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I'm still not feeling great today...  I decided I would take it easy, and do nothing.  What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, doing nothing...

Since the whole family has this blasted head cold, Mom went and got us McDonald's and drinks from Freddy's (meaning we all got our 32 oz. sodas from the gas station).  When she got back we were all set up in the living room watching an Indiana Jones marathon on TV.  My mom looked at all of us,  pajama clad with our Happy Meals {we had to eat light due to a big family dinner tonight} and got teary.  She explained that she was reminded of when we were little, doing exactly the same thing, watching Indy and eating happy meals in our pj's.  Who knew that those precious moments when her little triplets were 6 years old, would still be happening 20 years later.  Ha ha ha.

PS.  Did I say Happy Memorial Day?

Here's to our fallen soldiers who died to keep us free.  This weekend, remember to be proud and celebrate all things American.  Obviously, my family's festivities began today.  After all, what's more American than hamburgers, treasure, and killing Nazis?  Salute. {Was that wrong?}

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Summer is nigh

Bring on the turquoise eyeshadows and hot pink lipstick! 

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St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas was the third stop on our vacation, and it was absolutely one of our favorite places.  Unfortunately, the night before we arrived, one of the passengers on the cruise became very ill and had to be air lifted from the ship by helicopter.  Because this took so long, (and the ship had to practically stop) our time on this island was cut short.

Snapping pics of the helicopter rescue while I was in the hot tub.

When we arrived on the island 3 hours later than we were supposed to, we were blown away at how beautiful it was.  Normally the stops we've made on our cruises have been a little run down, but St. Thomas was absolutely gorgeous.

Here, we decided to sign up for an excursion.  I had told BF that during this cruise, I would really like to go snorkeling and para sailing.  So, it was here, we decided to go para-sailing!  We had about an hour before our excursion to quickly walk around the shops near the dock.  Because St. Thomas is a US territory, it felt like shopping at an upscale mall at home.  There was Coach, Cache, White House Black Market, Sunglass Hut, etc.  But best of all, there was a small convenience store that sold Pepsi!!!  {It is impossible to find Pepsi on these islands, and the ship only carried coke products!  Next time, I'm going to be smart, like many of our fellow passengers, and bring my own 12 pack!}

When it was time for our excursion we had to walk back to the ship where we were met by a woman who told us to walk down to the loading docks and wait for a small blue boat to take us para-sailing.  So, we, along with 8 other members of our tour, did just that, in the sweltering heat and unbearable humidity.  After awhile, the little blue boat still hadn't arrived.  I swear the cool ocean water was teasing me just to jump in really fast.  After what seemed like forever, BF was upset and wanted to cancel our tour... 

I didn't realize it had been 2 hours from the time we were supposed to have gone on our tour!  Just then a member of our cruise line came over to us.  BF complained about the wait and our time wasted because the para-sail people had not shown up.  The man took down our cabin number and promised us a full refund ($100.00).  I was glad about the refund, but upset that we weren't getting to para-sail.  Just as the man was heading back to the ship, the little blue boat pulled up.  I convinced BF that we still should go, and so we snuck onto the boat!!!

Getting into our harnesses

We were the first pair to go up, and I was really excited.... until the guys told us that we would be hanging, 400 feet, above shark infested water!  My nerves kicked in, and I all of a sudden, I really didn't want to go.

Remember when mentioned that I have some irrational fears?  One of them is a fear of heights... Now I know this is a common fear, however, mine is a little different.  When I say, "I'm afraid of heights," I mean that I get nervous walking next to the railing on the second story of the mall...

I was shown no mercy...

Once we got going, it was great!  I felt very safe, and our view of the island was incredible!  Our tour guides even messed with us by stopping the boat, and letting us fall into the water.  Then we went up, up, up!

It was a BLAST and I highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to go.  My one complaint is that my stirrups were too big, and instead of cradling my bottom so I was sitting, they rode up (so I was in a standing position) and gave me wedgies in places that no one wants wedgies!  That, and a minor bout of sea-sickness {if I don't take my Dramamine, I'm like a cocker spaniel}.  When our turn was finished, we just relaxed and enjoyed as the rest of the people had their turn.

