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Clash of the Movies

I hope my little April Fools prank didn't upset anyone... It was all in good fun. I put a Google Analytic tracker thing on it, and yesterday alone 193 people clicked the video and got "Rick Rolled!"  I have never April Fooled anyone (except when I was 6 and told my mom I was having a baby), so I thought I'd give it a try. I really will be having an AMAZING give away the last week of April and the first week of May. So stay tuned for that.

Moving on...

Last night, around 10 pm, I was just about to relax into a gorgeous purple bath smelling of lavender and violet (Bathos Bubble Bar, Waving Not Drowning Bath Ballistic, and Dreamtime Bath Melt). I had a magazine and a cherry Slurpee... It was going to be a good time. Then my phone rang and it was my little brother.

Griff: "Uhh, what are you doing at midnight?"
Me: "Well I had planned on sleeping, what's up?"
Griff: "Clash of the Titans comes out at midnight..."

When Gibber-snibs wants something he has a really round about way of bring it up...

Me: "OK, well should we go see it?"
Griff: "YEA! I'll get on Fandango and get tickets, I hope they aren't sold out since it's the VERY FIRST showing."

I assured him that Clash probably wasn't as big of a hit as Twilight or Harry Potter and there wouldn't be hundreds of people waiting to see it. Most people probably didn't appreciate the original like we did...

He bought tickets and he and Evan went to the movie theater almost 2 hours early to "wait in line for good seats." As long as they were there, I finished my bath, my magazine, and then even got dressed and threw on my new Fuchsia lipstick.

When I met them at the theater, it's a good thing I got there when I did... they would have had a hard time battling for the best seats against the other 10 people who showed up. Anyway, After the show, I really didn't know what to think. I liked it. Even though it is a si-fi movie, there were parts in the animation that seemed very armature, like they should be on the si-fi channel. As far as comparisons to the 1981 OG Harry Hamlin version, there was no comparing the two. They were too DIFFERENT!

Both movies had similar characters and the same basic mission, but the reasoning behind "why the mission" and the "how to accomplish" the mission were not even the same.

Because I am a huge nerd, I have decided to compare the two:

When it comes to the BAMF factor this one is a no brainer.  Perseus goes on an extraordinary adventure, and is a Demi-God.  Harry Hamlin doesn't quite have the macho-ness to complete such a task, he is kind of a Nancy... Sam on the other other hand is amazing!  The Avatar Hottie is up and running, literally, both of his legs work in this movie.  The best part is that his sexy Scottish accent slips in every now and again.

No hero can complete a task without an honorary animal pal.  Pegasus was a gift from Zeus and let's be honest, who doesn't want a flying horse?  In the new movie Pegasus is pretty BAMF, however the OG White Pegasus wins this one.  Why?  The good guys always dress in white, plus he's more magical looking.

While Laurence Olivier is a movie icon, and a pretty swell Zeus, I personally liked Liam.  Something about his performance was quite lovely.  While he played a god, he had great love for man, and had a father like quality, somewhat like how I imagine our real Father in Heaven.  Laurence's character is more concerned with man worshiping him than he is about man's well being.  New Zeus takes this one.

In Greek mythology, the Gorgon Medussa was originally a beautiful human priestess in Athena's temple (the virgin goddess of Love).  One day, she does a naked dance with Poseidon right there on the temple floor!  Athena is so disgusted and angry that she curses Medussa, changing her into a serpent so ugly that any man that looks at her is turned to stone.  OG Medusa wins this contest because she is FUGLY!  When the new Medussa appeared for the first time on screen last night, BF commented, "Wow, she's hot."  Hotness breaks the rules.  New Medussa, you loose.

Traditionally, the kraken has been seen has a very large cephalopod, so in that respect both of the Clashes loose...  The OG kraken is a man-lizard-fish and the new kraken is an alien-octopus.  However I based this contest on my initial reaction upon seeing the kraken.  There's something about the way the claymation kraken of 1981 climbs up the rocks by the sea.  When we first see his hand grab it and pull himself up, the size of him was horrifying when I was little.  The one last night was so big that his whole-self was never entirely captured.  We got different views of different body parts, but ultimately, if you saw the movie preview, that's about all that is shown of the kraken.  Wah Wah Wah.  Clamation kraken, you win.

So there is my movie review.  Call me Ebert.  It would seem that I prefer the 1981 version, but like I said, the stories are both great, so I really liked them both.  The one thing the bros and I did agree on is that we wish this new movie was longer, or made into 2.  It needs more explaining and back story.  Regardless, it will be added to my DVD collection.

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