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I am Spartacus

This past weekend, I decided to just relax.  I didn't do anything, and it was wonderful.  I didn't study, I didn't do my hair or wear makeup, I literally didn't do anything.  Saturday night, I was channel surfing, and landed on Starz.  Looking for mindless entertainment, I thought 300 was playing, but actually it was the last twenty minutes of an episode of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

After watching for about 10 minutes, I became obsessed.  Totally hot guys running around in loin cloths?  Yes please!  It turns out, that Gods of the Arena is the second season of the show, but is actually a prequel to the first season, Spartacus: Blood & Sand.  When the episode ended, I instantly got onto Netflicks (they have Starz series instantly available) and began to watch.  Saturday night I watched four episodes of Blood and Sand, and Sunday, I finished the first season, and watched the two full episodes of the second... Yes that's right I spent 15 hours of my weekend watching Spartacus.  It was amazing! Don't be jealous.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand tells the story of Spartacus, his capture, enslavement and rise to become a champion Gladiator.  The best part is, it's played by this guy: 

Andy Whitfield.  Guess what?  Not only is he delicious to look at, he's Australian.  I've seriously considered relocating, because Australia produces some Mega-Hotties.  Sadly, before beginning season two, Andy was diagnosed with lymphoma.  Enter Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.  Originally meant to be a six-part mini-prequel to be filmed and aired while Andy recovered.  Unfortunately, he relapsed during pre-production, and so some other, not-so-hottie will be cast as Spartacus in the future seasons. Can you hear my heart breaking?

The good news?  Gods of the Arena is now going be a full season and it give us Gannicus:

Dustin Clare.  Guess what?  Another Aussie!  I don't think he's as beautiful as Spartacus, but he's a BAMF who can Gladiate (is that what Gladiators do?) blindfolded, so he'll certainly do. 

If you loved the filming style of 300, with the drama, tension, and heartbreak of Gladiator, if you don't mind blood, or "very adult content," then this show is definitely for you.  Bonus:  If you don't get Starz, or have Netflicks, all of Season 1 and the first two episodes of Season 2 are available for viewing on the Starz website!  I've been looking for another guilty pleasure since The Tudors ended, and well, my friends, I do believe I've found it!

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83rd Academy Award's Giveaway!

It's no secret.  I L♥VE movie award season!  I love movies, I love celebrities, and I love seeing what everyone wears, and i love having my own private version of The Fashion Police in my living room.  Today, one of the vendors that my office works with came by and dropped off a ballot sheet.  They are having a "Fantasy Oscar Winner contest."  Everyone who wishes to participate pays $5.00 to join and the winner(s) get to keep all the money along with other prizes!  Of course I am totally in!

I decided this might be a fun little contest for my bloggy-blog as well.  So I am hosting my very-own contest, with a giveaway to the winner(s).  Click here to download your very own PDF ballot sheet

There are 2 ways to enter:

1.  Fill out your picks of 24 categories, and scan and upload it.  From there you can e-mail it to me (via the e-mail link at the top of my blog), or upload the document using a document loader such as Google or Dropbox.com (Both are Free!), then put the document's link in the comments below THIS POST (PS feel free to leave a comment in this post, but just know that only comments following contest entries will be counted for the giveaway).

2.  I don't want to make this give-away too easy, so if you don't have access to a scanner and all that uploading jazz makes your eyes cross; you can write a blog post announcing your picks!  But, the blog post can't just be a half-arsed "here-are-my-picks-list."  Make it cute, and pretend to put some time into it. 

Whoever gets the most correct winners will win prizes worth up to $100.00!**

The Rules:

1.  You must be a public follower of my blog.  If you don't know how to do that, click one of the options under "Subscribe" on the top right of any page of my blog.  It looks like this:

2.  Fill Out/Scan/Upload/Blog your ballot sheet, and leave the link to it in the comments below THIS POST or e-mail them to me with the subject line reading: 83rd Academy Awards Official Ballot.

3.  The Deadline is Midnight on February 26, 2011, the night before the actual awards show.

Good luck everyone!


