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Lots of Post Scripts

I just registered for summer school.  ICK.  I wasn't planning to take any classes this summer. My plans from May 8-August 22 included eating Popsicles, using my new floaty in BF's pool, building a righteous suntan, and working on my favorite of the 7 deadly sins, sloth.  The only "plans" I actually had were my cruise mid May, and then Europe in July.  Us kids were planning on visiting my Dad in Germany for about 10-14 days.  We had planned on visiting Spain, Greece, Italy, France and possibly England over a 2 week tourist extravaganza.  Idyllic.


I already have a full course load for this coming fall semester, and of the last 4 classes I planned on taking next spring (the only 4 I need to graduate), only 1 is being offered next spring (per my counselor)!  "But," she stated cheerfully, "all three of them are being offered over summer school!"  So, my options were to take 3 classes over summer school, pulling-my-hair-out-due-to-lack-of-stress-and-vacation; or risk delaying graduation from May 2010 to December 2010...  {Hmm. think think think.}

I decided to do summer school and pop-out-those-credits over three 5 week sessions.  Here's what I have planned:

Session 1:
- Molecular Genetics

Session 2:
- Bio-Stats ("Statistics for the Biology Major", yawn)
- Audit Organic Chemistry I (For zero credit, but it's been a few years since I took it, and I don't remember anything.  So I'll just sit in, and do all the work and studying, but not be graded or tested.  I'd really rather stick shoots of bamboo under my fingernails. In case you were wondering.)

Session 3:
Organic Chemistry II (re-taking for 3rd time.  I repeat the.third-time.) apparently a C- does not count as a passing grade for this class. Wah wah wah.

My biggest worry right now is that 6 credits is technically a "Full" course load for Summer Term, and as the above schedule shows, I will be "enrolled" in 9 credits, but "taking" 12. 

Why am I committing myself to such suicidal ends? I decided to do it this way, because I don't have to work right now, which is such a blessing.  My only job is to focus on school, and get-er-done! Even still, shoot.me.now.  Hopefully it won't be awful.  Maybe I can convince myself that I'm attending an adult version of science camp!

Oh did I mention that thanks to Nevada budget cuts on education, and increased tuition, these three classes are going to cost me nearly $1,700.00! {Not counting books or other dumb fees, like the "campus usage fee."} Seriously?!?  I don't even go to that good of a school! 

When I started college, 9 credits would have cost $747.00, with reimbursement from my scholarship ($720.00) I would have paid only $27.00!  But no.  Not anymore.  Now it's out-of-my-unemployed-pocket, with no reimbursement for summer term.  LAME.

With that being said, I am just giving forewarning.  My blog will suffer.  A lot.  Lately, I've been posting close to 5 times a week on average.  I think I will be lucky if I get 5 posts in June and July combined.  Hopefully not.  Let's all hope I can channel my inner Oprah and become an excellent multi-tasker/life-balancer!

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PS.  For those of you who asked about my mom's cutie-patootie purse, the brand is B. Makawski.  She bought it at Marshalls for just under two Benjamin's (and that was the Marshall's price!!!  Ludacris!)  I discovered this brand is also sold at Dillards, Macy's, and on QVC.

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  1. I only went to school full time during one summer and although I survived...it was just that--SURVIVAL!!!! Good luck with everything!! You are very courageous!! And p.s. I know what it's like to take a class for the 3rd time...I am embarassed to say mine was Accounting 101 and yes, my dad IS in fact and Accountant, thanks for asking ha ha

  2. Lame!! Summer school is a bummer, but the good news is that classes in the summer tend to be a tiny little microscopic bit easier than regular session. I failed FAILED math 3 times and aced it in summer school :)

  3. The one summer that I took 6 classes I nearly died. Although, I worked full time as well at the same time. It was still hell, and I ended up having to take 2 over anyway... I don't know what i was thinking. I hope you do well!

  4. This is the most hidious thing I have ever heard. :(

  5. I love seeing that my friends are starting to follow your blog now too!! :)
    You will make it through the summer! It might suck a little, but I know that you are one tough cookie! Hopefully I will be able to make it down there lots, and we can have some girl time! :)


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