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How to Get
MissPrissMorgan Hair

OK. I have filmed this video 5, maybe 6 times, and I'm over it!! My stinkin' camera is driving me nuts. In most parts of the videos the picture and sound were not in sync. Some parts didn't even have sound.  So I tried recording with my iPhone, and I AM NOT recording this again. Hopefully you get the idea, if you have questions feel free to e-mail me.

Products Mentioned
Biolage Scalptherapie Normalizing Shampoo (for oily hair)
Biolage Fortetherapie Strengthening Conditioner
Pureology Volumizing Shampoo
Pureology Hydrating Conditioner

Biolage Hydratherapie Daily Leave-In Tonic
Sunsilk Anti-Static Hair Mist

Derm Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-In Treatment
Redkin Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment

Pantene Pro-V Full & Thick Mousse
Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus

Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Harder

All Products mentioned above can be found at ULTA. I only purchase when there is a sale because they can be expensive. Biolage products are often on a B1G1 or B2G2 sale. Big Sexy Hair Products are often on B2G1 sale. The Root Pump Plus/Spray & Play Harder are usually close to $18.00 each but can usually be found in a twin pack for $22.

The Derm Organic Argan Oil I got from my stylist for free as a Christmas gift. The bottle I have is 4.0 oz and retails for close to $40.00. I suggest asking your stylist to purchase some for you, they get great discounts! My girl will buy anything I need with her discount and then I just pay her back when I pick up the product. Most of these oils can be found in salons. There is a brand called Moroccanoil (light blue label with big orange M on it). This oil is usually less expensive, but I find it is much more oily. I don't recommend it for Caucasian hair, unless it is very coarse and thick. It can be found at Ulta. Another one I really like is Argan Agadir SPRAY Oil. The spray makes it really easy to distribute evenly, and it costs only about $17.00 at the salon.


Substitutes for Clairol Rollers:

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Free Stuff at Walgreens

Like a Steal?  Here's how to get one this week at Walgreens (through April 3).  If you are in need of some shampoo and/or conditioner, Dove brand is on sale for $4.00.  Just buy EITHER the shampoo or conditioner for $4.00.  When you check out at the register, the Register Rewards will print you a coupon for $4.00, good for your next purchase.  You can use it on anything as long as your next PRE-TAX purchase is AT LEAST $4.00.  So go back in and buy the conditioner (will not print a second coupon if you buy the Dove Conditioner).


If you need just one of the above mentioned items use your coupon for something else... "For what," You ask?

Do you love false eyelashes?  I DO!!!  Revlon Fantasy Length Lashes are on sale for $5.99, BUT at the front of the store, where they keep their weekly ad and COUPON BOOKLETS, yes Walgreens has weekly coupon booklets, there is a $5.00 off Revlon Fantasy Length Lashes coupon!!!  So here's what you do: 

Buy the Dove shampoo or conditioner
Check out and get a $4.00 off coupon
Go back in the store and buy 4 pairs of lashes and maybe a pack of gum (b/c you still have $0.04 to spend)
Be sure to use the $5.00 off coupon
And you'll spend less than $5.00 on your purchase.

Awesome and Good Luck.
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First Birthday

Remember her?  Remember this photoshoot?

She turned 1 on Saturday...

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A Toast

Here's to:

A great hair day
Barbie inspired makeup
Alice In Wonderland in 3D

A Wonderful Day

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My Head of Lettuce

Sunday night = Family Dinner. On last night's menu? Mom's tacos... Delicious! Every dinner guest we've ever had will agree. While shopping for last minute toppings Saturday afternoon, my mom received a phone call.

Mom: "Hello..."
Griffin: "Hey Mom, for the tacos tonight, will you buy the good taco lettuce and not the gross plastic-y kind?"
Mom: "Gross plastic-y kind? What are you talking about?"
Griffin: "The last time we had tacos, the lettuce was gross and plastic-y..."
Mom: "OK, I'll buy some more lettuce."

Later at dinner...

Mom: "Morgan, the last time you guys had tacos, do you remember that I asked you to buy a head of lettuce?"
Morgan: "Yea, I did, it's still in the fridge, but it probably isn't good anymore... Do I need to go buy another one?"
Mom: "No, I bought some lettuce today, but apparently last time you bought a gross plastic-y kind?"