Click Here for Prizes!

**Must get at least 15 correct**

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Spa Sundays

Not always...
But sometimes...

It is fun to play hookie from Church to have an at-home spa day!

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MissPriss Beauty Poll | January 29, 2011

1. Mood:  To be honest, a little anxious.  I feel like I have a lot on my plate, and I don't know how to go about tackling it... I need to get organized, and the thought of doing it is overwhelming - I just need to remember to breathe and I'll be fine. 

2. Are you a red lipstick kinda girl?  Not yet, but I'm trying to be!  I'm definitely a COLOR lipstick kind of girl (The nude/light pink stuff looks like concealer-lips on me).  Heck, even a BRIGHT lipstick kind of girl.  I just haven't mastered the art of RED lipstick yet.

3. Do you wear a watch?  Yes and no...  I used to wear a watch every single day of my life...  From about the 5th grade until college.  Then the battery died, and instead of replacing it, I decided I need a new watch.  I have asked for one for my Birthday and Christmas for the past 2 years,  and I got one this year, but it wasn't what I wanted, so I exchanged it.  A Rose Gold Michael Kors watch is next on my list of Stuff-to-buy-myself after I get my darn tuition paid this semester!

4. What was the most cringe-worthy beauty moment of your teenage years?  Toni, you're going to laugh...  We used to do the most horrid lipstick look ever!  I had this eyeliner that I stole from my mom Freshman year- which I still use today... not the same one, but the same color - L♥VE it.  It is a bronzy-brown-gold eyeliner from L'Oreal, and Toni had this Champagne color lipstick from Cover Girl or Mary Kay or something... Oh yes we went there... Dark brown liner, with super light, shimmery, gold-ish lipstick....  We looked HAWT!  If I can find a picture, I'll post it.

5. Have you ever purchased a beauty product from a vending machine?  They have these!?!?!  Holly smokes, that just made my day!  I haven't, only because I didn't know these existed... Now that I know they do, I'll have to find one, and see what they have!

6. Do you like where you live?  I love it here!  Apparently I'm one of the only ones.  It's warm/hot most of the year, but not humid so my hair doesn't go flat/frizz;  there are no bugs (except roaches), no snow, and everyone knows everyone (seriously, it's crazy how this big city has such a small town feel).

7. Is there a movie you’ve been wanting to see?  I haven't seen a movie in the theater for a LONG time, there are a few I want to see, but they are all "I would rather wait until they come out on DVD."  Seriously, Hollywood, what's the mediocrity lately?  I do actually want to see Black Swan, and that other one with Natalie Portman... I think I might have a little girl crush on her...

8. Where would you like to visit?  Everywhere!  Oh you mean pick one?  This year BF are trying to decide where to go on our yearly vacation. On the table? Hawaii or the Mediterranean, I'd love to visit either, equally.  Oh, and BF keeps throwing Ireland in there.

9. What’s one thing you love about yourself?  I am very reasonable and logical.  I didn't realize this until I began to notice how unreasonable everyone else is.  People love dramatics, stress and blowing things out of proportion, and so when I say something reasonable or sensible, it makes me look really smart. "Why didn't I think of that?"

10. Weekly goals: Get back on my studying track.  I created a study schedule and it has pretty much gone by the wayside...  It's funny how much time cooking and American Idol take away from study time...

Hi lovelies!  Did everyone have a good week?  I wouldn't call mine good, but I did get a lot accomplished.  I've decided to join iHeart Organizing in her year-long home organization project.  If you're interested check it out.  She's breaking it down so that a little gets done everyweek- and each step takes maybe 5 minutes.  I also still managed to get some homework done amidst playing "Cook" for my family.  I was worried about the status of my Domestic Goddess-ness, but it turns out, I CAN COOK!  Who knew? 

Everything I made this week was a hit, and I got lots of compliments from the guys.  I'm not going to take it up full time (that's what Mom, Grandma, and BF are there for, and I wouldn't want to put them out of business), but I'm glad to know that I can do it as an alternative to fast food/Starving to death- and I really enjoy it!  I tried to challenge myself each night to get most of the meal prepared, so that the next day I would spend less than 1 hour getting dinner together (including prep and cook time).