After our excursion, I really, really, really wanted to go to Sapphire Beach, to play in the sun and water.  It is rumored to be one of the Top 10 best beaches in the world (per National Geographic). 

However, because of our delayed excursion, there was no time.  It was about a 15 minute ride from the dock, and we had only an hour left before the ship was to set sail.  30 minutes was not worth the $30.00 cab ride.  So we walked to some more shops around the dock, and BF spotted a tattoo parlor.  He decided to get a tattoo on his new favorite vacation destination.  I was totally bummed, but there was nothing else to do, and I agreed BF really needed another tattoo.... {Not, this was number 15.}

BF is really picky about his tattoos, and has only had 2 guys tattoo him (one guy has done 13), but he really liked "Jimmy's work" and personality.  So we spent the remainder of our hour in a tattoo parlor {Awesome!}.  When BF was in Hawaii, he got PRIDE tattooed on his arm, so here, he decided to get HONOR tattooed next to it.  {Proud of what?  Honor what/whom? I often ask....}

Now, we told Jimmy that we only had 1 hour for him to do the tattoo before we had to be back on the ship.  After some debate about whether or not he could produce a good quality tattoo, he assured that he would only need 40 minutes.  30 minutes later, we heard our ships horn blasting in the harbor... A surge of adrenaline an worry came over me as I asked BF what time we were supposed to be back to the ship.  "Not til 6:45," he assured me.  Seven minutes after that, we had paid and were running the 2 blocks back to the dock.  When we arrived to the gate we left through, it was closed, and pad locked.... "Hurry up!"  Someone shouted from their balcony cabin, "we're waiting on you!"

"We might have to climb the fence," BF said and started to grab the chain link.  Just then a man in a white uniform shouted, "This way! Run! You're the last two!!!"  We ran as fast as we could, about 50 yards, to an opening in the fence.  They hurriedly checked our passports and boarding cards, and let us through.  The crew members had already pulled in the ramp and so we had to wait for them to push it back out so we could get on.

Apparently, we were supposed to be back on the boat at 6:15 so the boat could leave at 6:45!!!  The captain had announced our names over the loudspeakers to the entire ship to make sure we weren't already on board and security hadn't missed our check-in cards.  They had also sent crew members up to our cabin, twice, to look for us.  They absolutely would have left us, but we made it.

While it wasn't a perfect get-a-way, we did have a great time.  We both agreed that we would love to go back to experience the beaches, and skip the tattoo parlor.

PS.  Yes, we did receive a full refund, even though we still got to go on our excursion.

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Shopping Spree

There is a flu going around, AGAIN!  I seem to have caught it... Seriously?  Remember how I got that flu shot a few months back?  Fat lot of good it did me, this is the 4th flu I've had since November! 

Tonight whilst quarantining myself in my bedroom, I decided to shop for some makeups.  I love makeup, I collect it, I use it everyday, it's my favorite thing to look at and purchase.  Since I've never been to Sephora, I thought I'd have a visit.  After 3 hours, I spent $3,500.00 "online window shopping..."

That's right, $3,500.00.  I got on the website and thought, if I was made of money and could go on a shopping spree, what would I buy?  So I browsed every.single.item on the site, and $3,500.00 is what I came up with.  Let me also clarify this does not include any MAC makeup or Bare Escentuals that are on my wish list.

I guess I know where my tax return is going next year!

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Miss Priss Beauty Poll | May 25

1. Mood: I am really energized this morning!  Since my cruise I've turned into a morning person {I'm still on that Miami-three-hour-time-difference.}  Last night BF and I had a Stay-in-date-night and we were up pretty late, so I was surprised when I woke up chock full of energy, ready to start the day, at 7:30 am!  It's now 11:30, and I've accomplished 90% of what I needed to do today!

2. Three things that bring a smile to your face?  1. New make-ups {well make-up... period} 2. My new tan 3. Friends

3. What do you wear to sleep? I usually wear Xilaration pj pants/boxers from Target {these are so cute, and super comfy and under $10} and a men's white v-neck undershirt (3/$6 at Target).

