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Sexiest Man Alive

Last weekend, People Magazine released it's 2010 list for their Sexiest Men Alive.  I oogled the pages, hoping to savor each piece of eye candy.  I was slightly disappointed to find that I disagreed with most of "the People's" picks.  After a little thought, I discovered, I'm not really "attracted" to most celebrities.  They are nice looking, don't get me wrong, but there are very few that I would actually make-out with.  After creating this little list, it seems that I definitely have a type - tall, dark, and handsome- just like every other woman on this planet!  Well, without further ado, here is my list of the Top 3 Sexiest men in Hollywood: 

One word: Wolverine.  Hello!  Did anyone see this little movie, or any of the X-Men movies for that matter?  If so then there should be no question as to why Mr. Jackman made my list.  Not only is he chock full of rippling pectorals, he sings, and dances, and he's good!  He once gave Mrs. Barbra Walters a little preview of a Broadway show he was starring in... a full on lap dance!!! (Click here to see it)  Not only is this guy totally handsome,  he's from Australia!  All he has to do is say "G'day mate, let's throw another shrimp on the barbie," and I would probably flush and giggle like an idiot.

It's not surprise here that Other BF would be on my Sexiest Men Alive list, I ♥ him.  He has been in the Hollywood spotlight for a while, but until recently, he was never really super-famous. Therefore, to me, that made him "attainable," [oh yeah, I could totally land a date with JG!]  Then there was that cowboy movie, and he dated that super famous actress, and now he seems to be everywhere.  I've only ever seen one movie he's been in, but it was awesome!  Jake earned his spot on my list for being oh-so-gorgeous, and having the best set of abs I've seen in awhile.  Plus, this guy is hilarious.  When recently asked what his favorite romantic song was, he replied, "I whip my hair back and fourth, I whip my hair back and fourth."  It's silly-sort-of-lame things like that that make us ladies go crazy.

My number 1 pick is most definitely Henry Cavill.  I often forget about him because he isn't huge over here in the States (yet), and lives across the pond.  Let's just stare at the above picture for a minute, and drool.  I first saw Henry in The Count of Monte Cristo when he was just a wee lad, and then he had a small, but totally-diabolical-stab-his-friend-in-the-back-but-it's-ok-cause-he's-a-total-hottie roll in Tristan & Isolde (both of those movies are AWESOME by the way.)  However, I didn't completely fall in ♥ with him until I saw him on the Tudors, a series on Showtime about Henry the VIII.  He plays ol' Hank's best friend forever, and he is the reason I never missed an episode... and purchased all 4 seasons on DVD.  He is known in Tinseltown as "Hollywood's Most Unlucky Actor,"  why?  He is often a runner up for HUGE roles, but looses out to other actors. 

For example, it was between Henry and Brandon Roth to play the new Superman in Superman Returns, Brandon got the part. It was between Daniel Craig and Henry to play the "young" James Bond in Casino Royale (producers felt Henry was too young of a James Bond)  AND, and this is a true fact, when Stephanie Mayer was writing the Twilight series, Henry is who she pictured as Edward!  However, by the time the movie rights were purchased, and filming began, at 24, he looked too old to play an immortal 17 year old (despite Stephanie's pushes to cast Henry anyway).  At 6'1" he has a physique resembling a bronzed statue, hypnotizing baby-blues, and a British accent. [These guys are killing me with the accents!] I wish we could start to see more of him.  He is absolutely delicious!

So that's it, my picks for the sexiest men alive!  Who are yours?

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