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Miss Priss Beauty Poll | May 25

1. Mood: I am really energized this morning!  Since my cruise I've turned into a morning person {I'm still on that Miami-three-hour-time-difference.}  Last night BF and I had a Stay-in-date-night and we were up pretty late, so I was surprised when I woke up chock full of energy, ready to start the day, at 7:30 am!  It's now 11:30, and I've accomplished 90% of what I needed to do today!

2. Three things that bring a smile to your face?  1. New make-ups {well make-up... period} 2. My new tan 3. Friends

3. What do you wear to sleep? I usually wear Xilaration pj pants/boxers from Target {these are so cute, and super comfy and under $10} and a men's white v-neck undershirt (3/$6 at Target).

4. Your favorite pair of shoes?  Lately my favorite shoes are these gray leather high heels I bought on sale a few months ago... I still haven't worn them yet, but they are my current favorite to look at.

5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:  Today I'm testing my "go-to" summer make-up routine.  This past week, it got up into the 90's {still chilly compared to our summer temperatures}, so I wanted to find something lightweight that isn't going to melt off 5 minutes after I put it on.  I like what I came up with:

Clinique Almost Make Up SPF 15I love this lightweight, minimum coverage, tinted moisturizer.  I've pretty much used it every summer since 7th grade- minus a few late-teen-early-20's-acne-prone-years.

Bare Minerals Warmth- Better than a bronzer, this all-over-face color gives my skin a warm, radiant glow.  Unlike bronzers which can be shimmery/orange/cakey this miracle in a jar makes my skin look naturally sun kissed.

Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara- I'm trying to go low maintenance this summer, and this mascara is awesome!  It claims to curl lashes with just one coat- I was SHOCKED when it actually worked!  It lifts and fans eyelashes rather than "curls,"  but it did allow me to skip the lash curling step when I got ready today

Benefit's Benetint Rose Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain- I have been eyeballing this product for years, YEARS!  I finally ordered it, along with the pinkish Posietint, and picked them up from the post office this morning.  I love it!  This looks-like-blood-in-a-nail-polish-jar gave my cheeks and lips the perfect rosy flush.  I just popped on some Burt's Bees chapstick over top, and my lips look "natural, but better."  As for my cheeks, this product is a stain, not a cream or powder, so it's rub/sweat/summer resistant.  I'm in love.

6. Your latest food/snack obsession? Pretzels.  I love them, and they're healthy which is a bonus {not that I really care- remember the cruise-soft-serve business?}

7. Are you double jointed?  Yes, in my thumbs.  Apparently it's called "hitch-hiker-thumb" {eww, hitch hikers.}  Anyway, they've always been that way, I actually can't make them straight, when I do a "thumbs up" the tips bend backwards, and if I try to straighten them, it hurts... hmmm?

8. What’s one beauty product that everyone else raves about yet doesn’t rock your boat? Insert Brand Here Cream Blushes.  Unfortunately, I have oily skin, so cream-makeup-of-any-kind slips off my face within an hour after application.  I love the concept, and the look, but they do not rock my boat. C'est la vie.

9. Outfit:  Abercrombie t-shirt, and white shorts, bare feet & pony tail.  It's a nice relaxing day.

10. Your weekly goals: Get this wedding album edited and finished before summer school starts on Tuesday!  Yikes, I'm a little stressed out.  I shot this wedding 2 years ago- Summer of '08.  After numerous e-mails/phone calls/texts asking if she was having trouble or needed help, the bride FINALLY gave me their photo/album order while I was on my cruise and requested it be done by June 1st (over 150 photos 120 of which are to be put in an album with a customized layout)...  So now all of my other clients' orders had to be put on the back burner...  My main goal is to stay motivated, "I can do it, I can do it, I can do it."

Your Turn
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1. Mood:
2. Three things that bring a smile to your face?
3. What do you wear to sleep?
4. Your favorite pair of shoes?
5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
6. Your latest food/snack obsession?
7. Are you double jointed?
8. What’s one beauty product that everyone else raves about yet doesn’t rock your boat?
9. Outfit:
10. Your weekly goals:

Happy Monday! PS I'll be posting more cruise pictures later this week.
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  1. I've been wearing bene tint for a long time and I love it :) I got a sample size of posetint and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I like it on my lips, sometimes, but it's a little too pink for me. But seriuosly, benetint is AMAZING! I always wear it when I'm having a not-so-much make-up day and when I go swimming/gym/anything where i think i'll need make-up for an extended period of time and don't feel like touching it up :)

  2. I posted this on my blog so check it out if you want.
    Thanks for sharing!


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