Your turn! 
Copy this Poll and paste on your blog or in the comments.  If you put it on your blog, be sure to leave a link in the comments, I'd L♥VE to read your responses!

1. Mood:
2. Are you a red lipstick kinda girl?
3. Do you wear a watch?
4. What was the most cringe-worthy beauty moment of your teenage years?
5. Have you ever purchased a beauty product from a vending machine?
6. Do you like where you live?
7. Is there a movie you’ve been wanting to see?
8. Where would you like to visit?
9. What’s one thing you love about yourself?
10. Weekly goals:

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Do you remember Mike Myer's little "Woman" song in So I Married An Ax-Murder?  The moan of the trumpet, and the light ringing of symbols... yea, I hear it now.  "Woman, woah-man, woooaaaaah-MAN!"

I'm going to let ya'll in on a little conversation I had this afternoon, while on my lunch break.

Brother:  Eww, your hair is greasy.
Me: What the!?  No it's not, I just washed it this morning... not even 6 hours ago... Twice actually.
Brother:  You washed your hair twice?
Me:  Yea, since it's getting to Rapunzel length, I have to split in sections, usually two, and then wash each section, but then it doesn't always feel clean, so I wash the whole thing again afterwards... Divide and Conquer!
Brother:  Well, it's greasy.

Come to think of it, I was just plain having an ugly day.  My hair fell flat within 15 minutes of doing it, it did look greasy, my face had been really shiny all day even with the use of blot sheets and powder, and, uggghhh I just felt icky.

Back at work, when I was telling my buddy about the above conversation, she said, "Yea, your hair does look greasy."  Fantastic.  She even reached into her desk drawer, and pulled out a little tiny red bottle of white powdery "hair volumizer" and said, "Here, this is supposed to help.  I don't use it so you can have it."  Not knowing what it was or how to use it, I opened it and briefly began to Salt & Pepper my head. 


My hair still looked dirty (dirty sounds better that greasy), and now it felt like there was waxy pomade in it.  Gross.

I decided to quit worrying about it.  When I got home this evening, and cracked open one of my many magazines, I stumbled across an article.  It was fascinating.  My problem was not that I was having an ugly day, or that my Shampoo took the day off... My problem was that I am in fact female, and my body's cycle works to sabotage my looks all of the time.

Consider this an introduction to a four part series about the "Woes of Womanhood." 

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Our Best Bites

Does anyone else follow Our Best Bites?  I have been a follower of this cooking blog for years and I love everything about it!  These girls make the yummiest stuff that not only will I eat, but that I can actually cook too!  Not only are they so clever - especially around holidays - with food and treat recipes, the photography of the food on the blog rivals that of most ACTUAL Photographers (including mine).

While I have been playing domestic goddess, this week, and cooking up a storm (seriously, you should be so lucky to be invited over to dinner this week!), I am still a newbie when it comes to cooking.  I like fast, to the point, filling, delicious recipes, and OBB delivers!  I had questions answered about substitutions, equivalents, etc.  Because these ladies are busy moms, most of the ingredients they use are kid friendly, and are things we have had laying around the pantry.  In the past 3 days, I have prepared 3 dinners, complete with sides and have made two trips to the grocery store -  totaling $5.72 - to get "Oh I need that but don't have it" items.

So... Imagine my excitement when I heard that there is an Our Best Bites cookbook coming out!  I stole some photos from their site for your viewing pleasure.  You can now pre-order through Deseret Book, $21.00, but if you use code BESTBITES at checkout you will get 15% off! 

Look at how gorgeous that picture is!

Full page photos throughout!

Helpful info for newbies like me!

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Chicken & Dumplings

My Fweetie moved back up to Salt Lake City Monday (sadface), and my mom went with him to help him unpack and settle in.  With mom gone for a week, the other men-folk in my family will inevitably starve to death.  So I have decided to take dinner-matters into my own hands, and continue to develop as a Domestic Goddess!

