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Slightly Offended

Tonight I had a very busy night at work, and once I got home I was exhausted. I can't just shower and go to bed, I need to wind down first, so I decided to read a little of the new Ensign we got today. I flipped through and was too tired to really read anything, but I stopped on an article entitled "Preparing Yourself for Marriage." So I thought, I'm a "single" I guess this applies to me.
The scriptures tell us "be not easily offended" and usually I really try to apply this concept to my life. I say what I feel and allow others the same courtesy without letting it get to me, but this article slightly offended me.

Elder Shumway said that the article is directed to the "increasing number of young people who are of marriageable age but who lack the faith or have not developed the personal qualities necessary for a wholesome, congenial marriage."

Hmm. Really?

I continued to read the article and read it almost as a very basic checklist. While doing so, I made mental notes of which of the 8 things I could "check off":
  1. I love the Lord, I always try to live in a way that will get me back to his presence.
  2. I'm productive. I work, go to school, started my own photography business, I read, I knit, scrapbook, workout, bike ride, etc.
  3. I love playing with friends and going to family activities, and I always try to stay busy.
  4. I'm happy.
  5. I'm temple worthy.
  6. I volunteer as often as possible for the Hospital
  7. I'm a neat freak!
The one check point I didn't complete was the attending the temple part. I want to wait and do that with my husband when I'm endowed...

Don't get me wrong, I know I have a lot of work to do but I don't consider myself faithless or inept in anyway. To be honest I don't want to get married. Right now it's almost last on my list of things to do. I want to go further in school, start a career, buy a home, get my finances in order, and live a life where I feel independent and free. I want to accomplish things on my own, things I won't be able to do once I marry. I'm not against marriage by any means, I almost got married but it didn't work out.

So although I know Elder Shumway wasn't speaking directly to me I would just like to say, that while I will continue to prepare, just because I don't want to get married doesn't mean I lack faith, or wouldn't know how to have a successful marriage. Thank you.


Tuesday Tid-bits

Restaurant Etiquette

I was thinking I should write to a newspaper on the subject, but this will work just fine. After being in the business for 2 years, there are just a few things I would like the Las Vegas public to know and/or realize about their dining experience:

  1. When your waitress/waiter greets your table, asks what you'll be drinking, or at any other time stops by to "take care of you" acknowledge them. Look up from your menu, hold your thought, or finish your sentence and give them the time of day. We're here to make your visit an enjoyable one, help us do our job.
  2. If it's not REALLY your birthday, don't say it is simply for free dessert. It makes you look cheap, and really most dessert is only $5 anyway. It's very strange that on a Tuesday night in April, there is a birthday at every table.
  3. Don't stack your plates on the table. It's tacky. If you have a dirty/empty dish kindly ask an employee to remove it for you. This keeps your table looking fresh and makes busing a lot easier.
  4. If you need a refill, ask for one. DO NOT hold your half empty glass in the air and shake it so the ice cubes jingle for the world to hear. At this point you will not get your refill, your server is probably so embarrassed for you he/she is ignoring you.
  5. Along the lines of drinking, there is absolutely no need to scarf down a beverage in world record time. There is no reason your Diet Coke needs to be refilled 6 times in an hour. Are you aware of the calories you just drank? Next time settle for 3 refills of regular Coke. Another point of advice is to hydrate throughout the day, this will help you avoid that extra caloric intake.
  6. A 10% tip is an insult, please don't come back to the restaurant. On that note, pretty much anything less than 18% means we completely ruined your night, in which case we don't expect to see you again... If your server does a good job 18-25% of the total bill is a good tip. Realize we make minimum wage (about $30 a week!), and then have to split our tips with 3-4 other people at the end of the night (bussers, bartenders, and wine stewards, etc.).
  7. Also please tip on bottled wine, and don't side tip the wine stewards. I have to give them 10% of what the bottle costs... For example: Let's say your bill was $150 and $100 of that was for a bottle of wine. I have to tip out (just to the wine steward, not counting everyone else) $10. If you only tip me 10% which is $15 I walk away from your table with about $2... And if you side tipped the Wine Steward they may as well have taken care of you all night.

I know our economy stinks right now, but be generous, otherwise stay home and eat. It's cheaper anyway.

