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Capitalist Economy

I hate shopping. It's as simple as that. Every time I walk into a store I feel completely overwhelmed by all the "stuff". Then there is the purchasing aspect of it all... The cashier rings up all of my treasures, and I anxiously await the numbers that will come out of her mouth; the cost of it all... plus tax. It's like the feeling people get when opening a Christmas present, but opposite. I just find the whole thing too stressful, so I avoid shopping as much as possible.

However when I do shop, I go completely overboard. For example, I'll go into Target for some chap stick, and after a few hours come out, looking at my check book duplicate, for never less than $70, with a memo that reads: "crap I really don't need." When this started to become a frequent occurrence, I grounded myself from Target! I haven't been in 7 months believe it or not. Today, however, I needed Clorox tablets for my toilet, a new toothbrush, toothpaste, laundry detergent, a funny card, and hangers. I couldn't bare the thought of going to Walmart... so I caved.

Boy oh boy, I forgot how much I LOVED that place! I seriously walked up and down EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ISLE just looking at all the stuff I could possibly need for my house, car, closet, office, etc. No joke, I was there for 3 hours! But I got all of my necessities, and managed to make it out with only purchasing 2 extra items... Well three but one is an outfit, so it counts as 1 outfit... Ha ha.

Then, I went over to TJ Max to get some black socks for work. I should tell you I am in desperate need of a new purse, but I absolutely love mine, and can't bare to part with it, plus, I've never found one I want to use ever day... Until today! I wasn't planning on making another purchase so I called my mom to have her talk me out of it... This woman is brilliant! She let me know that TJ Max has a lay-away program (I thought those disappeared in the 80's with the growing popularity of credit cards?)! This enabled me to put my bag on hold for 30 days, with only a $5 deposit! Soon I will be the proud owner of this super cute Liz Clayborne Crocodile Handbag in Berry Glaze!

I'm so glad that today, I could participate in pulling our country out of an economic recession! I really feel like a true patriot!

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