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Mr. Big

Recently, I got a blog comment from a friend, with an interesting analogy:
BF is to my blog as Mr. Big is to Sex and The City

It's true.  When I first mentioned him on here, I think I said "My BF..."  And the nickname has just kind of stuck.  There is no reason I've never mentioned his name, except that BF makes him more of a "character in the story." I guess. 

Recently I did post some more pictures of him (he's been on here before... but I guess no one's noticed and people always ask me to post pictures) but I just thought it was funny the Mr. Big comment came out.

If you didn't watch the series of Sex and the City, let me fill you in right quick.  Carrie is obsessed with a guy she calls Big/Mr. Big and they date, on and off, throughout the series.  In the very last minute of the very last episode of the very last season, her cell phone rings...  The name "John" is displayed on the LCD screen.  (If you only saw the movie, it tells his full name, so the "John" display and subsequent *gasps* were no big deal to you)

 Anyway, I thought that was funny because I have been planning this post for a hot minute.  It's been in my "stash" of "pre-made" blog posts if you will.  It's nothing special, or well thought out, but I figured I'd FINALLY voice my opnion before the movie sequal comes out...

Carrie,  I thought you cheating on Aiden was the biggest mistake of your fictional life.

The end.

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  1. I thought the same thing! (about the Mr. Big analogy)

  2. i agree with the Aiden comment. I haven't seen SATC2 yet so i'm not sure what happened. But yeah, I was so sad when she did that in the series *tear*


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