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Hiddeen Fees & Sally Tomato

My cruise is one month and three days away.  I was thinking about the shore excursions and all of the hidden fees I paid last year that I hadn't planned on.  For example, shore excursions are offered at each stop and include things like Horseback riding along the beach, snorkeling, and para-sailing.  They run between $50.00-$100.00 per person. 

THEN there is the $70.00 "Gas Fee" that is tacked on your bill the last day of the cruise.  It is because gas prices are usually higher during the cruise than they were when you book, so the 70 bones covers the difference. 

THEN there is the gratuity for your concierge person.  This guy oversees the cleaning of each state room twice a day, makes those cute little towel animals, and helps the guests on their floor with everything (like finding me benefiber last cruise because I NEEDED it. Ha ha, TMI?)  You can opt to pay the required $40.00 per person in the state room, but I think last year our guy was so awesome, we each gave him $70.00. 

THEN there is the fee for checking luggage.  I remember last year I didn't realize that checking 1 bag is no longer free.  I had packed 1 checked bag and 1 carry-on and got to pay $150.00 at the airport to do so!!  Ridiculous.

With all of these hidden fees, I've realized the amount of money I'm going to need, and that I REALLY have to start saving.  I'm horrible at saving, so I gave BF my debit card last night after a Target spree (I need to ground myself from Target again).  He is going to hang on to it until after the cruise, because according to him, "I don't have a shopping problem, I have a buying problem."  I will buy something I don't need simply because, "it is on sale!" 

I got the idea to let him guard my money from Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Remember?  She gives her money to a gangster in prison, Sally Tomato, he gives her an allowence, and she can only use cash to buy things.

BF thought it was a great idea.  I tried subliminally talking him out of it by reminding him that now HE will have to deposit my paychecks, AND go to the ATM once a week so I have money for lunch, pepsi, etc.  It did not work.  I even tried takling him out of it with threats, reminding him, "I have a checkbook!"  He took that too.  Wah wah wah. 

It really will be good for me, it's crazy how much money i spend on this or that, little things, and don't even realize it.  It's DAY 1 of my Holly Go-Lightly accounting solution, and of course this week is Urban Decay's Friends and Family Sale.  30% off all Urban Decay makeup!!! That only happens once a yea!  I begged and pleaded for my card today, but BF/Sally Tomato isn't budging.  (PS if you love Urban Decay as much as I do, the coupon code is 1SFNF, good through April 19 at Urban Decay dot com.)

I hope this gets easier, I feel like I'm the one in prison.

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  1. SOOOO i officially hate you for two reasons: one, you are going on a cruise and I'm insanely jealous. Two, i am trying to save my money, I definitely do NOT need anymore make-up then I already have, and you have dangled yet again another AWESOME make-up sale in front of my face! UGH!!! We might have to break up. ha ha

  2. I KNOW!!! What BF doesn't know is that Urban Decay's shopping cart lets you check out with Pay Pal!!! (Yes I have "window shopped" and filled my cart with the things I "would like to purchase")... The pay pal option is SOOOO tempting! I don't even need my debit card for that! Just my password. Ugh, the temptation!

  3. PS I do not want to break up, I really like you. haha.


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