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"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken"

I love that quote from Oscar Wilde.

Back in July I was hired by ESPN to photograph the ESPY Awards. The new 90210 hadn't aired yet, but I had the opportunity to meet all of the cast. It's so funny that Us Magazing is referring to them as too thin, because that was my exact thought in real life! I can not imagine the pressure these young starlets face.

I am 5'7" and a size 0 (103 lbs.) I know I'm tiny. But when I met these girls, I felt like the "fat friend"! I couldn't believe how small they were. The camera really does add 10 lbs... or 20, because even in the above photos, they still look semi-normal for thin girls (except for the girl in orange). In real life it was so disgusting, I just wanted to give each of them a cheeseburger and say 'Welcome back from Auschwitz!!'"

No wonder young girls today have such complexes with their weight. Seriously! For a brief moment I was questioning my eating/exercise habits! So sad. Girls, be proud of who you are and how God made you.

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