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Status Check

♥  Thanks to everyone who left me a comment the other day.  I was feeling a little low, and needed to vent.  And I apologize, because I hate getting emotional.  HATE IT!  I did make a decision, and decided to take the job.  After some negotiating on my end, my new boss is going to allow me time to go to school; but instead of 14 credits, I'll only be taking 11.  So instead of graduating in May, I'll have to take summer courses next year, and then walk in December.  Wah wah.  I know other jobs come along, but not one like this.  It really is just too good to be true.

♥  I have Pink Eye, AGAIN!  This time, I have no clue how I could have gotten it.  Seriously, what human being contracts Pink Eye twice in 5 months?  I swear I take showers, and wash my hands after using the bathroom.  My Dad told me that I need to stop swimming in cat pee.  His advice was most helpful.

♥ I  organized tried to organize my closet yesterday.  It's official, I need a bigger one.  I have used all the space under my bed, in my dresser, and now in my closet.  My initial plan was to do a small rennovation on my current closet, but now, I think I'll just buy a really big house... With a really big closet.

Hooray!  It's Friday!

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Ice Cream Man

As previously mentioned, my Dad came home from Germany a few days ago.  We decided to have a family dinner/get-together to celebrate.  Just as we were finishing up eating, and making our way to the living room.  All of a sudden, I heard Colby yell, "Ice Cream Man!" in a pitch that grown men shouldn't be able to reach.  Before anyone could respond, he had run out the front door. 

I must have been the only one who understood the importance of his message, because I quickly took off after him.  By the time I had reached the driveway, he was halfway up the street, yelling, and trying to flag down the truck driver over the music.  I half suspect the driver actually did see him in his side-rear-view mirrors and continued driving just to have a good laugh at the 26 year old man chasing down his truck, rather than a bunch of 10 year olds.

By the time I caught up, I could hardly breath for the sake of laughing!  Standing at the window, Colby was shouting out the name of almost every picture on the side panel of the truck.  "Oh I want one of those too!" I'd chime in. 

I started to feel a little foolish, but was completely validated when I saw our neighbor, Phil, and his mom walking towards us, with his wife, Raime close behind.  Ramie stated that she was cooking dinner, and Phil and his mom were in the garage.  She got so excited when she heard the music, that they decided they needed a cold treat;  the sight of Colby sprinting past their house yelling at the truck to stop was the last push they needed!

When Colby finished ordering, Phil had guessed our bill was close to $25.00.  I'm not sure the final total, I let Colby pay.   We walked back to the house, and enjoyed our treats.  Thanks Colb!

Me, Ev, & BF with our Popsicles.  Hooray for blurry iPhone pics!

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Willkommenes Heim

{The headline says, "Welcome Home" in German.}

Remember how my Dad went to Germany last year for voluntary deployment?  Well he cut his 18 months short, and surprised everyone by coming home this past Saturday.  He brought us all custom, handmade Beer Steins as souvenirs!  Sweet!  A new cup to drink my Pepsi out of!

My stein has a hand carved scene of the Rhine River on it.  There are little towns, a castle, a wine-making vinyard, and of course the river.  On the top is the siren that guards the river.

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