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I'm still not feeling great today...  I decided I would take it easy, and do nothing.  What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, doing nothing...

Since the whole family has this blasted head cold, Mom went and got us McDonald's and drinks from Freddy's (meaning we all got our 32 oz. sodas from the gas station).  When she got back we were all set up in the living room watching an Indiana Jones marathon on TV.  My mom looked at all of us,  pajama clad with our Happy Meals {we had to eat light due to a big family dinner tonight} and got teary.  She explained that she was reminded of when we were little, doing exactly the same thing, watching Indy and eating happy meals in our pj's.  Who knew that those precious moments when her little triplets were 6 years old, would still be happening 20 years later.  Ha ha ha.

PS.  Did I say Happy Memorial Day?

Here's to our fallen soldiers who died to keep us free.  This weekend, remember to be proud and celebrate all things American.  Obviously, my family's festivities began today.  After all, what's more American than hamburgers, treasure, and killing Nazis?  Salute. {Was that wrong?}

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  1. Awww!!! I didn't know you were a triplet! Did I miss that post?!


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