{Mom digs old lettuce out of the refrigerator}

Mom: "This isn't even lettuce, this is cabbage." {Laughs hysterically}

I shrugged, "There's a difference?"

Apparently, there IS a difference between lettuce and cabbage, and everyone but me knows it. Just reason #40 why I am a Domestic Goddess.

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Fun Facts
I am a Baller

Since I have a bunch of new readers/subscribers, I decided I would start doing some "getting-to-know-me-fun-facts."

I am a baller... I started playing basketball when I was in the 3rd grade. My mom helped start a local basketball league and now it has turned regional including leagues in Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California.

First year playing.  I think I was in 3rd grade.  I was on the Trojans.

I loved basketball and had a natural ability for it. When I started playing, I was only 1 of 4 girls in a league full of boys. I loved it though, and I think I was really able to grow as a player because the competition was so tough.

My Uncle was our coach every year.

5th grade on the Wolverines

By the 6th grade an all girls league was started, and in the first year, my team, the Lady Rebels, went undefeated.  I played point guard and forward, mostly because I was fast, and could handle the ball pretty well, and the free throw line was my sweet spot.  I won a few shooting contests, because seriously, I rarely missed a free throw.

I made the All Star team a few times, basically the 2 best players from each team are all put onto one team that plays in California tournaments.  In middle school I still played league, but didn't try out for the school team because I was a cheerleader.  Again, we went undefeated that year, and I went to All Stars.

This was probably my favorite team EVER!  We were amazing and had so much fun.  We would warm up to Jock Jams before every game... In this pic we are probably singing that Boom Boom Boom song...

I continued playing NJB in high school, and played for my high school, but finally quit to persue dancing.

I miss it all the time.  Sometimes, I'll shoot around just for fun in my parent's backyard.  I still have a wicked free throw.
Just a fun MissPrissMorgan fact.

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Words to swear by

I'm not the smartest person in the world... but sometimes I like to think I am, especially when it comes to proper word usage. One of my biggest pet peeves when people say the wrong word or make up a word altogether. I personally feel this comes from a bad public education system, as well as an overall lack of respect for the English language. I think that when people use the wrong words, or use them incorrectly it makes them seem “uneducated.” I don’t know why it bothers me if someone isn’t well-read, it certainly doesn’t seem to bother them. Nevertheless it drives me nuts…to the point of wanting to swear.

I have come up with a list of things people say that drive me up the wall. Enjoy

1. “AXE or AXED” instead of ASK or ASKED. This one is very common. I remember the first time I heard someone say this. It was a cousin of mine and they had ASKED my dad if they could AXE him a question. He replied, “No, but you can go stand over there and when you’re ready to ASK me a question, you may.” When someone tries to AXE a question, do they mean to chop it down, or cut in into bits? I don’t know.

2. “BRANG.” The past tense of the verb “to bring” is BROUGHT. I looked up BRANG in the Merriam Webster’s online dictionary and it isn’t there. I once dated a guy who said BRANG all the time. I broke up with him, and explained that the fact that he said BRANG instead of BROUGHT was the reason I was doing so.

3. “EX-PECIALLY” instead of ESPECIALLY. Common among teenage valley girls, I never understood where this one came from because there is clearly no “X” in the word. Interestingly, there is an entire forum online dedicated to do-gooders trying to correct Oprah’s friend Gayle, who frequently says EXPECIALLY. Now, I love Gayle and valley girls alike, but man, this is annoying.  Also common is the term EX-PRESSO.  For those of you who don't drink coffee, don't make this mistake.  It is pronounced espresso.

4. “TOOKEN” instead of TAKEN or TOOK. BF says TOOKEN all the time. I once explained the story of how I broke up with someone for saying BRANG, hoping it would be a subtle “stop-saying-tooken-or-I’m-going-to-drop-an-F*bomb” hint. But he didn’t get it. In two years the only arguments we’ve ever had are over this word. Sometimes I think he’s trying to say, “Token,” to which I respond, “I think you’re a little old, but I guess we can go to Chuck-y Cheese on Saturday.”