Me and Colby circa 1984

Last night, I rummaged around the gigantor freezer in the garage and found some quick and tasty frozen pasta meals, so I made those for everyone.  Then I figured I may as well get something in mind for Tuesday night.  The more I thought about it, the more I dreaded coming home from a long day at work, preparing and cooking a meal, and then doing my homework.  All work and no play makes Morg a dull girl

Just then, I remembered that while my cooking skills are not on par with those of say Professional-Chef-BF, the Crock Pot is MY BEST FRIEND!  I asked the guys what they wanted for dinner tomorrow, beef, pork, or chicken.


OK, hmm, what does my mom have in the pantry that goes with chicken....

After naming off a few ideas, all shut down, I stumbled on a very basic Chicken & Dumplings recipe.  I like bread, but I like doughy bread even more.  It's settled, I decided we would have Chicken & Dumplings for dinner tomorrow.  The recipe, with only three ingredients - Chicken, biscuits, Cream of Chicken - while convenient and easy, sounded a little.  So I decided to dress it up a bit and came up with this recipe:

{Click to Enlarge - I made the recipe card myself, however I  drew inspiration from IHeart Organizing's blog!  I L♥VE her!}

This is actually a compilation of about five different Chicken & Dumplings recipes I found online.  Knowing that I am not going to wake up early enough to prepare this at six in the morning, I decided to get most of the meal prepared tonight, so that I can just dump it in tomorrow.

I set the chicken breasts and biscuits in the fridge to thaw overnight. 

I chopped all of the required vegetables and put them in a container in the fridge, as well as mixed the Cream of Chicken soup and Chicken Broth in a separate container.

I also pre-measured out all of the spices and put them into a Ziploc baggie.

I did have to make some substitutions because we didn't have everything I needed, and I didn't feel like going to the grocery store because  the new he's-kind-of-a-jerk-but-he's-hot Bachelor was on.  Thank goodness for google, because I was able to find just the substitutions I needed!  (Seriously, I L♥VE Google)  They are as follows:

2-3 Cloves Garlic - I only had Minced Garlic.  The standard conversion is:
1 clove = 1 teaspoon chopped garlic = 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic = 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder = 1/2 teaspoon garlic flakes = 1/4 teaspoon granulated garlic = 1/2 teaspoon garlic juice

1 Onion -  I only had Onion Powder.  The standard conversion is:
1 small onion = 1/3 cup = 1 teaspoon onion powder = 1 tablespoon dried onion flakes
I also read somewhere - and BF confirmed - that when cooked, apples have the same flavor and texture as onions, so I threw 1/2 of a chopped apple in along with the onion powder.

1 Bay Leaf - I didn't have this either, or anything "bay."  I read on numerous google searches that 6 Juniper Berries could be substituted for 1 leaf.  Strangely enough, I had Juniper Berries!  I bought them a few months ago while trying this crazy-strange-but-delicious recipe (think strain the food through cheesecloth kind of strange).  So I emptied a tea bag and stuck 4 berries (just in case it was too strong of a flavor) in it, and re-tied it with the string.  This way, no one eating will bite into a very flavorful dried berry, I can just take out the bag after cooking.

On my lunch break today I came home and cut the chicken...

Threw in my pre-chopped veggies, and spices, and then covered with the soups and turned on the pot!

Then, I tore each biscuit into 5-7 pieces and put them back in the fridge before going back to lunch... Total time spent, 10 minutes!

So that's it!  It seems a bit complicated, but from finding the recipes, to consolidating them, to googling substitutions and preparation, it took me about 30 minutes.  I hope it turns out, I'd hate to get off work tomorrow, and be hungry, and have to find something else to eat, because this turns out to be a wash... Wish me luck!


This is what was waiting for us after work/school!  It kind of looked like puke, but the smell was AMAZING!

We just finished dinner, and oh my goodness it was delicious.  I really hate to toot my own horn, but I am a crock pot genius!  Everyone else thought so too!

