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Cupid's Arrow | Day 6

Day 5

L♥v-ahIf you're married... Enjoy a romantic bubble bath together.  He's in charge of music and drinks, she's in charge of candles and bubbles.  If you're not married, but have a significant other, take time to enjoy a jacuzzi.  You can still designate drinks and candles, but I'd stay away from the bubbles on this one.  BF's favorite thing to do is sit in the spa.  I hate it because it's just too hot, but if I suggested we go for even just twenty minutes, I know he would be tickled pink. 

L♥vesAsk someone special how you can help them today.  In this crazy, busy world, everyone is a little stressed out and could use a little help from a friend.  Find out what small thing you can do to help them relax and lighten their load.

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