cruise, because according to him, "I don't have a shopping problem, I have a buying problem."  I will buy something I don't need simply because, "it is on sale!" 

I got the idea to let him guard my money from Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Remember?  She gives her money to a gangster in prison, Sally Tomato, he gives her an allowence, and she can only use cash to buy things.

BF thought it was a great idea.  I tried subliminally talking him out of it by reminding him that now HE will have to deposit my paychecks, AND go to the ATM once a week so I have money for lunch, pepsi, etc.  It did not work.  I even tried takling him out of it with threats, reminding him, "I have a checkbook!"  He took that too.  Wah wah wah. 

It really will be good for me, it's crazy how much money i spend on this or that, little things, and don't even realize it.  It's DAY 1 of my Holly Go-Lightly accounting solution, and of course this week is Urban Decay's Friends and Family Sale.  30% off all Urban Decay makeup!!! That only happens once a yea!  I begged and pleaded for my card today, but BF/Sally Tomato isn't budging.  (PS if you love Urban Decay as much as I do, the coupon code is 1SFNF, good through April 19 at Urban Decay dot com.)

I hope this gets easier, I feel like I'm the one in prison.

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Miss Priss Beauty Poll

1. Mood:  Anxious.  I get this way when I want to shop.  I hate shopping, it frustrates and overwhelms me, and I always freak out about how much money I end up spending.  But there is so much new makeup at Sephora/Ulta, and I really want to buy some.

2. Your favorite bag and why you love it?  Currently, I'm OBSESSED with my mom's new purse.  I don't know who makes it, but it's a mustard yellow leather tote type of purse.  Apparently it was so expensive that I'm not even allowed to look at it!

3. Popcorn-flavored jelly beans — yay or nay?  Ick no way.  I only eat red jelly beans.  I had a bad experience a few years back.  Do you remember the Harry Potter Bertie Bots (Jelly) Beans?  I got a vomit flavored one.  Yes, it really tasted like vomit.

4. Your five-minute makeup routine?  Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer, Bare Minerals Powder Foundation, Milani Powder Bronzer, NYX Lip gloss in Beige, L'Oreal HIP Mascara (one coat looks like 3), NYX blush in Peach.

5. Today's eyes/lips/cheeks:

Eyes: NYX Eyeshadow singles in White Pearl, Baby Pink and Purple also the purple and nude color from the NYX Brown Eyes Runway Palette, ELF liquid eyeliner in Ash, Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in Gray, Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara.

Cheeks: NYX blush in Peach, NYX blush in Taupe, Milani Powder Bronzer in #01 Light

Lips: Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Pencil in Eastend Snob, Rimmel Lipstick in Heavenly, Milani 3D Glitzy Glam lipgloss in Starshine.

6. When did you realize you were officially a grownup?  Still haven't, but paying off my car got me one step closer.

7. Were you stoked or annoyed to get your first bra?  So EXCITED!!! I wanted boobs more than anything, and I didn't get them until my senior year of high school.  In the 7th grade my mom bought me a padded bra, though, and I was thrilled to have boobs, even if they weren't really there!!!

8. Your sweetest pet?  I only ever had 1 pet, her name was Leisel, and she was a black dachshund.  I miss her.

9. Outfit: My Easter Outfits!  I'm loving florals and pastels for spring, so earlier I had on a floral watercolor inspired pencil skirt, and cream colored chiffon sweater, nylons and nude high heels.  Now I have on Jeans, a lilac cardigan with applique flowers and sandals.

10. Weekend goals: To study, just a little bit, and hang out with my best friend while he's in town!

Oopsie, this poll is a little late this week.  I blinked my eyes and all of a sudden it's Sunday!  Where did my spring break go?  I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!  Eat lots of Cadburry Bunny eggs {mi favorito!} and don't forget the real reason for easter!  Remember Our Savior lives, and loves each one of us more than we will ever be able to comprehend!

Your Turn
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1. Mood:
2. Your favorite bag and why you love it?
3. Popcorn-flavored jelly beans — yay or nay?
4. Your five-minute makeup routine?
5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
6. When did you realize you were officially a grownup?
7. Were you stoked or annoyed to get your first bra?
8. Your sweetest pet?
9. Outfit:
10. Weekend goals:

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Willy Billy

My best friend since 7th grade, Will, was in town this weekend. 

Just a quick back story on how we became friends:

In the 7th grade I had a crush on Will.  My best friend, Christina, was supposed to call him and "talk to him for me."  Remember when your friends did that?  Anyway, my plan backfired.  Instead of asking Will if he liked me, Chrissy started to like him.  She told him that I was a witch and was casting love spells on him.  Something about pink candles in a church yard...  The details escape me, but Will remembers everything.  Anyway, her story worked, because she started "going out" with him, and he thought I was crazy.  After that, we became besties.  {It is weird that he won't date witches, but he'll be best friends with one.}  He quickly discovered that I am not, nor ever was a witch, AND that I am totally awesome.

Horrible iPhone pictures

Back to my story.

We didn't get a chance to really go out like we usually do, but he was able to stop by for a little bit.  I swear on my life he was put on this planet to remind me what a ridiculous individual I am.  He loves to make fun of me, and I think that is what keeps our friendship so strong, he keeps me grounded.  If ever I were to become famous, he would probably call me everyday just to remind me that I am a silly little girl.