In Other News...
I haven't been to the gym in about 4 months. It was my goal this year to try to gain some weight, and it's working quite well but I feel like garbage. I stopped going to the gym so that I could get up to 115 lbs and then go back and tone up. If I work out regularly, along with my already fast metabolism, it's practically impossible to put on any lbs. I'm tired of looking like a skeleton and would like to grow a butt. Yesterday a woman from a model agency came into our restaurant looking for "Morgan" (unfortunately I was not at work yesterday). Apparently the people at the jewelery next door had told her of me and she wants to meet/see me! Talk about motivation to get my butt in shape! I'll keep you posted on how that works out.

National Punctuation Day

Did you know today is National Punctuation Day? Well it is. And I'm publicly acknowledging my punctuations! I'm still to this day not quite sure how to properly use all these little marks. Commas especially. Or is it commas, especially?

I also love to use exclamation points and throw them in whenever I get the chance! It's not that my sentence fragments are exciting. I'm just trying to make them so. Like this!

However, F. Scott Fitzgerald understood the exclamation point. He said, "An exclamation mark is like laughing at your own jokes." Well I say, F. Scott (if that really is your name), I'm excited about life, and your rule is lame!

And let me just "say", I can't get enough "usage" of "quotation marks." These are even more "fun" when while "emphasizing" the word you're "quoting" you draw them in the air with your "fingers."

Don't Want No Scrubs

What is the deal with the boys in my generation? For the last 4 years or so I have not found a decent guy with any kind of goals or motivation in life (except my brothers, but I can't date them, gross). I'm so tired of guys taking me out and finding out that they have zero college under their belts and have no clue what they want to do in life. FYI if you want to date this girlie, get an education and a job. I'm not trying to support you on my restaurant minimum wage. Ha ha. Thanks!

News Flash

Seriously? Is he just figuring this out? Because I'm pretty sure that everyone in the world knew already.



So pretty much all summer, I've been the worst Sunday School teacher ever! I've been traveling a lot and ditching church a lot, and my poor kids haven't had a good lesson since about June. I'm so behind that today I decided to just start where we left off (and I'll teach 2 lessons a week until we catch up).
This week we learned about Ammon. Can I just say that he is my FAVORITE Book of Mormon hero! This guy was a "bad boy". We all know how I feel about the bad boys. Unlike some girls, I don't actually want a "bad boy". I know I can't change them, and the work and effort does not sound appealing to me. I want a good guy who used to be a little wild. They are just so much more fun! And Ammon is prefectly reformed (went on a mission and everything!).
I understand that this may be a little sacrilegious, but you know what? I hear about Nephi and Captain Moroni all the time. Ladies take your pick, but I'm all about Ammon!


proud new owner

& it's even better cause it was free!


Spa Getaway

I think I have a problem. I went to Mesquite to take full advantage of their spa package (only $70!). It wasn't what I was expecing, and I could not relax for the folowing reasons:

1. During the massage portion I was worried it would be over too soon. So rather than enjoying the hour long full body rub-down, I fretted that it was only an hour.

2. I loved the 2 heated pools (98 and 102 degrees) but in Southern Nevada, in September, the luxury is wasted.

3. In the steam room my pores got a good cleaning, but I get dehydrated VERY easily. I was recently in the hospital for this reason. After about 1 1/2 minutes I started to feel flu like symptoms coming on... my cue to leave.

4. Among all the "slow" and "relax" and "speak softly" I got bored and started to crave the speed and craziness of everyday life.

Basically, it was a great experience and I'm glad I got to do it but I'm not sure I'll be doing it again anytime soon, unless I get a few more treatments to keep me occupied.


"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken"

I love that quote from Oscar Wilde.

Back in July I was hired by ESPN to photograph the ESPY Awards. The new 90210 hadn't aired yet, but I had the opportunity to meet all of the cast. It's so funny that Us Magazing is referring to them as too thin, because that was my exact thought in real life! I can not imagine the pressure these young starlets face.

I am 5'7" and a size 0 (103 lbs.) I know I'm tiny. But when I met these girls, I felt like the "fat friend"! I couldn't believe how small they were. The camera really does add 10 lbs... or 20, because even in the above photos, they still look semi-normal for thin girls (except for the girl in orange). In real life it was so disgusting, I just wanted to give each of them a cheeseburger and say 'Welcome back from Auschwitz!!'"