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kind of copied

Monday, my nemisis

Dear Monday-

I would just like to start by saying, you have won the battle, but you haven't won the war.  I think today is probably the worst day I've had in a long time, and here's why:

1.  Who knew removing a staple could be so dangerous?  You did, Monday, you knew that said staple would end up stabbing my finger and causing me to worry all day about the date of my last tetanus shot!

2.  As if a hole in my finger wasn't bad enough, I had to go and burn another finger!  The gigantic blister that formed is so tender, and now my good hand, the one I need to do homework tonight, is practically out of commission... And, the necessary band-aids are covering my cute houndstooth nails!

3.  Just when I thought you couldn't get any worse, you drank all the milk!  How am I supposed to enjoy this big bowl of Coco Puffs without any milk?!?!?

Oh Monday, you win this time, but next week, it's on!

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Giveaway Winner Announced

The winner of the Hump Day Giveaway from last week is:

Congratulations, Sara!  Sara is married to Evan's (my brother) favorite mission companion ever, Nathan!  Nate and Evan were companions for a long time, I think 6 months or so- which is usually unheard of. Even after transfers they kept ending up as companions!  They even named their little boy Evan after my brother, and he's SOO cute!  I'm still finding adding some little things to your prize, but if you e-mail with your address, I'll send it later this week!  Hope all is well! 

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It's about that time...

The other night BF and I went to visit the M's.  I should mention that I have two pairs of the same shoe.  Basically, I bought one earlier this summer and wore the faux-leather footwear without socks... They started to smell bad, so I bought another pair.  BUT, I never threw away the OG-stink-nasty ones... and didn't really think about it.  Well, Big M loves to wear my shoes whenever we visit, she dances around in them and carries around my purse, "just like me."  Well, I must have put on the wrong shoes when I left, because when she went over to put on the classic black flats, she said, "Peee-ew!  Mo-kin, these shoes stink! You need to wash your dirty feet.

*Facepalm*  Awesome, I just got told by a 4 year old.

Also, I thought this was SO cute.  Big M was really excited that we came over because she had gotten some new Princess themed nail polishes, and was dying to try them out on someone.  Since I had just given myself a totally awesome manicure, it was up to BF to take one for the team.  This is BF getting his Princess manicure with his girls. {By the way, if you're thinking that we're crazy for giving a 4 year old nail polish, not to worry.  This stuff was - we decided- just Elmer's Glue with colored glitter in it.  Since Big M still remembers my 4th of July nails, she painted BF's green and blue striped!}


Check it out!

PS. Today is the last day to enter the giveaway.  I'll draw a name and contact the winner tomorrow (Monday) morning.

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Miss Priss Beauty Poll | January 21, 2011

1. Mood:  Anxious and tired.  I just went to a jewelry party that BF's mom was hosting.  I wasn't planning on buying anything, and then I ended up buying a bunch of stuff...  I always get anxious after spending money though, even if it's just a little bit.  I'll go to the gas station and buy a vitamin water and then chew off all of my nails because I spent a whole $1.25!  I don't know why... I'm a good saver, and never impulse-splurge.  I guess that's just part of my inner "hoarder."

2. I really wish I could _______: find a bag with a ba-jillion dollars in it.  "They" {stupid they} say that money can't buy happiness, but I'd like to be given a chance to prove them wrong...

3. The new season of Jersey Shore: Love it or leave it? Meh, leave it.  I was so in ♥ with the first season, but now the fist-pumpin'-glitz has worn off and  I'm sort of over the whole thing.  Abs and a blow-out can only keep my attention for so long...

4. Last beauty-related thing you did for yourself?  Last night I gave my feathers hair a deep conditioning treatment followed by a hot oil treatment.  I've been trying to get ahold of my hair stylist for over a week because my hair is a hot mess!  Seriously, if she doesn't call me back soon I'm going to have to break up with her! 