5. “150%.” This is just an example. Does anyone remember 3rd grade math? Remember the pie? There is only a whole pie, 100%, there isn’t any more. I know the old Sports adage to give 110% still is common, but mathematically is impossible, and grammatically it makes me want to drop another F*bomb. I understand when someone is really really really sure about something they say something like, “I’m 1000% sure.” But to me, this is so annoying, because being, “100% sure,” would have been sufficient.

I don’t mean to be a snot, but these are peeves. I’m sure everyone has them.

What are some of your pet peeves?

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Miss Priss Beauty Poll

1. Mood: So bored. Being sick & contagious for the last week has left me with a strong case of cabin fever. Today, I am making it a point to get out of my house! There are a bunch of places I've been dying to check out, now that I'm on Spring Break (still 3 days early), I have nothing to do but explore!

2. Are you a hat person? Did Jesus walk on water? I love hats. Love is actually an understatement... But seriously I have tons, and wear them as often as possible. PLUS... wearing a hat is an excuse to not do my hair.  My favorite style is the military hat.  So cute!  {PS My brother just told me this was an extremely sacreligious statement... I just figured it would illustrate the huge, resounding "yes."  So it stays.}

3. What do you wish you had more time for? I don't actually. Sometimes I wish I had more time to study, but all in all, I usually get everything done that I need to.

4. What was the last book you couldn’t put down? It was a series called "The Great & Terrible." There are 6 books and I read them all in 4 days, I think there were even 2 of those nights when I didn't go to bed. Awesome. I'm not a big reader, so when I can get lost in a book, I'm so excited.

5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Eyes: Coach "Kat" Aviators, no make up today, the pink eye is better, but because I'm still using the eyedrops, I'm not taking any chances of contaminating my beloved makeup.  Lips: Burt's Bees Pomegranite Lip Balm, Cheeks: Milani Bronzer in #01. Nothing fancy today.

6. Crocsyay or nay? I've never owned a pair of crocs. I think they are so cute on little kids though... under the age of 6. Did you ever see Jon & Kate plus 8, and how all of the kids had their own color croc? Adorable.

7. What’s one of your strengths? Advice. Since high school I swear I have a secret tattoo across my forehead that says, "tell me your life's drama, I can help." People, strangers even, tell me everything... I mean everything, dirty laundry they wouldn't tell their closest friends... So I listen, and dish my advice.

8. What’s one of your favorite time-saving beauty tricks? Hats, and ponytails. This seriously cuts close to 45 minutes of my "get ready time."

9. Outfit: Old Navy Diva Jeans, Forever 21 White V-Neck T-Shirt, Urban Outfitters Boyfriend Cardigan, Forever 21 Fedora, Coach "Kat" Aviators, Gladiator Sandals, The 3 bangal bracelets that came with my SJP NYC Perfume (yes, it got here today!  Three stars ★ ★ ★ for super fast shipping Home Shopping Network).  I sort of look like "Mr.-Rogers-on-vacation..."

10. Weekly goals: To enjoy having nothing I have to do, relax, and catch some sun.

Your Turn
Copy this and fill it out in the Comments Section or on your own blog post.

1. Mood:
2. Are you a hat person?
3. What do you wish you had more time for?
4. What was the last book you couldn’t put down?
5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
6. Crocsyay or nay?
7. What’s one of your strengths?
8. What’s one of your favorite time-saving beauty tricks?
9. Outfit:
10. Weekly goals:

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According to Dr. Mom, it's Pink Eye, also known as conjunctivitis. {Eww, even the word is gross}. She took one look at me today and flipped out! Luckily, b/c Dad is a Pharmacist, we have every kind of drug readily available. She gave me a bottle of drops, and hopefully it will be cleared up by tomorrow.

In the meantime, I am currently experiencing the following symptoms:

Blurred vision
Crusts that form on the eyelid overnight
Swollen eye area
Gritty feeling in the eyes
Increased tearing
Itching of the eye
Redness in the eyes
Sensitivity to light

Yes, all of the above. Especially the ITCHY EYES!!! It is miserable! Because I am highly contagious, I have confined myself to my bedroom for the day, no friends, no family. BF did come visit earlier, but he stayed on the other side of the room, straining to see the TV.