No wonder young girls today have such complexes with their weight. Seriously! For a brief moment I was questioning my eating/exercise habits! So sad. Girls, be proud of who you are and how God made you.



Sad Day

My Fweetie moved to Salt Lake City today. I'm so protective my little brothers (even if he is only 30 seconds younger!). I miss him already. A lot. I know this will be a great experience for him, but I'd rather have him here with me!


Who Do I Look Like?

Recently my cousins and I had a reunion. The entire weekend I couldn't believe how much my brother, Evan is looking like my dad, and how much my cousin, Brooks looks like his dad! I mean these "cousins" could pass for brothers. When we were younger we found some pictures of my dad when he was young. As a little boy, he and Griffin looked exactly alike, and as a teenager, I swear it's Evan with dark hair. While Colby's personality and mannerisms are completely my dad, his looks, height, build, and coloring are McAllister (mom's side) all the way!

This left me wondering who I look like. I've never thought or been told that I look like either parent. Maybe distant relatives? But I found this gadget on myheritage.com and now I'm excited to know, I am a perfect bled of both of my hottie parents!


I Will Never Forget

Tired and only half awake, I was a senior on my way into Palo Verde High School from Seminary. As I walked in the front gates a classmate, Tara Travato, came up to me in a panic, saying "someone bombed the World Trade Center." Huh? My brain tried to process it. It's too early for this... "Is that bad?" I stupidly managed to say.

First period, British Literature, we watched the news in horror as we found out what was happening. We watched in shock as helpless people jumped out of 80th floor windows to avoid burning alive. We watched as a second plane hit the 2nd tower. We watched both towers fall.

Confusion, panic, fear, anger.

This can not be happening. What do we do? All those people. And more at the Pentagon. All day my classes consisted of watching the news. All week. For months. Glued to the TV.

Tonight I watched a special on the history channel (http://www.history.com/minisites/9-11) commemorating that fateful day. Tears filled my eyes, and I felt like I was back in that classroom, 7 years ago.

Confusion, panic, fear, anger.

The same questions are still unanswered. How could this happen? Why? How can someone hate so much?

Remember. Be a patriot. Never forget the victims. We were all victims. Never forget the sacrifice. God Bless America.


Premier Week!

This week has been TV's Fall Series Premier week! And I couldn't be more excited. I never get to watch TV since I work nights, so I TiVo'd a bunch of stuff!

First, I am so excited that Gossip Girl is back! I only caught 2 episodes of the first season, but they were enough. I'm hooked! I love the drama, the money, and the "Oh that B!+c#!" moments! There really just is something about these young hot socialites that makes me want to live vicariously through them. I'm too nice of a person to really act the way they do! I need to find someone who has the entire first season and borrow it. Either that, or go buy or rent the DVD's ASAP! I need to be completely caught up before Monday! A few other notes:

  • I love Penn Badgely's name. I'm pretty sure I'm going to steal it and use it on one of my future chldren! Penn Badgely (insert future husband's last name here). Don't you love the sound of it?

  • Also, Chace Crawford, where have you been all my life? I can not believe how ridiculously beautiful this kid is! Those eyes, that smile, his boy-ish good looks! That alone is enough to make me tune in.
It really is tragic how excited I am about this show... Moving on.

Secondly, did anyone happen to catch the CW's new show Privileged? Don't get me wrong, I am all about spoiled rich kids doing whatever they want, but I think it's time we had a role model, and I see that characteristic in this show's heroine, Megan! Not only is this girl super cute, with all of her fabulous bone structure, but she is a smart and funny young woman! Within the first five minutes her quirks made me fall in love with her! The following are a few of my favorite quotes from last night's episode:

  • "You used to be so focused, and motivated. Now, you're kind of all over the place." (This quote alone, sums up my life!)
  • "'With great power comes great responsibility.' Shout out to uncle Ben! Oh and PS, Uncle Ben is Spiderman's uncle, not mine."
  • "Even if I did make a few mistakes, it would never compare to the level of betrayal she is capable of... And believe me, it is a significant level of betrayal; Judas... Brutus... Bran-gelina!"

I can't wait until next week to see more of this awesome-ness!

