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White Out

This weekend I went to my school's White Out Game.  To make senior night and the last home game of the season extra special, all people in the crowd are encouraged to wear white.  To go in theme with my school colors, I also wore my red pants.  I was a little nervous, but I actually think they're really cute.  We had a great time, our team won, and the stadium looked really neat all whited out.

It was a freezing cold, gloomy day!  Not the best day for a t-shirt.
Ev took my picture before the game, and asked if I would take his outfit picture too... Yes, he wore a cape to the game.  He was a huge hit.

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Insert Witty Title Here

I have very sad news, my "work bestie," is leaving, sad face.  She decided to take a job that is offering more money, and I can't say I blame her.  Still, I wonder who I'm going to talk to whilst trying to get over the 2:30 hump. Will I like whoever replaces her?  Ugh, I hate change.


This morning, I thought of what article of clothing I wanted to wear (striped skirt).  Then I asked myself, "hmm, what would I normally never wear with this?"  And so I put that on (denim shirt), and added a few accessories.  This has been my get-dressed-thought-process the last few days.

I love this outfit this much; and I got lots of compliments today, even though I kind of resemble a Boy Scout.  It makes sense seeing as how I spent some time yesterday rummaging around Gibber-snibb's old "scout uniforms" box, I found the socks and belt, and tada!  I was dressed for the day, mission Dress-yo-self accomplished.

*Side note*  I had a really good "good pictures" day today.  I'm not sure if it was because co-worker/partner in crime and I shot these in the morning rather than in the afternoon, the fact that I'm actually wearing makeup, or the Mystic tan I got last night (never get one of these, they look great but it was my first time and I stunk like sour sushi and burnt potatoes all night)... Whatever it is, I had over 50, "Wow these are really good pictures" from this session.  FIFTY!  That's unheard of!  I bet its because it's Friday.

Co-worker/photographer was in l♥ve with the fact that I matched the fire hydrant. 


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Da-ba-dee Da-ba-die

I'm blue today.  I love the way royal blue shows up in photos, it's glorious!  Blue, green, yellow and red all look great in photos- in case you were wondering. 

This outfit had a lot of potential, but I woke up at 8:00 this morning and was at work by 8:30 (thus the flat hair and zero makeup).  If I could get a mulligan I would have worn a gray cardigan over the shirt, and belted it.  Then I would have thrown on my gray tights and brown leather boots....  Ugh.  I guess in learning the fashion game, one is bound to mess up every now and again (I do just about everyday).  I never knew that getting dressed could be such a challenge.  I mean I've been doing it my whole life, and still don't have it down...  Oh well, better luck next time.

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Miss Priss Beauty Poll | February 23, 2011

I love the wind!

1. Mood:  I'm good!  After a long weekend of doing nothing- yes nothing- but catching up on Spartacus, I'm ready to go.  Work is crazy busy, and as long as I get my morning oatmeal, I can handle ANYTHING!

2. Outfit:  Call me Paul Bunion.  I kind of feel like a lumberjack today, and I didn't really mean to.  Skinny jeans, gingham shirt, pull over sweater, knee socks and work boots.

3. Your favorite sweet treat?  Popsicles.  I always forget how much I love a good Popsicle until I eat one, then it's like Heaven in my mouth!

4. What always cheers you up? 
Good music.  By that I mean anything in the "Mojo's Sweet Beats" play list on my iPod.  I can turn on anything, dance around and instantly I feel better.

5. Your favorite type of weather?
Sunshine and warm!  I'm cold all of the time, even on "warm" summer nights.  I love to be toasty warm... and the summertime delivers,  oh yea, and bonus:  I get a nice tan.

6. Did you enjoy high school?
I did, a lot.  I think the key to having a good high school experience is to get involved.  I was in every single club that would let me in, I played sports, and basically just spent all of my time at school.  It's a great way to make friends and create memories.