5. Do you do any arts/crafts like knitting, drawing, etc.? I love arts and crafts!  I knit, crochet, draw, scrapbook, sew, make hair accessories and jewelry, take pictures, etc.  However, I don't do nearly as much as I would like to.  I have daily arguments with myself on how "un-creative" I am.  But then sometimes I'll make something, and surprise myself!  I've got a few little projects up my sleeve, but we'll see how long it takes me to get around to them.

6. Eyes/Lips/Face/Nails/Outfit?

Eyes: MAC Blanc Type, MAC Mac Era, MAC Espresso and MAC Mulch.  A little Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Perversion and Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Lips: Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Peach, MAC lipglass in Flurry of Fun.  I love peach lips lately.
Face:  Bobbi Brown Corrector, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Bare Minerals blush in Vintage Pearl MAC Stereo Rose MSF.

Nails: Oh em gee, I'm going to do a separate post on this one... They're so tacky AWESOME! Stay tuned!

Outfit:  Denim button up shirt with black skinny jeans and black flats. I have been really hot all day, denim is not the best fabric to wear head to toe in warm weather... but I look really cute!
7. Have you been sticking to your New Year’s resolutions?  What New Year's resolutions..... SIKE!  (Do you remember "sike?")  Gotcha!  Well, they're going... they're going.  I'll leave it at that.

8. What makeup do you reach for when you only have 5 minutes to get ready?  Multi-tasking products!  They are awesome.  Think tinted moisturizer, blush/lipcolor duos, etc.  Maybe I'll do a 5 minute face routine blog and go into more detail... maybe...

9. When you aren't working, how do you like to unwind?:  Three words: Sweat-pants-NetFlicks. I really do just like to sit in front of the TV and zone out. 
10. Weekend goals: Get a pedicure!  Seriously, these talons are out of control.  Come to think of it I should just give myself a "spa staycation."  BF thinks its high time I shave my legs ("Now that's it's getting warmer, you dont' need that much insulation.), my eyebrow needs waxing... *Sigh* the weekend is not long enough considering all the work I need done.

Your Turn
Copy and fill out this this poll in the comments or on your own blog.  Be sure to link so I can read yours!

1. Mood:
2. Did you do anything fun over the weekend?
3. The new season of Jersey Shore: Love it or leave it?
4. Last beauty-related thing you did for yourself?
5. Do you do any arts/crafts like knitting, drawing, etc.?
6. Eyes/Lips/Face/Nails/Outfit?
7. Have you been sticking to your New Year’s resolutions?
8. What makeup do you reach for when you only have 5 minutes to get ready?
9. When you aren't working, how do you like to unwind?:
10. Weekly goals:

Hey ladies!  We made it through another busy week!  I started school again on Wednesday and have been playing catch-up at work.  Speaking of work, guess who got a promotion?!?!  Well, not me... not yet anyway.  I was told however that I would begin training for a higher position next month, and once training is finished, I would get a "promotion/raise."  Woo woo!  Until then, I am going to relax and enjoy the weekend!  What are you doing?

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Things I ♥ right this minute

1.  The song on the Sketchers Shape-Ups commercials.  "Shake it up, make me feel good, make me feel goood.  Show me that wicked attitude."  It is so catchy and makes me want to get up and shake my butt. 
2.  New Idol Judge, Steven Tyler.  This guy is AWESOME, who knew he was so inappropriately funny?

3.  El Pollo Loco.  I have eaten their chicken & black beans for lunch every.single.day. this week.

4.  Awesome readers of this blog.  It still freaks-me-out-in-a-good-way that not only do people care about reading this little bloggy-blog, but that we have become friends, and they care about me!  Oh, if you read and didn't already know... We are friends.  OK?  OK.

5.  eBay.  Holy smokes there is some awesome stuff on here...  and it super duper cheap!

6. Cup of Noodles.  Look, other than dairy, basically all of the vital nutritional groups are covered in one cup; so if I want to eat 4 in one day... I'm going to.

7.  The shirt I'm wearing today.  It is hot pink & white striped.  The fact that it makes me look taller, thinner, and makes my boobs look bigger was well worth being called "Waldo" at work all day!  {PS I didn't mind, I started to play along by hiding behind office furniture, posed with a smile and wave!}

Happy Friday!

