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I Will Never Forget

Tired and only half awake, I was a senior on my way into Palo Verde High School from Seminary. As I walked in the front gates a classmate, Tara Travato, came up to me in a panic, saying "someone bombed the World Trade Center." Huh? My brain tried to process it. It's too early for this... "Is that bad?" I stupidly managed to say.

First period, British Literature, we watched the news in horror as we found out what was happening. We watched in shock as helpless people jumped out of 80th floor windows to avoid burning alive. We watched as a second plane hit the 2nd tower. We watched both towers fall.

Confusion, panic, fear, anger.

This can not be happening. What do we do? All those people. And more at the Pentagon. All day my classes consisted of watching the news. All week. For months. Glued to the TV.

Tonight I watched a special on the history channel (http://www.history.com/minisites/9-11) commemorating that fateful day. Tears filled my eyes, and I felt like I was back in that classroom, 7 years ago.

Confusion, panic, fear, anger.

The same questions are still unanswered. How could this happen? Why? How can someone hate so much?

Remember. Be a patriot. Never forget the victims. We were all victims. Never forget the sacrifice. God Bless America.

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