4. Your favorite pair of shoes?  Lately my favorite shoes are these gray leather high heels I bought on sale a few months ago... I still haven't worn them yet, but they are my current favorite to look at.

5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:  Today I'm testing my "go-to" summer make-up routine.  This past week, it got up into the 90's {still chilly compared to our summer temperatures}, so I wanted to find something lightweight that isn't going to melt off 5 minutes after I put it on.  I like what I came up with:

Clinique Almost Make Up SPF 15I love this lightweight, minimum coverage, tinted moisturizer.  I've pretty much used it every summer since 7th grade- minus a few late-teen-early-20's-acne-prone-years.

Bare Minerals Warmth- Better than a bronzer, this all-over-face color gives my skin a warm, radiant glow.  Unlike bronzers which can be shimmery/orange/cakey this miracle in a jar makes my skin look naturally sun kissed.

Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara- I'm trying to go low maintenance this summer, and this mascara is awesome!  It claims to curl lashes with just one coat- I was SHOCKED when it actually worked!  It lifts and fans eyelashes rather than "curls,"  but it did allow me to skip the lash curling step when I got ready today

Benefit's Benetint Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain- I have been eyeballing this product for years, YEARS!  I finally ordered it, along with the pinkish Posietint, and picked them up from the post office this morning.  I love it!  This looks-like-blood-in-a-nail-polish-jar gave my cheeks and lips the perfect rosy flush.  I just popped on some Burt's Bees chapstick over top, and my lips look "natural, but better."  As for my cheeks, this product is a stain, not a cream or powder, so it's rub/sweat/summer resistant.  I'm in love.

6. Your latest food/snack obsession? Pretzels.  I love them, and they're healthy which is a bonus {not that I really care- remember the cruise-soft-serve business?}

7. Are you double jointed?  Yes, in my thumbs.  Apparently it's called "hitch-hiker-thumb" {eww, hitch hikers.}  Anyway, they've always been that way, I actually can't make them straight, when I do a "thumbs up" the tips bend backwards, and if I try to straighten them, it hurts... hmmm?

8. What’s one beauty product that everyone else raves about yet doesn’t rock your boat? Insert Brand Here Cream Blushes.  Unfortunately, I have oily skin, so cream-makeup-of-any-kind slips off my face within an hour after application.  I love the concept, and the look, but they do not rock my boat. C'est la vie.

9. Outfit:  Abercrombie t-shirt, and white shorts, bare feet & pony tail.  It's a nice relaxing day.

10. Your weekly goals: Get this wedding album edited and finished before summer school starts on Tuesday!  Yikes, I'm a little stressed out.  I shot this wedding 2 years ago- Summer of '08.  After numerous e-mails/phone calls/texts asking if she was having trouble or needed help, the bride FINALLY gave me their photo/album order while I was on my cruise and requested it be done by June 1st (over 150 photos 120 of which are to be put in an album with a customized layout)...  So now all of my other clients' orders had to be put on the back burner...  My main goal is to stay motivated, "I can do it, I can do it, I can do it."

Your Turn
Copy this and fill it out in the Comments Section or on your own blog post.

1. Mood:
2. Three things that bring a smile to your face?
3. What do you wear to sleep?
4. Your favorite pair of shoes?
5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
6. Your latest food/snack obsession?
7. Are you double jointed?
8. What’s one beauty product that everyone else raves about yet doesn’t rock your boat?
9. Outfit:
10. Your weekly goals:

Happy Monday! PS I'll be posting more cruise pictures later this week.
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Day at Sea #1

First thing's first.  When going on a cruise, it is very important to attend the "Safety Information" meeting as the ship exits the port of embarkation.  Last year, I was so tired from traveling that I fell asleep, however our room steward insisted that BF attend this very important seminar.  Essentially every guest on board is forced to the deck where they learn- in great detail, in English and in Spanish- how to put on their life jackets and learn where the life boats are.  This year, BF decided not to go to this mandatory meeting.  However, the ship's crew members do not mess around, when they say mandatory, they mean mandatory!  There was someone on each elevator taking people only to the level 4 deck.  They also positioned themselves at each stairway, on deck, and in all clubs and restaurants.  As if that wasn't enough, they had every room steward enter each cabin to make sure its occupants attended...

