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Cupid's Arrow | Day 3

Day 3

L♥v-ah: Go through a scrapbook of your time together as a couple.  Reminisce about all of the times you had that made you fall in love.  If your photos are just scattered around, spend time together organizing them into a photo album, or head over to Shutterfly, and create an awesome digital album.  Because I'm always the one with the camera, I'm the one with all of the photos of BF and I. I recently went to Shutterfly and created the cutest-photo-album-ever of our cruises and gave it to him for a "just because" present.  He loved it!

L♥vesMake some memories!  It isn't common for most people to have a ton of photos with people other than their significant other or best friend.  Take your group of friends or family members and get to a park.  Set your camera on a wall or sturdy piece of playground equipment and hit the self-timer button.  Jump, run, or just laugh with your buddy and capture the reasons why you love them!  You don't need to spend a bunch of money or hire a photographer for this project.  If you want to, put the photos in an album, or again, get one from Shutterfly!
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