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Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Day 1 of our journey aboard the Carnival Glory took us to Half Moon Cay (pronounced "key") in the Bahamas.  This little island is so named because the beach looks like a half-moon.  How clever!

This little gem-of-a-beach is privately owned by Carnival Cruise Lines.  It is a beautiful white sand beach, with rows and rows of lounge chairs.  We had to tender from the ship, and once we arrived we decided to rent an umbrella and a tube to float in.

Loves having his picture taken

I was really excited to play in the water, but BF is a little "Nancy" and didn't want to get wet because, "it's too cold."  Now, I, for one, hate cold water.  I'm practically skin and bones, and my lips turn purple in anything under 70 degrees, but BF complains about anything colder than a hot tub.  While I frolicked around in the water, he stayed on the floaty and took pictures, complaining all the while that his butt was cold.

A section of the beach was designated the "water sports area."  There was a giant playground in the ocean as well as 4 giant, floating trampolines!  There were a bunch of "adults" laying on the trampolines sun-bathing... I decided to disrupt them by jumping off and splashing them... Muah-ha-ha!

After a few hours, we decided we were hungry.  Luckily, Carnival put on a free BBQ for everyone on the island!  We had to walk just a short ways away from the beach.  When we got there, I swear I heard angels singing.  This BBQ was served in the form of an outdoor buffet.... it was so big, it would put any Las Vegas Hotel's buffet to shame!  There was also a series of picnic tables under gazebos with misters to eat lunch under.

Since BF loves smiling for pictures... I thought that "faking a smile" would help... Clearly, he was thrilled with that idea.

After lunch we walked back to the beach where we spent a few more hours.  BF actually got in the water and played with me... By "played" I mean he chased me and continually dunked my head under water... Awesome!  It was a great way to kick off our cruise!

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  1. Looks like a blast!! So tropical! I think I might have to plan me a beach vacay!


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