While he was here, he discovered my blog!!!  He got a kick out of it, and for some reason was embarrassed for me.  He said that reading my blog in my presence was like watching a friend bomb an American Idol audition and watching the episode while they are in the same room.  I'm aloof to why he thinks it is embarrassing...  He did, however, compliment my writing ability. {Thanks Willy Billy}

Anyway he has now decided to start his own blog.  The concept behind his blog is that every time I make a post, he will leave a post on his blog making fun of my blog post.  If he goes through with it, it should be good for a laugh.

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Clash of the Movies

I hope my little April Fools prank didn't upset anyone... It was all in good fun. I put a Google Analytic tracker thing on it, and yesterday alone 193 people clicked the video and got "Rick Rolled!"  I have never April Fooled anyone (except when I was 6 and told my mom I was having a baby), so I thought I'd give it a try. I really will be having an AMAZING give away the last week of April and the first week of May. So stay tuned for that.

Moving on...

Last night, around 10 pm, I was just about to relax into a gorgeous purple bath smelling of lavender and violet (Bathos Bubble Bar, Waving Not Drowning Bath Ballistic, and Dreamtime Bath Melt). I had a magazine and a cherry Slurpee... It was going to be a good time. Then my phone rang and it was my little brother.

Griff: "Uhh, what are you doing at midnight?"
Me: "Well I had planned on sleeping, what's up?"
Griff: "Clash of the Titans comes out at midnight..."

When Gibber-snibs wants something he has a really round about way of bring it up...

Me: "OK, well should we go see it?"
Griff: "YEA! I'll get on Fandango and get tickets, I hope they aren't sold out since it's the VERY FIRST showing."

I assured him that Clash probably wasn't as big of a hit as Twilight or Harry Potter and there wouldn't be hundreds of people waiting to see it. Most people probably didn't appreciate the original like we did...

He bought tickets and he and Evan went to the movie theater almost 2 hours early to "wait in line for good seats." As long as they were there, I finished my bath, my magazine, and then even got dressed and threw on my new Fuchsia lipstick.

When I met them at the theater, it's a good thing I got there when I did... they would have had a hard time battling for the best seats against the other 10 people who showed up. Anyway, After the show, I really didn't know what to think. I liked it. Even though it is a si-fi movie, there were parts in the animation that seemed very armature, like they should be on the si-fi channel. As far as comparisons to the 1981 OG Harry Hamlin version, there was no comparing the two. They were too DIFFERENT!

Both movies had similar characters and the same basic mission, but the reasoning behind "why the mission" and the "how to accomplish" the mission were not even the same.

Because I am a huge nerd, I have decided to compare the two:

When it comes to the BAMF factor this one is a no brainer.  Perseus goes on an extraordinary adventure, and is a Demi-God.  Harry Hamlin doesn't quite have the macho-ness to complete such a task, he is kind of a Nancy... Sam on the other other hand is amazing!  The Avatar Hottie is up and running, literally, both of his legs work in this movie.  The best part is that his sexy Scottish accent slips in every now and again.

No hero can complete a task without an honorary animal pal.  Pegasus was a gift from Zeus and let's be honest, who doesn't want a flying horse?  In the new movie Pegasus is pretty BAMF, however the OG White Pegasus wins this one.  Why?  The good guys always dress in white, plus he's more magical looking.

While Laurence Olivier is a movie icon, and a pretty swell Zeus, I personally liked Liam.  Something about his performance was quite lovely.  While he played a god, he had great love for man, and had a father like quality, somewhat like how I imagine our real Father in Heaven.  Laurence's character is more concerned with man worshiping him than he is about man's well being.  New Zeus takes this one.

In Greek mythology, the Gorgon Medussa was originally a beautiful human priestess in Athena's temple (the virgin goddess of Love).  One day, she does a naked dance with Poseidon right there on the temple floor!  Athena is so disgusted and angry that she curses Medussa, changing her into a serpent so ugly that any man that looks at her is turned to stone.  OG Medusa wins this contest because she is FUGLY!  When the new Medussa appeared for the first time on screen last night, BF commented, "Wow, she's hot."  Hotness breaks the rules.  New Medussa, you loose.

Traditionally, the kraken has been seen has a very large cephalopod, so in that respect both of the Clashes loose...  The OG kraken is a man-lizard-fish and the new kraken is an alien-octopus.  However I based this contest on my initial reaction upon seeing the kraken.  There's something about the way the claymation kraken of 1981 climbs up the rocks by the sea.  When we first see his hand grab it and pull himself up, the size of him was horrifying when I was little.  The one last night was so big that his whole-self was never entirely captured.  We got different views of different body parts, but ultimately, if you saw the movie preview, that's about all that is shown of the kraken.  Wah Wah Wah.  Clamation kraken, you win.

So there is my movie review.  Call me Ebert.  It would seem that I prefer the 1981 version, but like I said, the stories are both great, so I really liked them both.  The one thing the bros and I did agree on is that we wish this new movie was longer, or made into 2.  It needs more explaining and back story.  Regardless, it will be added to my DVD collection.

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