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Super Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was pretty much Super!  And below are my reasons why: {PS Sorry no photos, I really must start taking more}

The Superbowl

I don't watch football.  In fact I dread football season, because whenever we have family get-togethers, football is on the TV all-day-ever-day.  I can't stand it.  So this year for the Superbowl, I went shopping {yes on Sunday- don't tell my bishop}.  I made it up to my grandparent's house to catch the second half of the commercials.  That's usually why I watch the Superbowl, the commercials.  I didn't realize that Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback for the Packers.  I met him a few years ago while I was photographing the ESPY awards, only back then he didn't play for Green Bay- He played for the Cardinals, and he was second or third string.  Anyway, I basically had to follow him around for a few hours and take his picture.  He was the nicest guy, and so dreamy- so whilst waiting for commercials, I decided to vote for the Packers.


Has everyone heard that they are making another Superman movie?  Do you know who they cast to play Mr. Clark Kent himself?!?!  I am thrilled to announce that it's my Hollywood Boyfriend, Henry Cavill!!!  When I first heard the news I was ecstatic, because I've been in ♥ with ol' Hank for years now and  I was glad to hear that he finally won the bid for a role.  But, after a few minutes it hit me... (and this was my actual thought process) "Dang it!  Now he's going to get super-famous, and I'll never have the chance to date him!"  My mom told me to give him a call and ask him to go on a date with me before he gets really famous.  She assured me she believes he would say yes... Great, let me get right on that...

Super Cute Pants

As previously mentioned, I went shopping this weekend.  It has been for.ev.er. since I went clothes shopping, because honestly, I hate clothes shopping.  It's overwhelming, and it's tough to plan on going around "good-body-days."  However, I knew exactly what I was looking for, I went to only one store, I found them and I bought them.  I am now the owner of The Really Skinny Pant in black from the Gap!  I've been wanting skinny, black, dress pants for a really long time!  They are so chic and so comfortable!  I am in l♥ve with them, and want to wear them everyday, but apparently that's unsanitary. 

Super Healthy Hair

I finally went to my favorite place on Earth this weekend- the Salon.  My stylist is finally back from maternity leave and it was high time I got my wanna-be ombr√© hair fixed.  The brown base had faded so bad that my hair looked kind-of-sort-of-supposed-to-be-blond-but-it's-brown and it started to go really ashy-gray-green, the dyed roots were red-brown and grown out, and my natural roots were coming in blond.  It's safe to say, my head was a hot-mess!  I wanted to go blond, but more than that, I wanted everything fixed.  I dyed it all a medium brown color, and put in a few highlights.  Then she cut off all my super-dried-out-from-winter-split-ends, and it ended up being about 4"!  Dang it, now my hair is short again.  All of that coloring and cutting took close to four hours, so we were both ready to go home.  The blond will have to remain in hibernation for another month or so.

SuperFan of Fashion Blogs

Lately, I am obsessed with fashion bloggers!  My previous blog roll has consisted mainly of photography and make-up blogs, but I tell you, the fashion world is taking me by storm!  My favorites are Kendi Everyday, Dwelling & Telling, and the Daybook.  Not only are these girls gorgeous, they are so stylish, and I l♥ve that they are not afraid of color, or mixing patterns!  Sometimes I wish I were stylish.  I have no eye for fashion; basically as long as it doesn't itch, I'll wear it, but I prefer a t-shirt and jeans.  These ladies are inspiring me to step outside of my comfort zone and really just have fun with my clothes.

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  1. Haha I think its funny you just posted about loving the Daybook. Juston works and exercises with her husband and just told me about her blog. As I was stalking it this weekend I thought, "I bet Morgan would like this blog." So I was going to comment and tell you to check it out. Haha guess I don't need to do that!

  2. That is so funny! I only found her blog about 2 weeks ago, and I should get a restraining order for blog-stalking. She is so adorable!

  3. I had no idea a "fancy" black skinny jean existed (but I am pretty out of the know here, stranded in the desert). I would like to submit a request for you doing a "how to" post on pulling off the corporate look with a skinny jean. Because, after all, you are my fashion blog I stalk. :)

  4. @The Nate and Sara Project
    Oh they're not jeans, they trousers!!! But super skinny trousers! Think "work pants" material but with the fun edge of the skinny jean "look." I'll post one later this week for sure.


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