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Day at Sea #1

First thing's first.  When going on a cruise, it is very important to attend the "Safety Information" meeting as the ship exits the port of embarkation.  Last year, I was so tired from traveling that I fell asleep, however our room steward insisted that BF attend this very important seminar.  Essentially every guest on board is forced to the deck where they learn- in great detail, in English and in Spanish- how to put on their life jackets and learn where the life boats are.  This year, BF decided not to go to this mandatory meeting.  However, the ship's crew members do not mess around, when they say mandatory, they mean mandatory!  There was someone on each elevator taking people only to the level 4 deck.  They also positioned themselves at each stairway, on deck, and in all clubs and restaurants.  As if that wasn't enough, they had every room steward enter each cabin to make sure its occupants attended...

We hid in the shower in our bathroom to avoid being bored out of our minds in the hot Miami humidity.  It worked!!! Just to prove to BF that I didn't need to go, I showed him that I was fully capable of putting on my life jacket without formal instruction.  BF, on the other hand, may need a refresher course...

Once we had familiarized ourselves with the emergency evacuation process, we decided to hit the deck!  I was hungry for elevenses.  With the endless buffet, burrito bar, deli, Mongolian Wok, Pizza stand, The Grill, the dining room, or the restaurants, the food possibilities were endless!  I decided I would grab a burger at The Grill. 

After elevenses, it was back to tanning/swimming.  I took a few trips down the water slide, and swam for a bit, and then decided I needed dessert.  I love cruise ships because they have between 6-7 soft serve machines on deck, ready and available 24/7.  I've had vanilla, I've had chocolate, I've had swirl... But I found one machine with chocolate, strawberry, and chocolate/strawberry swirl!!!  Delicious!  Normally I go for the chocolate, but by the end of the cruise, I was averaging 4-5 strawberry cones per day.

It was because of this that my new nickname, Fatty McFatterson, came to fruition.  BF was pretty pleased with this cognomen; so much so that I was actually able to catch a picture of him smiling...

Once the sun went down, we decided to get ready and walk around the ship... I noticed that there was an obvious Egyptian theme in the casino, and was intrigued by the giant camel statues.  They were made in such a way that they were just inviting my butt to sit on them, but I wasn't sure if anyone was allowed to sit on them.  I told BF that I would hurry and jump on the camel and he had to be quick taking my picture.  The first take didn't turn out, because just as I sat down a casino employee walked by. I should explain that I have a very irrational fear of getting in trouble {for example I was sitting on the Starbucks patio and saw a police car drive by- my adrenaline spiked, and I worried he might stop to ask me questions...}, I pretended to pose next to the camel.  Once his back was turned, I carpe-diem-ed!

We hung out in the karaoke bar for a while before going to see a few comedians in the Bar Blue.  Then we went up to the deck to watch a movie on the giant screen, and I hit up the buffet for some snacks during the movie (a whole salad, and a banana).

After "Yes Man,"  We went back to our room and got ready for bed... Waiting on my bed was a little heffa-lump!  I was really excited.

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  1. aww I love the heffalump!

  2. Anonymous5/24/2010

    Cute dress! Where'd ya get it!?

  3. Thanks! The dress is from Forever 21!


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