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Back in the Saddle

After 18 hours of traveling (Yes, it took 18 hours to complete a >5 hour flight from Miami to Las Vegas), 2 days of vacationing from my vacation, and plenty of jet-lag-recovery; I am back!  We had such a great time on our cruise, and I think it's safe to say, a better time than last.

Last year was BF's 3rd cruise but it was my first, so I felt like I had to do EVERYTHING... Every informative meeting, every Showtime show, every fun ship activity, play tourist at every island, eat healthy in the dining room (which meant "getting ready")... It was almost work.  But this year, I decided to take a hint from BF (and Franky) and just RELAX.  I still woke up between 6-7 everyday to enjoy the islands, or on Sea days, to reserve lounge chairs on the Lido deck; but that was the extent of my "scheduling." 

We didn't' worry about eating during specific hours, so I just ate whenever I felt like it, which was often, earning the nick name Fatty McFatterson.  We originally chose the "late dining" dinner (at 8:15 pm instead of 6), but when the sun went down we didn't' bother going, except for the first night.  We just ate whatever was open.  For those who have never cruised before there is more food available than one person will ever be able to consume in 10 lifetimes; buffets, restaurants, room service, etc. are all unlimited and FREE.

I ate 4-5 soft serve cones a day

We didn't even bother getting "dressed up" on our 2 formal nights.  Oopsie.  Most evenings we did karaoke... well not me.  I only sing in the confines of my car with the windows rolled-all-the-way-up; but BF has been going every week with his friends for a few months now, and he loves it.  He's not a "good singer" per se, but he has a great time, so everyone really enjoyed watching him, and we made a lot of friends.  After that, we'd watch a movie on the deck and hit up the comedy club before ordering room service (I had to have my nightly cereal, and BF got his chocolate milk) and going to bed.

One of the formal portraits we had taken.  They had tons of booths set up every night.

We really loved all of our stops this year, and had such a great time at each one... More on that to come... as well as tons of pictures (just for you Ashley!) of me and BF... (*gasps of shock and surprise here*).   As for now, I'm exhausted... I'm still on Miami time, and those 3 whole hours are kicking my butt. 

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  1. I would love to go on a cruise! I wish they did like a layaway plan!!!! Sounds like so much fun! I am glad you enjoyed yourself!!!


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