My best friend, along with one of my lovely blog readers assured me that there are tons of ways to get pink eye, and I think I figured out how I got it...

One box of tissue

Monday night, while studying for my exam, I was super duper sick. Trying to read with a runny nose is a recipe for disaster. My nose ran like a faucet, and in 4 hours I had used up 2 boxes of Kleenex. Blowing my nose wasn't doing anything, so I decided to shove tissue up each of my nostrils:

Picture I sent to BF Monday night

This helped catch and absorb the snot, but it also caused A LOT of sneezing. I would sneeze into a tissue, and it would all bounce back into my face! I think I washed my face about 5 times that evening. I was also handling the tissue and not washing my hands as frequently as I should have. Anyway, I'm sure something wedged itself into my eye and caused this... Lame.

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I love love LOVE Sarah Jessica Parker's new fragrance, SJP NYC.  With hints of mandarin, wild red strawberries, gardenia, honeysuckle, mimosa and vanilla; SJP NYC seriously smells just as fun as the packaging looks!  It is usually only available at Macy's, (the largest bottle the perfume comes in is 2.0 oz for $49.00) but today, the Home Shopping Network picked it up!


I have been waiting for this perfume to show up at the Perfume Spot, because I don't want to spend nearly $50.00 for only 2 oz, but no luck.  This is such a great deal!!!  Like I said, the sale is only today, because it's their Special Value, after today it will go back to $59.00 for the whole kit.  They are also selling the items individually and the 1.0 oz perfume as well.

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Tell Me Baby

Here's my story:

My bedroom reeks of Vick's Vap-o-rub... The menthol-y freshness is almost intoxicating.

I have been through 3 boxes of tissue in the past 4 days. Three entire boxes, plus 2 mini travel packs... That's nearly 400 tissues... soaked in snot. Gross.

I Vaseline. Every time I see a jar of petroleum jelly at a store, I think, "I should buy that." It seems that everyone keeps a tub of this stuff in their house... except me. I've never owned it or used it for that matter. UNTIL yesterday. BF bought me some to rub on my nose. My poor sniffer is red and raw from all the blowing, sneezing, and wiping. This stuff is a miracle worker.  What are your favorite uses of Vaseline?

This morning I woke up with bright red eyes, seriously I look like a snake, or an albino! Creepy. At first I freaked out because I thought I had pink eye {eww, poo particles!} Who gets pink eye after age 5? Then I realized my eyes are just red and itchy because of my allergies... Phew...

As of noon today, my Spring Break officially started... 4 days early!  I kicked it off by grabbing a delicious smoothie, cleaning my room, and painting my toes a bright, cheerful yellow.

How's your humpday?

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Curious Conversations with
Morg & Ev

I bought New Moon last night. My brother, Evan, saw Twilight with my mom and I, and we were all surprised at how much he liked it. I decided that since he hadn't yet seen New Moon, it was high time he did. Last night, we watched {Team Jacob!}.

Now I say Team Jacob, because I am... This does not mean that I hate Edward. Quite the opposite really, it is impossible NOT to fall in love with Edward. He's sexy, he's smart, he's wealthy, he has a great family, etc. But he is SO depressing. He is always self loathing, and a little bit Emo. I know most girls would kill for a guy who's sole purpose for living is to make her happy... I am not one of them. I would quickly feel smothered, and move on.

Jacob on the other hand, was fun, and hilarious, and such a good friend. I just really liked Jacob, and felt totally gypped when he ended up with {SPOILER ALERT}, OK I won't put it, but most of you know.

ANYWAY, I'm getting off track from my story...

Last night, just as the movie was starting, Evan asked me, "Is that annoying guy in this movie?" He then did a series of spastic actions and gestures, which I assume were supposed to represent "the annoying guy." I knew he was talking about Mike, and whattaya know, Mike is in the 3rd scene!

There is a scene in New Moon when all the kids are eating lunch, and Mike decides to ask Bella on a date. He is so incredibly awkward and uncool. Right as this was going on, Evan practically cried out with anguish, "I hate that guy! He reminds me so much of ME! That is not who I want to be in life, I want to be Jacob!"

