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I know you are patiently waiting for my give away...

But you have to wait a few more weeks...

In the meantime, why don't you had on over to Lauren's Dressing Room and enter her GIAGIANTIC give away??  She is giving away nearly £100.00 worth of goodies! 


It's official, and a long time coming.  If you follow my blog, I now follow yours!  Aren't friends fun?!?!
I also subscribed to about 25 new blogs tonight by doing the blog-stalker-chain-thing.  Awesome.


I got my very first Blog Award last Friday given to me by Jenn over at Perfectly Imperfect.  I got the "Just Because I Love Your Blog Award!"  That was so nice!  Thanks Jenn!


Everyone keeps telling me I need a to get a Facebook.  Yes, I know I am probably the only person on the planet without one.  I'm just not sure I want to deal with it.  Having a blog is addicting enough...  Whaddaya think?


About my give away...  I've been thinking I could do it one of two ways.  I could either do one BIG give away, with one BIG winner, or 8 small give aways... Hmmm.  IMA let you vote on it.  I'm not sure I'll do whatever the voting outcome is, but I'm just curious...


I took my Animal Behavior exam this morning.  I didn't sleep all night, because I wanted to make sure I knew everything.  It isn't a difficult class, but my teacher has a pass or fail mentality, with no regard for B's, C's or even D's.  There was only 1 question I didn't know, but there were 5 questions where it could have been one of two answers.  The thing is, neither of the answers was more right than the other.  I marked the answers I was sure were correct and then after class looked them up in my book.  I was right, but so were the other answers.  Unless she has extremely good reasoning for her decisions, if she marks my answers wrong, I am arguing them! 

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  1. Blogs are way more fun than Facebook!

    Also you should do your top 20 blogs.. I love finding new blogs especially the ones that update a ton! :o)


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