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Valentine's Day Memories

I saw this blog post over at Oh Mishka, and decided to copy.  I think everyone should copy and link back in the comments.

What I wore today.  I wish I had worn a skirt, but this is for all those e-mails from people asking me how I would wear my black skinny trousers to work. 

Elementary School: In the second grade, one of my "boyfriends" bought me a stuffed teddy bear and little red heart studs for pierced ears.  I didn't have pierced ears, and my mom wouldn't let me get them pierced.  I kept them until my 9th birthday when I finally got hole-punched, and I still wear them every Valentine's Day!

Middle School: I wasn't allowed to "date" or have "real boyfriends" until I was sixteen, but I remember my neighbor asked me to the school Valentine's Dance.  I told him I couldn't go "with him" because I was going with a group of my girlfriends, but I would dance with him when we got there.  Half way through the dance he dumped me for someone else (it was you Kendra!).  He cried a lot, not realizing I didn't care, because I had a crush on five other boys, and I didn't know you could break up with someone when you weren't dating.

Junior Year of High School: I was in love with this boy, but it turns out, so were all of my friends.  Two weeks prior to Valentine's Day we all found out that he was dating all of us!  Devastation ensued, but he still got me a ton of gifts for Valentine's Day.  He decorated my room, my car, gave me chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals, and took me to dinner and bowling.  Little high school girl, I forgave him and continued to get cheated on for years. Ha ha.

Freshman Year of College: My roommate and I were best friends, we decorated our dorm room, and bought each other flowers on campus and had them delivered to each other's classrooms, and signed the cards anonymous.  You have to look out for your girls!

Five Years Ago: A guy I dated waited until Valentine's Day to try to buy flowers, but the store was sold out, so he went to home depot and bought me a Rose bush.  It was hilarious.  I planted it in my backyard, but apparently our sprinklers weren't working, so they died.  Oops.

The Last Two Years: BF always sends me flowers for Valentine's day, and makes me home-made chocolate covered strawberries!  I told people at work this year that he makes really good ones, and he actually had a few orders!

This Year: At work this morning I was notified that I had a delivery at the reception desk.  I received these beautiful flowers with a very sweet card from BF.  About an hour later, the receptionist called and asked me to come up, so I did.  BF was there with a gift basket and a GIAGANTOR balloon. 

Every year not mentioned above I wore black and partied with my brothers. 

BF and I don't really have any Valentine's plans, I have two midterms this week, and he's working, so little gifts is about the extent of our holiday.  Last night I "heart attacked" his truck.  He was really excited (I could hear in his voice), but was trying to pretend like he was embarrassed; it was really cute.

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  1. Your Junior year of house school bf was quite the catch. I remember he tried to pay me $50 to use the f-word in math class. It's good you can look back and laugh! :)

  2. @Christie
    That totally sounds like something he would do! What a lame-o

  3. Hmmm...what guy are you talking about and who else would he also date?!?!?!! LOL Totally sounds like something he would do Christie! We could go on and on about that subject. Oh High School DRAMA soooooo funny now! We could compile a whole lotta "lame-o" stories on that one! Who was the boy in middle school? I can't remember? Kendra how could you! LOL

  4. @Toni Ludlow
    Justin Kearney! Ha ha ha. Oh to be young!


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