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I got hooked on Showtime's series The Tudors about a year ago when my grandma bought me the Season 1 DVD's. I don't get Showtime, so I missed all of Season 2, and Season 3 is starting in 3 weeks!!! So last night before work, I went out and bought Season 2 on DVD (and I got it for only $5!) I was so excited to start, that I popped in the first episode at 3:30 am when I got home.... YES it was worth staying up until 4:30!!!

In case you've never seen this show, let me describe it in a few words: DRAMA, Scandal, Hot!!! Plus you get a slightly inaccurate, but mostly correct history lesson!

Bonus: Hot guys everywhere being bad. Enter: Charles Brandon played by Henery Cavil (this is who I pictured as Edward Cullen while reading the Twilight books).

Need I say more? I started watching because Henry  is plays King Henry VIII's best friend (he is so stinking beautiful), but within 30 minutes I was a fan of the series.

I'm excited to watch these DVD's now that Henry's "divorce" is through and he can finally be with Ann Boleyn. Well... At least until season 3 starts where he shacks up with wives 3 & 4!!! Seriously, check these out... (opening credits)

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