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Two letters can get you in trouble!

The other day, I got a phone call from a friend of mine who asked me if I would do a Pin-Up Girl style photo shoot for her.  She wanted to give the photos to her fiance for Valentine's Day.  I agreed, and thought it would be a totally fun shoot.  I was really excited, and so I decided to tell BF all about it.  While I was going on and on about posing and props, he was acting really funny...

He basically was trying to talk me out of it, "Don't you think that's a conflict of interest?"  or "Are you sure this is something you want to do?"  "I just don't feel comfortable with this."

I couldn't figure out why he was being so weird about it.  I guessed it was because these kinds of shoots can be a little risque, but my friend already assured me that she was not interested in being nude, and all "important parts" would be fully covered at all times.  I couldn't help but love BF a little more for looking out for my Eternal Salvation...  He doesn't want me to become addicted to pornography,  I thought, as my heart felt a little warmer.


This afternoon BF called me and sounded a little embarrassed and irritated.  He has remained close friends with a girl he dated years ago - no worries, I'm not jealous, I actually really like her and we have become good friends!  Anyway, this girl had called him for something and while on the phone he asked her, "so what's the deal with this Pin-Up photo shoot you're doing with Morgan?"

She questioned him and questioned him, swearing she had no clue what he was talking about, until he finally admitted, "I guess I'm an idiot."  {<< at least he can admit it.}  When he called me, he asked why I lied about the photo shoot I was doing.  The truth is, these two girls have names that are very unique, and sound very similar.  Spelling-wise there is only an -NE at the end of one of their names, so when I told him my friend's name, he assumed it was our friend.  Poor BF.  He thought it would be uncomfortable for me to take risque photos of his ex-girlfriend, so he put up a fight. 

Truth be told, I think he's a little jealous that some lucky guy is getting nudie-photos for Valentine's Day, and he is not!

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Hump Day

Today I'm wearing:

Gray Trousers
White Tank Top
Blue Cardigan
Black Flats
Black Belt

Today I've eaten: 

1 bite of a Dunkin Donut.  I don't even like donuts, but had pink frosting and sprinkles... so I had to taste it
2 cup of noodles, beef flavor, delicious
1 Banana
1 giant handfulls of almonds

Today I've drank:

1 bottle of water
1/2 glass instant apple cider
1/2 can of Mountain Dew
1/2 Strawberry Banana Naked Juice
3 Vitiman Waters

Hmm, I've been really trying to eat a little better, so epic fail there, and that Mountain Dew is the first caffeine I've had in almost four months.  I've ruined my streak!  I don't mind though, today, I really deserved it.  I didn't sleep more than three hours last night.  Plus, it's only 3:00 pm, I still have time to have a "healthy day."

BF and I joined some work colleagues for sushi last night.  I'm always hesitant when it comes to sushi, because first and foremost, I don't like fish.  I don't eat fish.  Ever.  Except for three dishes, namely: (1.) Tuna fish sandwiches (2.) My mom's grilled salmon patties- covered in lemon juice, I might add (3.) Sometimes, and a very rare sometimes, I'll eat Talapia, BF's brother makes a mean breaded/grilled talapia.

Anyway, we went to eat sushi, and I ordered two dishes that I am familiar with and know I can eat, and keep down.  Well dinner turned into "family style" and most of my rolls were eaten by others, leaving me to eat whatever else was on the table.  I'm guessing there was A CRAP TON of crab in those "leftover" rolls, because I was sick with my head in the toilet most of last night.  It began as a small stomach ache, but by 3:00 am, I was fast becoming best friends with the porcelain throne. 

This morning, I still didn't feel good, and so I laid in bed until 7:45... did I mention I have to be to work at 8:00am?

I'm surprised that with just a few makeup tricks and finishing touches, I look surprisingly put together.  In fact, I've been receiving compliements on my "top-knot" all day!

What do you wear when you've got to get ready in a hurry? Tell me in the comments.

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Happy Humpday!

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