7. A pet peeve?
I have so many!  When people borrow my crayons and don't put them back in color order.  Slow drivers/walkers (*I walk with a purpose*), incorrect word usage and poor spelling.

8. Something about yourself that surprises people:
I am a nice person.  I don't know why, but people see me and think I'm rude or stuck up, then they talk to me and realize that I don't take anything seriously, I burp, I make jokes about everything, and I'm nice.
9. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
Eyes:  Wet'n'Wild eyeshadow trio in Walking on Eggshells.  This eyeshadow is awesome, it is super pigmented, lasts all day, and costs around $2.00!  It's giving my MAC shadows a run for their money.  Maybelline False Lashes Mascara, Urban Decay Corrupt Eyeliner.

Lips:  Tarte Lipstain, and Nivea Chapstick

Cheeks:  Nars Orgasm Blush

10. Weekly goals:
I want to do P90X everyday this week.  Yes, I'm starting it again.  The last time I did it, I only did it for three weeks and the results were awesome.  It's kicking my butt so far, but I've done it the last three nights!

Your Turn:
Copy the poll below and fill it out, then paste it on your blog in the comments.  I love to read yours!

1. Mood:
2. Outfit:
3. Your favorite sweet treat?
4. What always cheers you up?
5. Your favorite type of weather?
6. Did you enjoy high school?
7. A pet peeve?
8. Something about yourself that surprises people:
9. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
10. Weekly goals:
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Friend Friday- Body Image

I am so excited for this week's Friend Friday.  I have been wanting to do a post about this topic, but wasn't sure how to go about it.  This week's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday topic is on body image.  To be honest, this is something I have NEVER struggled with, until recently.  In high school, sure I was self conscious of my small chest, but I have always been extremely thin, so I figured I didn't have much room to complain. 

When I was 17, I read a magazine article on body types.  In one column, labeled "If you look like...," there were celebrities of all different shapes and sizes, and in the other column labeled, "You will never look like...," there were other celebrities with opposite body types.  I scanned the images and found my boyish-boob-less-hip-less figure in the form of Nicole Kidman.  Since I look like Nicole Kidman, I will never look like.... Scarlett Johansen.  It was then that I decided I loved my body.  It was cute, it was great (even my AA cups), everything worked, and it was mine!  I was stuck with it forever so I had better l♥ve it.

Since turning 25+2, I have noticed that my body has been changing.  I like to call it "late bloomer syndrome."  My waist has stayed the same but I've noticed that I look a lot less like a banana and a lot more like a squash.  My tiny AA's have grown to full B's and my hips would make any Mormon mom jealous (when the time comes, tons of babies will just shoot out!)  Even with these changes, I am still a very small size 2.  The other day at work, after a very lengthy discussion about the actual size of celebrities, and the skew the media puts on an "ideal body type,"  a bunch of us found a tape measure and decided to take our measurements and compare them to celebrities.

According to the Internet (a very reliable source)  I have the exact measurements as Shakira (32-24-37), only she is 5'1" and I am 5'7".  Most celebrities have large boobs and no hips.  For example, considering height, I am closest to Olivia Wilde who at 5'7" is 32-24-32.  After all of us found a close celebrity example, we googled swim suit photos of them, and let me just tell you, I do not look like either of those women in a bathing suit....  Anyway, on with FBFF.  

The Questions:

1. Since you started blogging has your image of yourself changed?
Not really.  I have noticed however is that the camera and the mirror project two very different images of what I look like.  I like the camera better, it's real and doesn't have all of the "insecurity issues" my brain projects on the mirror image.  The camera shows me I'm thin, even when the mirror doesn't... But, may hair always looks better in the mirror!

