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So pretty much all summer, I've been the worst Sunday School teacher ever! I've been traveling a lot and ditching church a lot, and my poor kids haven't had a good lesson since about June. I'm so behind that today I decided to just start where we left off (and I'll teach 2 lessons a week until we catch up).
This week we learned about Ammon. Can I just say that he is my FAVORITE Book of Mormon hero! This guy was a "bad boy". We all know how I feel about the bad boys. Unlike some girls, I don't actually want a "bad boy". I know I can't change them, and the work and effort does not sound appealing to me. I want a good guy who used to be a little wild. They are just so much more fun! And Ammon is prefectly reformed (went on a mission and everything!).
I understand that this may be a little sacrilegious, but you know what? I hear about Nephi and Captain Moroni all the time. Ladies take your pick, but I'm all about Ammon!

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