Lastly, I hope you guys didn't see 90210... What a disappointment. Aaron Spelling, I'm sorry your legacy is being tainted... But don't worry, I'll keep watching to make sure it doesn't get any worse... (What is it about people and train wrecks? Hmmph. *shrugs shoulders*)


♪ What lovely weather we're having! ♪

I'm singing in the rain

Just singing in the rain

What a glorious feelin'

I'm happy again

I'm laughing at clouds

So dark up above

The sun's in my heart

And I'm ready for love

Let the stormy clouds chase

Everyone from the place

Come on with the rain

I've a smile on my face

I walk down the lane

With a happy refrain

Just singin',

Singin' in the rain


Feel Good Sunday Movie

My new favorite thing is to get movies from Deseret Book and watch them with my family on Sunday evenings after dinner. They are usually cheesy, feel good, always a lesson to be learned kind of films; which is what makes them so perfect. Tonight we watched Passage to Zarahemla.

Personally, I wasn't expecting much, so I thought it was a nice little film. My dad and Colby on the other hand... (*sigh*)

What-ev, like I said it's a feel-good-cheesy-perfect-for-Sunday kind of movie.


Capitalist Economy

I hate shopping. It's as simple as that. Every time I walk into a store I feel completely overwhelmed by all the "stuff". Then there is the purchasing aspect of it all... The cashier rings up all of my treasures, and I anxiously await the numbers that will come out of her mouth; the cost of it all... plus tax. It's like the feeling people get when opening a Christmas present, but opposite. I just find the whole thing too stressful, so I avoid shopping as much as possible.

However when I do shop, I go completely overboard. For example, I'll go into Target for some chap stick, and after a few hours come out, looking at my check book duplicate, for never less than $70, with a memo that reads: "crap I really don't need." When this started to become a frequent occurrence, I grounded myself from Target! I haven't been in 7 months believe it or not. Today, however, I needed Clorox tablets for my toilet, a new toothbrush, toothpaste, laundry detergent, a funny card, and hangers. I couldn't bare the thought of going to Walmart... so I caved.

Boy oh boy, I forgot how much I LOVED that place! I seriously walked up and down EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ISLE just looking at all the stuff I could possibly need for my house, car, closet, office, etc. No joke, I was there for 3 hours! But I got all of my necessities, and managed to make it out with only purchasing 2 extra items... Well three but one is an outfit, so it counts as 1 outfit... Ha ha.

Then, I went over to TJ Max to get some black socks for work. I should tell you I am in desperate need of a new purse, but I absolutely love mine, and can't bare to part with it, plus, I've never found one I want to use ever day... Until today! I wasn't planning on making another purchase so I called my mom to have her talk me out of it... This woman is brilliant! She let me know that TJ Max has a lay-away program (I thought those disappeared in the 80's with the growing popularity of credit cards?)! This enabled me to put my bag on hold for 30 days, with only a $5 deposit! Soon I will be the proud owner of this super cute Liz Clayborne Crocodile Handbag in Berry Glaze!

I'm so glad that today, I could participate in pulling our country out of an economic recession! I really feel like a true patriot!


Reunion 2008

JetBlue Airplane ticket........ $120
Gasoline from Utah to Idaho..... $75
Camping equipment............... $400
All of the Green Cousins together for the first time......


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This past weekend was the Green Cousin Reunion 2008 in Bear Lake, ID and Salt Lake City, UT. I love how we threw the "2008" in the title like we need to distinguish this reunion from all the onther onse. Did I mention there haven't been any others? Ha ha.

The Green Family consists of 5 brothers: (Keith, Bill, Kevin, Kelly (my dad) and Lamont) and 2 adopted cousins that are now "sisters" (doesn't the Playboy centerfold of 1974 look familiar?) Each of the siblings(except Kevin) have a few kids. Sadly I only really know Lamont's 5 kids! The last time our family was together was at my grandpa's funeral 13 years ago! I can't believe it's been that long. This weekend was a great chance for us to get together, meet each other (and some spouses) and have fun!

Stephanie is the oldest cousin, and she did an excellent job of planning our first ever Cousin reunion! Larissa, Emily, Corbin, Eliza, (Chantal was there in spirit RIP), Stephanie, Emily, Eddie, Patricia, Brooks, and Candace it was great to see all of you guys again! As for the rest of you; Joseph, Robert, Lamont, Shanda, Alex, and Mikey, Francine's kids I expect to see you next year, you got it???