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Reunion 2008

JetBlue Airplane ticket........ $120
Gasoline from Utah to Idaho..... $75
Camping equipment............... $400
All of the Green Cousins together for the first time......


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This past weekend was the Green Cousin Reunion 2008 in Bear Lake, ID and Salt Lake City, UT. I love how we threw the "2008" in the title like we need to distinguish this reunion from all the onther onse. Did I mention there haven't been any others? Ha ha.

The Green Family consists of 5 brothers: (Keith, Bill, Kevin, Kelly (my dad) and Lamont) and 2 adopted cousins that are now "sisters" (doesn't the Playboy centerfold of 1974 look familiar?) Each of the siblings(except Kevin) have a few kids. Sadly I only really know Lamont's 5 kids! The last time our family was together was at my grandpa's funeral 13 years ago! I can't believe it's been that long. This weekend was a great chance for us to get together, meet each other (and some spouses) and have fun!

Stephanie is the oldest cousin, and she did an excellent job of planning our first ever Cousin reunion! Larissa, Emily, Corbin, Eliza, (Chantal was there in spirit RIP), Stephanie, Emily, Eddie, Patricia, Brooks, and Candace it was great to see all of you guys again! As for the rest of you; Joseph, Robert, Lamont, Shanda, Alex, and Mikey, Francine's kids I expect to see you next year, you got it???

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