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Curious Conversations with Morg & Ev

On the way to school this morning, Evan and I were rocking out to our new favorite radio station.  It's 93.1 here in Las Vegas, you know the one where Ryan Seacrest seems to be the DJ 24/7 and they only play super awesome dance music? 

Anyway, we were having a dance off to get us going at such an ungodly hour.  He would do a super-sweet-dance-move then point to me and it would be my turn to do a super-sweet-dance-move.  It was awesome.  Like Step Up 3-D awesome (not really that awesome).

All of a sudden I heard a familiar beat.  I turned up the radio just as she started singing...

"Super   Where you from? How's it goin'?"

Just then Evan asked me, "Is this Britney?"

To which I replied, "Heck yes it is!"  and turned up the radio a little more.  I began singing, and shaking my butt as much as the car seat would allow.

A few seconds later, Evan says under his breath, "Get it girl..."  I assume he was talking to Brit-Brit through the radio.

I gave him a questioning glance.

"I'm really rooting for her."  He stated, matter-of-factly.

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  1. Haha who doesn't love Britney!? Such a fun blog!! I love it. I'm a total blog creeper, so I'm glad you update yours lots so I'll have something to read! :)

  2. That's awesome!! I don't know Evan but I feel like I already know him through your blog! Besides who doesn't like Britney!!


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