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Red Headed

The other night, while doing P90X, I was attacked by my pull-up bar.  Basically I am a total blonde.  Let me explain...

I forgot the bar was attached to the doorway, and tried to close the door.  The bar came crashing down, with one of the bolts smashing into my head.  I was literally knocked down onto my butt, and blacked out for a few seconds.  When I "came to" I started to cry because my head hurt so bad.  I haven't cried from "pain" since I was about 7...  It was a little embarassing.

I couldn't be bothered to nurse my wound.  Instead,  I ran into the bathroom, grabbed some toilet paper and secured the TP to my head with a headband.  I then finished my workout, because that's what P90X'ers do... Tony would be so proud. 

Afterwards, BF helped me clean the wound...  it was worse than I thought, but not so bad to need stitches, thank goodness.  I'm proud to report, there was no permanent damage, just a week long headache and temporarily red hair.

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  1. Oh no, you are trooper! So I wanted to say, BF is like Mr. Big from S&TC. We never see him and he only goes by BF.

  2. oh no! Those pull up bars have been known to kill!!! LOL I am glad you are ok!

  3. Ha ha ha! I know, he wishes to remain off the internet. He is weird about photos of people floating around for anyone to do "unmentionable" things with. He's been on the blog before... but I don't have a lot of pics of him because he's usually taking pictures of me. Plus he HATES having his picture taken.

    I'm going to be putting up a bunch of "US" from the cruise though... then he won't be so mysterious, and people will believe that he isn't make-believe!


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