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Free Stuff at Walgreens

Like a Steal?  Here's how to get one this week at Walgreens (through April 3).  If you are in need of some shampoo and/or conditioner, Dove brand is on sale for $4.00.  Just buy EITHER the shampoo or conditioner for $4.00.  When you check out at the register, the Register Rewards will print you a coupon for $4.00, good for your next purchase.  You can use it on anything as long as your next PRE-TAX purchase is AT LEAST $4.00.  So go back in and buy the conditioner (will not print a second coupon if you buy the Dove Conditioner).


If you need just one of the above mentioned items use your coupon for something else... "For what," You ask?

Do you love false eyelashes?  I DO!!!  Revlon Fantasy Length Lashes are on sale for $5.99, BUT at the front of the store, where they keep their weekly ad and COUPON BOOKLETS, yes Walgreens has weekly coupon booklets, there is a $5.00 off Revlon Fantasy Length Lashes coupon!!!  So here's what you do: 

Buy the Dove shampoo or conditioner
Check out and get a $4.00 off coupon
Go back in the store and buy 4 pairs of lashes and maybe a pack of gum (b/c you still have $0.04 to spend)
Be sure to use the $5.00 off coupon
And you'll spend less than $5.00 on your purchase.

Awesome and Good Luck.
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  1. ....0 comments?? i totally commented on this post. i have trouble with your comments section for some reason.

  2. Oh no! Do I have one of those cryptic things??? I've noticed that I comment on a lot of posts, click submit, and then close the comment box.... ONLY TO FIND OUT that my comment never went through because I didn't type in the litlle message... I'll have to check into this.

  3. i think that might be exactly what i did!! anyway ... i just wanted to find out if i could hire you to do all my shopping. youre so freaking good at this coupon stuff!


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