We hid in the shower in our bathroom to avoid being bored out of our minds in the hot Miami humidity.  It worked!!! Just to prove to BF that I didn't need to go, I showed him that I was fully capable of putting on my life jacket without formal instruction.  BF, on the other hand, may need a refresher course...

Once we had familiarized ourselves with the emergency evacuation process, we decided to hit the deck!  I was hungry for elevenses.  With the endless buffet, burrito bar, deli, Mongolian Wok, Pizza stand, The Grill, the dining room, or the restaurants, the food possibilities were endless!  I decided I would grab a burger at The Grill. 

After elevenses, it was back to tanning/swimming.  I took a few trips down the water slide, and swam for a bit, and then decided I needed dessert.  I love cruise ships because they have between 6-7 soft serve machines on deck, ready and available 24/7.  I've had vanilla, I've had chocolate, I've had swirl... But I found one machine with chocolate, strawberry, and chocolate/strawberry swirl!!!  Delicious!  Normally I go for the chocolate, but by the end of the cruise, I was averaging 4-5 strawberry cones per day.

It was because of this that my new nickname, Fatty McFatterson, came to fruition.  BF was pretty pleased with this cognomen; so much so that I was actually able to catch a picture of him smiling...

Once the sun went down, we decided to get ready and walk around the ship... I noticed that there was an obvious Egyptian theme in the casino, and was intrigued by the giant camel statues.  They were made in such a way that they were just inviting my butt to sit on them, but I wasn't sure if anyone was allowed to sit on them.  I told BF that I would hurry and jump on the camel and he had to be quick taking my picture.  The first take didn't turn out, because just as I sat down a casino employee walked by. I should explain that I have a very irrational fear of getting in trouble {for example I was sitting on the Starbucks patio and saw a police car drive by- my adrenaline spiked, and I worried he might stop to ask me questions...}, I pretended to pose next to the camel.  Once his back was turned, I carpe-diem-ed!

We hung out in the karaoke bar for a while before going to see a few comedians in the Bar Blue.  Then we went up to the deck to watch a movie on the giant screen, and I hit up the buffet for some snacks during the movie (a whole salad, and a banana).

After "Yes Man,"  We went back to our room and got ready for bed... Waiting on my bed was a little heffa-lump!  I was really excited.

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Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Day 1 of our journey aboard the Carnival Glory took us to Half Moon Cay (pronounced "key") in the Bahamas.  This little island is so named because the beach looks like a half-moon.  How clever!

This little gem-of-a-beach is privately owned by Carnival Cruise Lines.  It is a beautiful white sand beach, with rows and rows of lounge chairs.  We had to tender from the ship, and once we arrived we decided to rent an umbrella and a tube to float in.

Loves having his picture taken

I was really excited to play in the water, but BF is a little "Nancy" and didn't want to get wet because, "it's too cold."  Now, I, for one, hate cold water.  I'm practically skin and bones, and my lips turn purple in anything under 70 degrees, but BF complains about anything colder than a hot tub.  While I frolicked around in the water, he stayed on the floaty and took pictures, complaining all the while that his butt was cold.

A section of the beach was designated the "water sports area."  There was a giant playground in the ocean as well as 4 giant, floating trampolines!  There were a bunch of "adults" laying on the trampolines sun-bathing... I decided to disrupt them by jumping off and splashing them... Muah-ha-ha!

After a few hours, we decided we were hungry.  Luckily, Carnival put on a free BBQ for everyone on the island!  We had to walk just a short ways away from the beach.  When we got there, I swear I heard angels singing.  This BBQ was served in the form of an outdoor buffet.... it was so big, it would put any Las Vegas Hotel's buffet to shame!  There was also a series of picnic tables under gazebos with misters to eat lunch under.

Since BF loves smiling for pictures... I thought that "faking a smile" would help... Clearly, he was thrilled with that idea.

After lunch we walked back to the beach where we spent a few more hours.  BF actually got in the water and played with me... By "played" I mean he chased me and continually dunked my head under water... Awesome!  It was a great way to kick off our cruise!

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