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Hump Day Sprinkles

I spent a good part of the morning laughing.  I don't mean just laughing, I mean, I laughed like I do when I go to the Hallmark Store and stand there for an hour reading the funny cards, and get stares from the other customers because I'm laughing so loud.  Only, I wasn't reading Hallmark Cards, I was reading T-Shirts over at SnorgTees.com

Someone brought Dunkin Donuts to work today for breakfast.  Don't the sprinkles look delicious?  I ate the pink one with sprinkles and made Homer Simpson sounds the entire time!  Then I followed them up with two pieces of toast with Apricot & Pineapple jam, and a huge cup of hot chocolate... I can tell today is going be to great!

I understand there are crazy snow storms all over the country, but let me tell you, here in the Mojave Desert, it is positively bitter-cold!  I went outside to my car, and I kid-you-not with seconds, I could feel my bones sprouting icicles!  This morning on the news, they interviewed one of the tourists, who did not pack for the weather, but more for the city's reputation.  "I brought shorts and a swimsuit!" he said, when they asked him what he thinks about our unusually cold weather!  As for me, it looks like it's more hot chocolate, and sweats on the table tonight... and studying... blah.

I finished paying my Spring tuition today.  Take that lame-o financial aid department!  Not even your unwillingness to accept the money the government awarded me will keep me from getting an education...  Now, I have to start saving for next semester. 

And one more, sad little sprinkle...

I actually had a co-worker tell me this morning that I don't deserve the promotion I got!  Why?  She said that because I want to go to Medical School, and I won't be working in this field for the rest of my life, they should have given it to someone else.  What-ev.  I am awesome, no matter what field I work in.

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