2. Are you self-conscious about any aspect of yourself? If so, do you go out of your way to avoid it or do you post it/talk about it anyway?
I have struggled with my skin since high school.  I have never had great skin, or anything close to it.  I have large pores and hormonal acne.  Hormonal = no cure/treatment.  A bad breakout can cause me to not take photos of myself, and even call into work (I seriously did this once).  It is the one thing I would change if I had a Celeb. status bank account.  Until then, I'll remain close friends with my Dermatologist.
3. Based on how you are feeling now, what do you think the future holds in the evolution of your body image?
I hope it stays the same.  I really don't have any issues with my body, my parents raised me to believe that I was beautiful no matter what the world (or my brothers) said.  I feel like worring about things I can't change, is a waste of time.  Like everyone, I have "fat days" or "ugly days", but I figure, I'm not willing to cause a breakout from stressing about it- so I don't let it get to me, I can't.  On those days, I put on jeans and baggy shirt and get on with my life.  This body is the only one I have, the one I'll always have, and so I have learned to love it simply because it's mine.  It's not easy, and it took years, but I love my body, bowed leg and all!

4. Do you photograph yourself for your blog? If so, how do you feel about the experience when you're having your picture taken? If you choose not to post pictures of yourself, what prompted that decision?
Yes and no.  I become great friends with my tripod, and when there is a photo of me on the blog, 90 % of the time it is a self portrait done with remote and tripod.  Most times I feel like an idiot dancing in the midle of the street, or outside my office building; it has tons of windows so everyone in their office can see me- but it must be done.  The other 10% of the photos of me are taken by nice brothers, or my co-worker and partner in crime (he's been doing all of the outfit photos lately!).

5. What would you want every person who struggles with body image to take to heart?
"97% of women will be unkind to their bodies today."  I read this quote in two recent magazine articles, and it makes me sad.  It is not logical to compare yourselves to what you see on TV or read in magazines.  If you do, google image search "unretouched celebrity photos."  They look just like everyone else in real life.  The ones that look heavy on TV are actually size 2-6, the girls that look like they have the "perfect" bodies on TV look like they just survived the Great Famine- in real life they look like they're starving to death. 

The way great self perception is to realize your stuck with your body.  It won't change without a complete lifestyle change, unreasonable hours in a gym, or giving up eating anything other than lean chicken and vegetables.  Learn to love what you have, never compare, and buy a pair of great shoes for the days you don't like what the mirror says.

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E'ery Thing I Do I Do It Big

I'm finished with my exams!!!  After about forty hours without sleeping, the huff-and-puff-blow-your-house-down wind, and a migraine I was pretty much a beaten up zombie last night.  All I wanted to do was put on my jammies and go see Never Say Never (yes in public in my jammies, that's how tired I was).  Unfortunately, little brother didn't admit he wanted to see it too- until it was too late.  So I settled for the Justin Beiber Experience on Glee.  It was amazing.

Today, I'm still a little Zombie-hung over because while trying to get dressed this morning, I accidentally put on two right-footed shoes.  I have three pairs of these shoes; I wear them all the time, they're comfortable, inexpensive, and they can be dressy or casual.  While in my rush to get to work on time, it didn't occur to me to check if I got a right foot and a left foot... Oopsie. 

I bought this skirt a while ago and I have been so excited to wear it, but I couldn't figure out what to pair with "mustard."  I also ordered this cardigan for Valentine's Day, but it didn't come until yesterday.  I think it is so darling, I had to wear it today, so I took a cue from Wiz Talifa and wore it with the skirt!  I l♥ve this outfit!  Last night when I was asking little brother if the pieces looked OK together, I asked, "what do you think of when you see this outfit?

Griff: "Grandma?"
Me:  "Umm  no.... Does it look like a grandma?!?  Try again."
Griff:  "Hot Dogs?  Mustard stains... That girl from Glee...Ugly?"

