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Griffin and I started P90X tonight.  Colby bought the program a few months back, but has never used them.  I decided I need to gain some weight before my cruise so I don't resemble a skeleton in a swimsuit.  Remember the cursed pirates on Pirates of the Caribbean?  The look is pretty BAMF if one plans to pillage and plunder, but I only plan to get a tan and frolic on the beaches.

Griffin started without me.  He started with the yoga DVD to get "warmed up."    He had just finished playing soccer and decided to keep on his soccer clothes for the workout.  After about 2 minutes, he took "a break" to grab some water.  After close to 30 minutes, I stopped by his room to check on him.  He had stripped down to his boxers, and was soaking wet, as if he'd just gotten out of the pool!  He had also run to the bathroom to grab a towel to put over his yoga mat to catch the dripping sweat.

My little lotus flower

1. Gross
2. I love yoga, and have never thought it was that difficult... Maybe these DVD's are going to be really tough.

When he was finished with yoga, I joined him for workout #1: Chest & Back.  I haven't worked out in over a year, but even when I went to the gym on a regular basis, my one workout rule was, "No Push Ups."

Workout #1 was one full hour of nothing but push ups and pull ups!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  It turns out that I can successfully do 5 push ups.  Oh, and yes, they are girlie kind, I have the rug burns on my knees to prove it.  As far as the pull-ups go, I couldn't do a single one!!!  When I was in the third grade, I was the 3rd grade girls pull-up champion... I no longer hold that title.

"Geez, these are really hard."

"What chair?"  Yes, the video said I was allowed to use a chair.

Anyway, we both made it through the entire hour.  It was challenging, but definitely not as hard as everyone has told me it is.  I thought it was really fun, and John/Tony (whatever his name is, that runs the program) is SO entertaining.  We were laughing and having a great ol' time.  Hopefully we can keep it up.  I really enjoy working out, but I find I need a lot of motivation to actually "go" to the gym.

Since Griffin worked out so much tonight, my mom told him he shouldn't do anymore.  Three hours of soccer, and two workouts is a little excessive for one day.  Apparently, after he got out of the shower, he was in his room, grunting and moaning.  "Griffin!  No more exercise!"  My mom shouted.  Griffin replied, "I'm not, I was just trying to put my legs into my underwear!"

Bah ha ha ha!!!

Our Day 1 Photos

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  1. Too funny! P90X rocks! It's a good pain....

  2. I thought about getting this for after I have the baby bcuz my friend did and she looks amazing! You'll have to tell me how it goes :) p.s. LOVE Grif's face in the X photo ha ha

  3. Anonymous4/15/2010

    UM I think you should get my sweet little fiancee man to do this with you! ;)

  4. Um i think I need to have my bff do this with me... Remember Ash!! Morgan you will love this program! My husband and I do it nightly and have since last week. I look forward to it every night!! Invest in some awesome bands tho instead of pull ups. You'll be able to work up to it, and you will be soo much stronger! We got 2 sets on eBay!

  5. I bought this after you told me that it worked great for Colby and yourself A YEAR AGO. You were lying to me you little shit! Oh well, I never did anything but the stretching dvd anyway...


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