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Premier Week!

This week has been TV's Fall Series Premier week! And I couldn't be more excited. I never get to watch TV since I work nights, so I TiVo'd a bunch of stuff!

First, I am so excited that Gossip Girl is back! I only caught 2 episodes of the first season, but they were enough. I'm hooked! I love the drama, the money, and the "Oh that B!+c#!" moments! There really just is something about these young hot socialites that makes me want to live vicariously through them. I'm too nice of a person to really act the way they do! I need to find someone who has the entire first season and borrow it. Either that, or go buy or rent the DVD's ASAP! I need to be completely caught up before Monday! A few other notes:

  • I love Penn Badgely's name. I'm pretty sure I'm going to steal it and use it on one of my future chldren! Penn Badgely (insert future husband's last name here). Don't you love the sound of it?

  • Also, Chace Crawford, where have you been all my life? I can not believe how ridiculously beautiful this kid is! Those eyes, that smile, his boy-ish good looks! That alone is enough to make me tune in.
It really is tragic how excited I am about this show... Moving on.

Secondly, did anyone happen to catch the CW's new show Privileged? Don't get me wrong, I am all about spoiled rich kids doing whatever they want, but I think it's time we had a role model, and I see that characteristic in this show's heroine, Megan! Not only is this girl super cute, with all of her fabulous bone structure, but she is a smart and funny young woman! Within the first five minutes her quirks made me fall in love with her! The following are a few of my favorite quotes from last night's episode:

  • "You used to be so focused, and motivated. Now, you're kind of all over the place." (This quote alone, sums up my life!)
  • "'With great power comes great responsibility.' Shout out to uncle Ben! Oh and PS, Uncle Ben is Spiderman's uncle, not mine."
  • "Even if I did make a few mistakes, it would never compare to the level of betrayal she is capable of... And believe me, it is a significant level of betrayal; Judas... Brutus... Bran-gelina!"

I can't wait until next week to see more of this awesome-ness!

Lastly, I hope you guys didn't see 90210... What a disappointment. Aaron Spelling, I'm sorry your legacy is being tainted... But don't worry, I'll keep watching to make sure it doesn't get any worse... (What is it about people and train wrecks? Hmmph. *shrugs shoulders*)

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