I gave up.  "The correct answer is, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow." Is anyone else obsessed with this song?  Apparently my family thinks it's lame because they think it is about the Stealer's, but according to the lyrics, it is about a car...
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Hippies and Grenades

I really should be studying.  But I'm not.  Instead I've got Bruno Mars' Grenade on repeat- I'm up to 23 plays. I can't get enough of this song, i just L♥VE it!  Oprah would be proud because I'm also multi-tasking.  I'm looking up dance studios here in town.  Anyone know where I can take Adult Hip Hop classes?   I miss dancing like CRAZY!  I need to find somewhere I can get my white girl on.  Any help would make life so much easier and help with my cortisol levels.

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Valentine's Day Memories

I saw this blog post over at Oh Mishka, and decided to copy.  I think everyone should copy and link back in the comments.

What I wore today.  I wish I had worn a skirt, but this is for all those e-mails from people asking me how I would wear my black skinny trousers to work. 

Elementary School: In the second grade, one of my "boyfriends" bought me a stuffed teddy bear and little red heart studs for pierced ears.  I didn't have pierced ears, and my mom wouldn't let me get them pierced.  I kept them until my 9th birthday when I finally got hole-punched, and I still wear them every Valentine's Day!

Middle School: I wasn't allowed to "date" or have "real boyfriends" until I was sixteen, but I remember my neighbor asked me to the school Valentine's Dance.  I told him I couldn't go "with him" because I was going with a group of my girlfriends, but I would dance with him when we got there.  Half way through the dance he dumped me for someone else (it was you Kendra!).  He cried a lot, not realizing I didn't care, because I had a crush on five other boys, and I didn't know you could break up with someone when you weren't dating.

Junior Year of High School: I was in love with this boy, but it turns out, so were all of my friends.  Two weeks prior to Valentine's Day we all found out that he was dating all of us!  Devastation ensued, but he still got me a ton of gifts for Valentine's Day.  He decorated my room, my car, gave me chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals, and took me to dinner and bowling.  Little high school girl, I forgave him and continued to get cheated on for years. Ha ha.

Freshman Year of College: My roommate and I were best friends, we decorated our dorm room, and bought each other flowers on campus and had them delivered to each other's classrooms, and signed the cards anonymous.  You have to look out for your girls!

Five Years Ago: A guy I dated waited until Valentine's Day to try to buy flowers, but the store was sold out, so he went to home depot and bought me a Rose bush.  It was hilarious.  I planted it in my backyard, but apparently our sprinklers weren't working, so they died.  Oops.

The Last Two Years: BF always sends me flowers for Valentine's day, and makes me home-made chocolate covered strawberries!  I told people at work this year that he makes really good ones, and he actually had a few orders!

This Year: At work this morning I was notified that I had a delivery at the reception desk.  I received these beautiful flowers with a very sweet card from BF.  About an hour later, the receptionist called and asked me to come up, so I did.  BF was there with a gift basket and a GIAGANTOR balloon. 

Every year not mentioned above I wore black and partied with my brothers. 

BF and I don't really have any Valentine's plans, I have two midterms this week, and he's working, so little gifts is about the extent of our holiday.  Last night I "heart attacked" his truck.  He was really excited (I could hear in his voice), but was trying to pretend like he was embarrassed; it was really cute.

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This is how we do it

I show BF I l♥ve him by giving him free hair cuts...  I hate to brag, but I'm getting really good with the electric clippers...  The brothers now ask me to cut their hair for free...

BF shows me he l♥ves me by taking an active interest in my hobbies.

PS.  It's about time for another haircut.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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The Good, The Bad, The Hillarious
Weekend Edition

Saturday Night Movie

The Good:  The movie.  We saw The Eagle in a sold out, jam packed theater.  I didn't know anything about it when we went , so I was pleasantly surprised.

The Bad:
Me to BF:  *sniff sniff*  in a whisper:  "Did you just fart?"
BF: No
Me: But it smells like one of yours....
BF: trying not to laugh No, no, no, no...
Me: Are you sure... it smells like....
BF: Trust me, it doesn't

The Hilarious:  BF and I laughing so hard- but not making any noise- that my face and stomach hurt the rest of the movie.  Even worse, after about five minutes of laughter, we both took in that satisfying recovery breath only to notice... *GAG* the fart had lingered!!!  It was so bad we couldn't help but have another round of silent laughter.


