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Hippies and Grenades

I really should be studying.  But I'm not.  Instead I've got Bruno Mars' Grenade on repeat- I'm up to 23 plays. I can't get enough of this song, i just L♥VE it!  Oprah would be proud because I'm also multi-tasking.  I'm looking up dance studios here in town.  Anyone know where I can take Adult Hip Hop classes?   I miss dancing like CRAZY!  I need to find somewhere I can get my white girl on.  Any help would make life so much easier and help with my cortisol levels.

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  1. I definitely cannot help you in the dance department.

    But I LOVE your outfit and that song!

  2. You're the cutest hippie I ever did see! I, too, am obsessed with that song, to say the least. It's such a good one to belt out to in the car. Have you looked into a Zumba class? It's my other favorite addiction. It's a workout class that mixes hip hip, latin, belly dancing, you name it. It's crazy fun, and an awesome workout! Check your local rec center, that's where mine is. Good luck!

  3. @The Nate and Sara Project
    I have heard of Zumba, and I'm sort of obsessed with the DVD infomercials, but I haven't tried it. I should, until I find an actual dance class, this might be the closest I get!


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