I could only laugh.

Morg & Ev Washing Dishes age 3

Insider Tip:
If you are a frequent reader of my blog I have an inside tip for ya. You need to "Follow" my blog "Publicly," and fast. Why you ask? Because I have a give-away coming up next month. It's big, and awesome. However, one of the rules is that entry is only available to "LOYAL" subscribers, not for people who follow last minute just because they see I have a Give Away posted. You have until April 15, 2010 to begin following Publicly. If you try to enter the give away, and you haven't been a follower since before April 15. 2010, I won't count your entry. It just isn't fair to the people who read and comment on my blog all the time. They shouldn't have to loose out on awesome prizes.

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Shameless Product Plug

My hair does not grow. Well not fast, and even when it does grow, it doesn't get very long. When I was younger my hair was always long, somewhere between the bottom of my shoulder blades and my waist.

6th grade

8th grade

However when I was in the 8th grade, I was ready for an adult haircut. So I chopped off my locks (I got "the Rachael") and got highlights. Ever since then, my hair has never grown past my shoulders. This could be because highlighting makes breakage more common, but also I've had more than a few "the-stylest-botched-my-haircut" experiences.

Throughout High School, my goal was to have Farrah Hair, but it never grew past my shoulders .
Mishap #1 happened my first year of college. My mid-shoulder length hair was cut into long layers on one side of my head, and on the other side it was cut into a bob!!! Think, the asymmetrical haircut in Edward Scissorhands. AHH! Needless to say, the only way to fix it was to cut off all my hair:


**Side note** My stylist was acting crazy, I swore he was on drugs, and guess what? I saw him on an episode of Intervention last week. Turns out, around the time he botched my hair, he was addicted to Meth and Cocaine!!}

My hair grew to a decent length after this mishap, but it took a good 5 years!


Once it got long, whenever I scheduled a trim (every 6-10 weeks), my stylist would cut 2-3 inches off my hard earned length. I have also had highlights done at too high volume bleach, and literally melt my hair off... (pictured below)
This was my hair 2 summers ago. It was so ugly and short, but luckily, because of work, it was acceptable to wear a
ponytail everyday. I would also wear those fake ponytail hair pieces to cover it up.

Yes, I have been through it all, and decided that it was not my lot in life to have Rapunzel Hair. My hair will usually grow to just past my shoulders, and then stop. It never gets any longer! for the last year and a half, my hair has rested just below my shoulders:


At work a few months ago, I noticed my boss' hair was growing at an alarming rate. I made a comment to her one day, and she mentioned she had bought these "hair growing vitamins" so her hair would be long for her wedding. I was skeptical at first because I've tried everything, including putting Jell-O plain gelatin packets in my drink once a day. After I commented, I began observing her hair for a few weeks. After about a month her hair had grown close to 2 inches! It was amazing! She showed me what she used, and I immediately went and bought them.

The pills are called Healthy Hair by Energen. I bought them at Smith's Food & Drug for around $13.00.

I am horrible at taking "daily medications," thank goodness I don't have a condition that requires me to do so. I bought this little bottle back in December, and that day I got a full highlight. There are only 50 tablets in the bottle and I still have 12 left (I remember to take 2-3 a week). Since then I've gotten my hair only partially highlighted twice, so I could see the results of my experiment on the underside of my hair.

These were my roots on Wednesday!!! My hair had grown just under 3" in 3 (winter) months (when most hair is in a resting phase and doesn't grow)! AMAZING! I also forgot my real hair color! I haven't seen it since 8th grade. I thought it was a lot darker (most roots always look really dark), but apparently it is a dark blonde.

I have been noticing lately how long my hair is getting (in the back it touches my bra strap!), and I can only attribute it to these wonder-pills.

I went to the salon on Thursday and got a full highlight and a cut. We took about 2" off the length to better blend the layers, so I went and bought a new bottle of this stuff. I am so excited to finally be getting long, pretty hair.

Disclaimer: I'm not sure these results will work for everyone. I should mention that I am very careful with my hair. I only wash it every other day, and I condition it every day, and I NEVER USE A FLAT IRON or curling iron.

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