The Good: Sunday after-church nap

The Bad: Waking up around six o'clock, throwing on clothes, and crying because I was late for seminary.

The Hilarious: Remembering I graduated seminary almost 9 years ago, and it's not six in the morning, it was in fact, dinner time.

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Cupid's Arrow | Day 7

Day 7

L♥v-ahs and L♥vesGive your special someone a Heart Attack today!  Cut out as many construction paper hearts as you can stand, then decorate their bedroom door, or car with all of the love!  If you don't have access t to the inside of their home or car, attach the hearts to Popsicle sticks and stick them all over their front lawn!  Your lovies are sure to know how much you care after this one!
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Just Thinking

“It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions.”
~ Jim Rohn

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Sunny Saturday

What a beautiful, sunshine-y day we had today.  It is a nice change, from the "holy crap, how come it is so cold in the desert?" weather we've been having.

Originally, I put on red pants this morning.  They were a little loud, and so I changed, and threw on a red belt instead.  My mom thinks they are just "adorable," but I'm not totally convinced.  Maybe I'll try again later.

I am wearing zero makeup today. Zero.  My skin likes a break on the weekends.  Luckily for everyone, these photos are blurry so it's not noticeable.  I have been in a fight with my skin since Christmas Day, and I'm loosing.  I finally made a dermatologist appointment, I'm too old to be dealing with this.

I love my "chucks."  I haven't owned a pair since 7th grade.  BF bought some a few weeks ago, and he looked so cute, I decided I needed some too.

Reason #159 why I ♥ Saturdays... I planned on studying for my examS all day but instead I've been enjoying the movie marathon on FX, 27 Dresses, What Happens In Vegas, and Step Brothers.  AMAZING.

There is a reason for all of the "what-I'm-wearing" type of posts this week.  I'm considering doing a 30 for 30 challenge, and I want to make sure I can do it.  Taking photos of myself everyday without a "husband" or someone else to help is proving rather difficult.  I'm not sure I could do it every day...

I saw Toy Story 3 last night... everyone made fun of me because I didn't just get teary, I full on cried. 
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Cupid's Arrow | Day 6

Day 5

L♥v-ahIf you're married... Enjoy a romantic bubble bath together.  He's in charge of music and drinks, she's in charge of candles and bubbles.  If you're not married, but have a significant other, take time to enjoy a jacuzzi.  You can still designate drinks and candles, but I'd stay away from the bubbles on this one.  BF's favorite thing to do is sit in the spa.  I hate it because it's just too hot, but if I suggested we go for even just twenty minutes, I know he would be tickled pink. 

L♥vesAsk someone special how you can help them today.  In this crazy, busy world, everyone is a little stressed out and could use a little help from a friend.  Find out what small thing you can do to help them relax and lighten their load.

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Miss Priss Poll | February 11

1. Mood:  Energized!  Well, actually, after a week of not sleeping and working late hours, I'm pretty exhausted. "You look like crap," was the greeting I got upon arriving at work this morning.  Thanks...  In spite of it all, I'm determined to keep a positive attitude.  If I tell myself I am full of energy, maybe it will happen!  It worked when I was little and caught the Sunday Flu.  "Mom, I dont' feel good enough to go to church today," and BAM!  It would backfire would really get sick.

2. When things get stressful, how do you keep a level head?  I laugh.  I really try not get stressed in the first place, but lately I notice that I'm clinching my teeth a lot which means, I'm feeling stress whether or not I choose to acknowledge it.  Since the weather is getting "warmer," (if that's what I can call it), I like to go outside, jump around, and make a fool of myself with some co-workers... this brings on lots of laughter.  Laughing is amazing for our health, it's an ab workout, muscle relaxer and pretty-fier all in one!

3. What are you reading right now?  I am currently reading Biochemistry 7th Edition, as well as Ecology 5th Edition.  Fascinating.

4. Three simple pleasures?  Clean sheets, mail that's not bills, sunshine.

5. What’s one beauty trend you’d like to try? Orange lipstick.  I know it sounds crazy, but it was worn all over the Spring fashion show runways.  I think if done correctly it looks more like a pretty coral.  MAC has a pretty color called "Morange," and it's perfect, because the name is kind of a cross between Morgan & Orange!

6. Is there anything you’d tell yourself of five years ago?  Stay focused.  Don't get caught up in things that will make you forget who you are, your goals, or the quirks that make you unique.  Oh and keep dancing, you'll really miss it.

7. When no one is looking I… Pick my wedgies... look, this is not a proud moment, but you asked...

8. If we were to open your closet right now, what would we find?  Well, not a whole lot.  Seriously, my closet threw up all over my bedroom floor, I hate to admit it, but it's true.  I'm so organized and pulled together in most aspects of my life but clothing/closet is not one of them.  My closet itself is a hot mess, I keep meaning to overhaul it, because maybe if my closet looks nice, I'll want to hang up my clothes rather than throw them on the floor.  I'd like build shelves, add racks, baskets, etc., but I just can't seem to find the time...

9. Hair up or down?  Hmmm.... I usually wear it down, but once I get home for the evening, or if i'm just hanging out, the above pictured hairdo is usually in place.  As to which is better, I can't decide, it's like asking me to choose between making out with  Henry Cavill and Jake Gyllenhaal.

10. Weekly goals: Study study study.  I have 2 exams on Wednesday, and I'm feeling a little unprepared...  Good thing I have the weekend to get back on track.  And again, paint my toenails/finger nails, they're baaad.

You know how embarrassing it is when you show up to a party somewhere and you're wearing the exact same thing as someone else?  That happened to me today; only I didn't go to a party, I just came to work.  Today, I am wearing the same sweater and leggings combo as The Daybook. What can I say, great minds think alike, only her mind looks much cuter.  We didn't run into each other in real life, but the photos are on the Internet forever as proof that we are twins.  I do have to say, though that I love this sweater because it feels like a giant blanket.  The down side to wearing a Sunggie on casual Friday?  The ruffles in it kind of make me look like I have saggy-tube-sock-granny-boobs.  Lame.

Anyway, Happy Friday!  Is everyone excited for the weekend?  I am!  My brain quit working at about nine o'clock this morning.  Did anyone do anything fun this week, or does anyone have some AWESOME plans for this weekend?  I feel like between work and school I'm in a "My-life-is-pretty-boring" rut.  Please share your exciting stories, and I'll just live vicariously through you!

Your Turn
You know what to do!  Copy the survey, fill it out and paste in the comments, or on your blog.  Be sure to leave a link in the comments so I can read yours!
1. Mood:
2. When things get stressful, how do you keep a level head?
3. What are you reading right now?
4. Three simple pleasures?
5. What’s one beauty trend you’d like to try?
6. Is there anything you’d tell yourself of five years ago?
7. When no one is looking I…
8. If we were to open your closet right now, what would we find?
9. Hair up or down?
10. Weekly goals:

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Cupid's Arrow | Day 5

Day 5

L♥v-ahThe first time you see your lov-ah today, kiss each other for one whole minute.  To make it more fun, actually whip out a timer!  Try to get through all sixty seconds without laughing.  Then, give them fourteen more kisses through out the day! 

L♥vesHug your buddy!  I am a huggy-person, but I have noticed that a lot of people in my social circles are not.  It's not that they have negative feelings about hugging, they just don't do it often.  Today, hug someone to show them you love them.  People at work might get a little weirded out, but everyone needs the comforting reassurance of a hug every now and again!

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